Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

Summer Infant Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor Set Different from any video monitor on the market with a dual receiver system, the Dual Coverage Digital Color Video Monitor by Summer Infant features two 2.5″ color video handheld units. The system allows both parents to have a unit with them at all times or to keep a unit on different floors or in different rooms in the house. With digital zoom for closer views and automatic night vision, the system provides a unique solution and with digital technology, a private and secure connection is ensured day and night. Features: 100% digital technology for a private and secure connection Dual receiver system – unique to Summer Infant, enables both parents /two caregivers continuous monitoring at the same time Monitor from two rooms, perfect for keeping one unit bedside for overnight monitoring and the other for daytime use anywhere in the house Digital zoom for closer views on the 2.5″ color video handheld units Automatic B&W night vision for continuous , overnight monitoring in dark rooms Low battery and out of range indicators on screen, sound activated LED lights, and volume and brightness controls Up to 400-ft range

Main features

  • Two 2.3-inch portable color LCD handheld units operate on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Digital zoom camera with automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters

Verified reviews


Summer Infant is setting the bar high!

This monitor set is so cool. When you think of traditional baby monitors, you think of the walkie-talkie sets with fuzzy audio. But Summer Infant is setting the bar high!You get two receivers with video and audio, both of which are great. We keep one receiver in the bedroom and use the other as a “portable.” The video camera has the ability to swivel and can be adjusted to whatever position you like. Even though it’s a baby monitor, the quality of the video is actually decent (not that you really need high resolutions for monitoring), and the audio is sensitive enough that it can pick up subtle sounds. This can be both a good thing (never miss anything) and a bad thing (rather distracting). But the sound level on the receivers can be adjusted, thankfully.Furthermore, you have options to zoom and use night vision. The zoom I never use because if I feel the need to zoom, I’d rather just go look for myself. The night vision is one of the best functions – it’s basically the cool toy we’ve always wanted to play with. Well, at least in my family it is. Sometimes it’s cool to see exactly what the mischievous cat is really up to… oh, and the baby too I suppose!One thing regarding privacy – I’d recommend turning off the camera when it’s not necessary to be on. With wireless devices there’s a chance someone can listen in, and even though the receiver system is unique to the brand it’s still something to keep in mind.

Adriana Kensal, ND

Inferior to cheaper 2 sets of Lorex BB2411/LW2425 & same priced 2 BB3521/LB311/LW2400/LW2401/LW241’s

At $260, Summer Dual Coverage Monitor without Wi-Fi is inferior to and much more expensive than 2 sets of Lorex BB2411/LW2425 combining 2 displays and 2 cameras, which additionally feature two-way talk through the camera, and playing lullabies/monitoring temperature & sound activated recording. It is priced as 2 sets of Lorex BB3521/LB311 and LW2400/LW2401/LW241 (playing lullabies and monitoring temperature + sound-activated recording respectively), which have the displays larger by 1.2″ and available optional cameras with mechanical pan/tilt (BB351AC1 or LW2451AC1) and outdoor LW2401AC2 (LWs only), and which unlike the Dual Coverage allow to connect to the Internet for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets using Skype. However, remote viewing on BB3521, LB311 requires Lorex ACCWIFI1 WiFi Remote Connection Cradle (charging monitor) sold separately God knows where.The Dual Coverage is solid, its limited and simple functions work properly, but the camera does not support two-way talk with the child and the rechargeable batteries for the handhelds are proprietary (read: expensive to replace). Sadly, the viewing angle of the camera is not provided.

Aida Randolph, VA

Great Set

My wife and I have tried several baby monitors, from webcam based-cellphone app models ones to actual baby monitors (camera and monitor). This monitor is pretty much standard fare in terms of Summer’s products, with the exception of the dual monitor capability. When I say it is standard fare, that is not a bad thing, because Summer makes great baby monitors. They are reliable and work well in both daylight and in the dark because of the infrared.The range of the monitors is good enough to go between two floors of our house. It is super-convenient to have two monitors (displays) because we can keep one in the bedroom and one in the living room or kitchen. We can be watching always.The displays are 2.3 inches diagonally. Ideally, they could be a bit larger. The length of the power cords are nice though. They are approximately 8 feet for the monitors and about 15 feet for the camera, which can be wall-mounted if desired. I didn’t break out the tape measure for these measurements, just eyeballed them.Overall, we are very pleased with this set. It works well and does exactly what we need.

