Summer Infant Dresser Table Pad, 34.5″ x 17″x 1

Summer Infant Dresser Table Pad, 34.5″ x 17″x 1

The dresser table pad is comfortable, supportive, and moisture resistant providing a great choice for a changing table pad.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • Non-allergenic, easy to wipe clean cover
  • Moisture resistant vinyl
  • Quilted vinyl resists rips and tears
  • 100% polyurethane foam to support baby
  • Fully phthalate compliant, non-toxic

Verified reviews


Fits just right

I have a dresser with a change table built into the top. The original changing pad that came with it really needed to be replaced. This one fits just right!

Claire Gratiot, WI

non standard size

I like that this pad is flat. It is not very thick but it will do. The frustrating part is that it does not fit standard size changing pad covers.16 by 34 tends to be the most common size for covers. This pad is 17 by 34.5. Such a small difference but this pad bends easily. Even ones made by summer infant make it curl because they are just a little too tight. Some bassinet sheets will fit though and they can be less expensive than the changing pad covers.

Reva Pine, AZ

love it’s simple design

I wanted a flat change pad to put on our change table. This does the job perfectly. It fits well, seems of good quality and is easy to clean up.UPDATEDAlthough I love the simple flat design to fit on top of a change table/dresser, I have a problem with the durability of this item. Our second one has just worn out in the same way as the first (after 4 and 7 months use). The plastic splits, which is not very comfortable for baby / toddler and not very hygenic to clean.I have never used a change pad cover, where I’m from they don’t exist, so I fully expect to be able to clean up a pad after any accidents.

Beatriz Furman, AL

Sturdy and well made

This is an excellent product it is soft yet wipe friendly and large. Your baby is sure to grow with it and its softness is comfy for baby’s bum and head.

Irma Woolstock, IA


The is a perfect simple pad for placing on a table or other flat surface. I am sure I will think of other ways to use it. It would be a good camping sleep pad for toddlers too.

Constance Shelly, MN

Fits our changing table

The changing pad is thick. The plastic surface liner is durable and seems to be able to withstand minor scratches.

Lynnette Milladore, WI

Sturdy & Durable, but dimensions are incorrect

The pad is thick and provides good cushioning for my son while on his changing table. The pad seems durable and like the plastic won’t rip. The product details have the dimensions listed as 36 x 16 x 2, but on the packaging the pad is listed as 34. Since the pad is good quality and since it fits my table’s depth and length perfectly and is only 1/2 inch short on the width, I am keeping the pad.

Sallie Eaton, OH

Cheap but good

It is definitely on the cheaper end of changing table pads, but it does clean up well and fit my older thrifted table perfectly. 3 months in and still in good shape and keeps getting the job done!

Luisa Belpre, OH

Cheap and fits my needs

I have an Ikea changing table, so this pad is too long for the table; however, my monster baby likes to scoot himself towards the wall at incredible speeds and bang his head, and the excess pad has now become a baby brain protector. Great for the price, easy to clean, and all of that fun baby brain protection stuff.

Juana Highland Springs, VA

Need to alter for Ikea’s changing table

As it was slightly longer than Ikea’s changing table, I removed the stitches from one end and snipped the foam to size then folded in the waterproof material. Easy alteration.

Karen Rushville, PA

Great basic table pad

This is a great basic and inexpensive changing table pad. It is not a great size/thickness for our changing table and it is hard to find a cover for it, but we use it on the floor of our living room for changes away from the changing table, so those things don’t matter to us. It holds up well and we’re able to stash it behind the end table or tv cabinet when not in use. It is soft for the baby and wipes clean easier. If you’re looking for something to use on a changing pad, please measure first and realize that the covers you own will likely be too big as this is flat. We’re happy with the purchase!

Adrienne Four Oaks, NC

Does what

it was bought to do which was add comfort to the top of the two drawer diaper changing unit. I bought a cover for it to match the theme used in the baby room.

Katy Casey, IA