Summer Infant Dr. Mom Nail Clipper Set

Summer Infant Dr. Mom Nail Clipper Set

The Nail Clipper Set by Summer Infant offers convenience for parents. The set includes two nail clippers together as a set; one preemie nail clipper and one standard size nail clipper. This set is both convenient and practical for any family.

Main features

  • Convenient all in one set
  • Includes 2 sizes: newborn and standard
  • Comfort grip on standard size clippers

Verified reviews


Don’t cut it (literally) for little baby nails

We’ve found these useless.It’s a great idea to have big handles and little clippers, and they are cute and ergonomic, but they just don’t clip. My baby has very sharp nails, but at the same time they’re very soft and bendy. These clippers simply don’t cut the nail. Perhaps they need to be sharper, and perhaps they’d work on an older child with harder nails, but if you’re looking for an infant or 1 year old, you don’t want to hold them down and get to their nails only to find the rotten clippers don’t work. We have tried on multiple occasions over the last year to use these and they’ve never managed to clip through the nail. We use a tiny stainless steel pair of adult clippers instead.

Madge Concordia, KS

Inconsistent quality

I have two of these sets — the first I purchased at a major baby chain store, and it has worked perfectly for nearly two years. I loved it so much I ordered a second set for our new baby. The larger clippers of that second set are useless — the blades are out of alignment and they just barely mash the nails, failing to cut them at all — super frustrating when I finally get that tiny baby to sleep in the right position in my lap to trim her nails!Two stars only because I reminisce about the quality of the first set, and how much I love the easy to hold handle. Otherwise one star because the second set is utterly useless to me. I only wanted the large handled clippers, so the small set being functional is not much consolation!

Eloise Union Star, KY

They’re OK

They work well enough. If you baby was born early though, their nails are probably super thin and you’ll be better off using scissors or cuticle cutters.

James Three Rivers, CA

Best Clippers Ever!

These are phenomenal clippers! 10x better than the cheap pair that came in a “grooming kit” I received. I keep the big handle ones in the house and the small pair in the diaper bag. The big handle gives so much control when cutting small fingernails on squirmy hands! They are also nice and sharp so one snip is all it takes…no more trying to get just the right angle so that it cuts instead of bending the nail like with my old pair.

Helene Minnewaukan, ND

These Are Great!

I bought this nail clipper set for our first child before she was born and just love them! They are easy to use, travel well and have done a great job trimming my little ones nails. I actually just lost the ones we own somehow (13 months later) so I am buying a new pack to replace the one we lost. I can’t wait to have them again!

Shelley Crystal, ND

great clippers

small one for diaper baglarge one for home usehave used numerous times nowand havent mis snipped even oncewhich makes mommy and baby very happy

Fran Cle Elum, WA

Nail clippers do the job.

These nail clippers are bigger than I thought they would be but they still cut my baby’s nails pretty easily. They are sharp and cut well. It is a delicate job so i am very careful but so far these clippers have worked well for me.

Caroline Medway, OH

Small clippers good, big ones worthless

The smaller ones seem to do the job just fine. They do cut nails, and so far I have not cut his skin. I have trimmed his nails about once a week for 3 months and no problems. My son has never minded having his nails trimmed with these and I even cut his nails while he’s awake.The larger pair doesn’t cut at all.

Muriel Verona Beach, NY


Easy to hold, right after I ordered them someone gave me a nail/grooming kit, so now I have extra, but that never hurts.

Angie Christine, ND

Broke within a week of use

I would have returned this piece of junk hand it not been for the fact that I was able to fix the smaller nail clipper. It came off the hinge (the part that helps it twist and cut nails), but after an hour of wrestling, I fixed it.For the price, I didn’t expect much, but still, I expected some value for the money. I’ll just file my baby’s nails for now, and use the larger nail clipper when he’s older.

Pamala Galatia, IL

Love these!

I love these clippers. The small one fits perfectly into my first aid kit, so I can always have it with me in my diaper bag. The larger one is used a lot. You can get a firm and steady grip, which helps when you have a squirming baby.

Roslyn Bossier City, LA

We love our set!

I am not sure why everyone else reported such negative things about this set of clippers. We have had our set for 22 months now. We absolutely love them. The sizes are great – we keep one in our travel bag and one in the house. The clipping surfaces are the perfect size for tiny nails and ours clip the nails PERFECTLY. In fact, I even find myself using them once in a while 🙂 We haven’t experienced the metal shavings or lack of cutting ability at all. The big one did break once – the metal part got detached from the plastic part when my son decided to play with them – but we used super glue and saved them. They are just as awesome as they were before. Sorry that other people are having a different experience, but we wouldn’t trade these for anything.

Isabelle Industry, TX

Buy this for the little clipper

Worth every penny for the small clipper. Never used the big one as it feels awkward to me but the small one never fails. I have been using it since birth on my daughter.

Francisca Avon, MA