Nadia Newberg, OR

One Handset Failed To Connect to Camera within a Day, Poor Image Quality, Poor Battery Life

This was possibly the most disappointing electronics purchase I’ve made in years. Returning it after two days of use. Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by our AngelCare audio-only monitor that could keep a charge longer than all night and BOTH handsets worked and you could turn down the volume lower (more range of control). This camera has poor video resolution — much worse than our Astek Mole camera that we’ve been using as a video-only monitor with our phones. The zoom is digital, not optical, so it’s grainy.But worst of all? The left side of the handset is fine — it has up/down arrows for brightness. The right side has up/down buttons for volume and right in between them is an OK button. That button gets hit by accident all the time, especially at night in the dark. And what does that button do? It adds or deletes cameras. And what’s the easiest two-click accident? Deleting the camera!!! I did that four times in two days. The first time I said ok, no problem, i’ll just add it back. It did "camera syncing" for a while and was back. But eventually my mom deleted the camera by the same accident and I was never able to get it back again. Sync failed every time. Also, the screen got all messed up: the left side of the screen was showing on the right and the right was showing on the left, as if everything has shifted, wrapped and got stuck in the middle. What a mess! I’m a technically savvy person and don’t give up easily, but this is all firmware with no settings or options and since reboots didn’t fix it, I was out of options.I know I might have tried going through their tech support, but the fundamental problem is the position of that OK button that deletes the camera. It was going to keep on happening. I didn’t want to deal with that.Oh, and did I mention the battery lasted maybe two hours with the screen off? That’s ok for a nap, maybe, but no good for the night unless you keep it plugged it all the time. There’s no charging cradle, by the way, just the cord.Were I to set all that aside, I’d say the monitor was rudimentary. No bells or whistles. The night vision was good enough. I would have said that was as I had expected and we’d have kept it and been satisfied enough. If only it performed.The only reason I bought this one over high-rated competitors was that it’s the only one I could find with two parent units. But since one of them was unusable after a few days, I’m replacing it with a single-unit well-rated monitor.

Lana Carthage, IL

Fewer Bells & Whistles = Fewer Problems

We just had a second child and needed a second monitor. Our 3 year old Summer Infant Slim & Secure is still going strong for the first child although the buttons are difficult to press. So I was looking for something similar and discovered that there were a lot of changes in the baby monitor world over the past few years. These new monitors have all these new features that look nice on paper but in reality you’re paying for stuff you don’t need. Did you ever need to pan and scan the camera before? Why do you need to know the temperature in the room remotely? Do you really want to talk to your child two-way and freak them out for life?This set seemed to be the best combination of value and features that we were looking for. It’s working great out of the box and I can offer the following points for you to consider:- This model seems to be more “solid” than our last Summer Infant monitor in terms of build quality- The camera cord is still a long 7.5V DC supply with the same connector so you can reuse an older cord of the same specs (our camera was permanently installed so this was a nice benefit)- Having two units should increase the lifespan of the system. The handheld unit will fail long before the camera but now you have two handheld units!- This model is easier to use than our old Summer Infant Slim & SecureAlso, you can compare Summer Infant models and features here:[…]

Enid Emily, MN

Good quality – 2 display units really help !

We are using this to monitor our twin boys – who are now 1 year old. Typically, we sleep upstairs, wake up at around 6:30 AM and go down stairs to carry on with the rest of the stuff and let our twins sleep till 8:30/9:00 or whenever they want to wake up.The only way for us to know if the twins have woken up is by this baby monitors – we have permanently fixed the camera in a position to face both the cribs we have our room.* The night vision is not very clear tried a couple of other baby monitors and none of them provide clear images.* I wish if the camera unit had a battery backup.* Day vision is very clearOverall – I find that this is better than the wifi camera since in the wifi camera – you will need to dedicate another phone/tablet just for baby monitor, in this case – you can keep talking on your phone while monitoring your baby.Further, we never felt the need for 2 units until we got this – now I have one in the study room and one in the living/kitchen area. We no longer have to worry about climbing up & down to fetch the unit.

Shawn Millington, MI