Summer Infant Dr. Mom Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush

Summer Infant Dr. Mom Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush

The new Gentle Vibrations Toothbrush by Summer Infant brings innovation to Infant Oral Care and is ergonomically designed for toddlers to grip and use. The gentle vibrations make brushing for little ones more fun.

Main features

  • Ergonomic, easy to grip, handle; Battery powered soft vibrations; Three heads included
  • 3 functions (gum stimulator, infant toothbrush, toddler toothbrush)
  • Case included to keep additional heads clean while being stored

Verified reviews


Stopped vibrating after 3 weeks

Since my husband and I use sonicare, we thought it was a good idea to purchase a vibrating toothbrush for our 18m old, who hates to brush his teeth. The vibrations are so weak that I don’t think it does much, plus it stopped working after about 3 weeks. The bristles are soft and we are still using it as a regular toothbrush (since it’s no longer vibrating). Our toddler still hates brushing his teeth…

Catherine Saint Leo, FL

Good, but could be more robust

The only complaint I have is that this doesn’t survive drops that well. On the first (~2-ft) drop by a toddler, the housing at the bottom broke a little and doesn’t always sit right. If it gets much worse, I’ll just tape it. But I think it could be beefed up a bit since these things must get dropped all the time.

Ora Clifford, ND

Too soft.

I believe another reviewer mentioned this, but the bristles really do get mangled quickly and they don’t removed the plaque from my one year old’s teeth. I finally had to break down and use a regular brush on her, which she didn’t mind at all and that swept her teeth clean easily. The vibrating option was very nice, but the bristles need to be firmer. Three stars because the brush didn’t last and didn’t function as well as expected.

Alyssa Sharpsburg, OH

We love it

My baby sits in the bathroom in his exersaucer while I get ready for work and always watches me with excitement when I brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush. He is also teething and i found this on amazon and decided to give it a try.He started using the gum massager at 7 mos old before his 2 bottom teeth came in. He is now 9mos old and uses it with baby organic toothpaste. We are excited to start using the toothbrush attachment in the future.***Very important…. We always keep a close eye on our baby because there is no mouth guard to prevent choking and he is always seated in an upright position. That is the only thing I would change or wish they would make on this product. There should be an attachment to prevent the toothbrush or any other teething item from going too far into a babies mouth.

Sabrina Robertsville, OH

great little toothbrush

I use this on my 7 1/2 month olds gums every day with Spry toothpaste.. he has 4 teeth already and I am super paranoid about healthy teeth.At first he looked at me perplexed when I put it in his mouth, now he loves it and giggles as it tickles his gums.The only toothbrush I found without tacky labels– I am very happy with this!

Margot Sicklerville, NJ

Great Idea!

I like the different settings and functions. They allow this brush to be used for a while and the vibration is brilliant for soothing the gums of teething kids.

Octavia Colfax, WA

Great idea!

My 21 month old toddler didn’t really enjoy brushing his teeth until this brush. He has been using it for a few weeks now. He gets excitted whenever we ask him to brush his teeth. The brush heads are a little too soft to be pretty effective so we always follow up with a regular toddler toothbrush, but it has gotten him in the habbit of brushing his teeth several times a day. The battery does tend to snap out of place whenver the brush hits something, which is a little annoying but not that big of a deal. Wish they had replacement brush heads.

Johanna Benson, IL

if it worked, would be great

We have one of these that we have use for a couple of months with our son, without problem. We love the product; the OT recommended it for him and uses it with him. Now, on to our current orders. We have ordered and received 2 within the last week. Neither of them has worked-won’t turn on. The casing on the second one was cracked, in addition to the biggest problem of not working. Bad batch? Change in manufacturing? Not sure, but not worth disappointing a little girl a third time. We’ll find another toothbrush.

Velma Island Grove, FL

crappy toothbrush

I regret buying these, the vibrating brush stopped working after 1 week, the toothbrushes doesn’t stay in the holder at all after 2 weeks the brushes wore out, I’ve had to toss them, and brought regular colgate brushes for my twin boys

Mae Fluker, LA