Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor Set Monitor multiple children or rooms with the Dual View Digital Color Video Monitor Set. Featuring two pan/scan cameras with zoom and two-way talk-back, and a large 3.5″ color video screen with innovative split-screen technology, parents can view 1-2-3 or 4 rooms at one time on the screen. Features: 100% digital technology for a private and secure connection 3.5″ color LCD video with innovative split-screen technology to view from 1-4 rooms on one screen Two-camera system with pan, scan, zoom and two-way talk back Automatic night vision Power-save, one-touch video/off Sound activated LED lights Up to 600-ft range Model # 28980

Main features

  • 3.5-inch portable high resolution color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Split screen technology for viewing rooms side by side
  • Two pan, scan, and multi-level zoom cameras with automatic black and white night vision
  • Two-way audio communication with sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters
  • Add up to 2 additional cameras, Summer Infant item # 29010/Amazon item # B00EU5ALFA

Verified reviews


Decent Monitor

We have an almost two year old and are expecting another baby in a few weeks. Our house is split and we were not ready to give up on the monitor yet for our two year old. Instead of having two different monitors, we decided to try this one out. The picture is good quality, and it does the job! I haven’t figured out how to use the sound option that allows the camera to scan from room to room, but was glad to see that was an option. The biggest complaint we have about this monitor is that the battery life is really awful! Our daughter naps for 2-3 hours and at the end of her nap, the monitor is dead after having started with a full charge. I also think that the static background noise seems louder than the previous Summer Infant monitor we had. If not for these two things, I would have given this product five stars.

Constance Fair Haven, NJ

Overall a great camera, except one missing feature

Overall this is a very good monitor if you need to observe two kids in different rooms. The picture quality is good, we like the ability to communicate with our kids through the speaker, the ability to zoom and swivel the camera is great (especially for mobile children) and the 8 second switch between two cameras is great for overnight. My biggest complaint, though, is that unlike other Summer Infant monitors (including the one we used to have), this monitor gives you no auditory warning when the battery is about to die. Our old one would beep for at least ten minutes to let you know the battery was dying. This one does nothing, which is quite concerning when you wake up to your kid crying from the other room and you have no idea how long they’ve been crying. I don’t know how Summer Infant failed to include that feature in this monitor. Overall, I would recommend it.

Kathy Monroe, OK

Exactly what I needed. Thanks Summer!!

Exactly what I was looking for! I am so pleased with this dual video monitor; it is making our nights much more worry-free.Previously I’ve been using Summer’s Best View video monitor with 2 cameras, which still works great going on 3 years, but I really wanted something I could see and hear 2 rooms at the same time. I purchased a second camera when baby #2 came along, but I really didn’t like that I had to manually switch the camera back and forth to see/hear-this didn’t work well during the night. I tried using an audio only monitor along with this system for one of the rooms, but the feedback was so terrible (even across the room), most nights my husband would end up turning it off. Then I found this!I actually purchased the other Summer model of the dual monitor first. It didn’t have the 2-way talk feature and at the time was $30 cheaper, so I went with it. Well, when I got it set up I realized it didn’t have a pan option. My previous camera did, so I was spoiled to that and really missed it (works great when the baby/child starts moving around-you will need it!). The second issue was the automatic mute feature. Horrible. In concept it sounds awesome, but it doesn’t work that great. It mutes until the baby/child makes a sound, then the audio turns on. Well, if your baby moans or cries out once (like a teething or uncomfortable baby does) it doesn’t pick it up. It also didn’t pick up when my 2 year old climbed out of bed and opened his door. My previous monitor did, there is an audible "click", so I would know when he was up for the morning. This happened 2 mornings in a row, and that was enough for me. It wasn’t serving its purpose of helping me monitor my children, so it went back. I was really disappointed and didn’t have much hope for this one, but ordered it anyway expecting to send it right back. Oh what a fantastic surprise!!This model is exactly what I wanted and had hoped for. It pans, zooms 2x (my best view only zoomed 1x) and DOESN’T HAVE THE AUTOMATIC MUTE FEATURE! Hooray! I can hear everything, which is exactly what I want in a monitor. The video is really clear and quite impressive compared to my Best View, which I thought was pretty good to begin with. The scan feature works exactly as it should, I set it on scan when I go to bed at night and can hear if either of my children need me. The 2-way talk feature is actually pretty fun, although I didn’t think necessary, but glad we have it now. We live in a 2200 sq. foot house with a split floor plan, so my children’s rooms are on the opposite side of the house from mine. No issues with range, I have been able to use it upstairs, in the garage, and even outside as long as I don’t go too far (it won’t work the full extent of our 1 acre yard but makes it about halfway). Another review said this monitor won’t work if you live in a house, but mine does, so I wanted to give specs.There are only two cons in my opinion: price, and battery life. It is an expensive purchase, but well worth it for my wants and needs. Knowing I can hear both of my children in the middle of the night if they need me, or are just tossing and turning, I want to know! and now I can. As other reviews have stated, the battery life is pretty poor. My Best View couldn’t make it through the entire night, so I am already used to having it plugged in on my night stand-not a big deal for me. The battery on the dual view will last about 2-4 hours tops, depending on how much you have the video turned on. It works for us, since nap times are usually about 2-3 hours during the day and that is when I need it unplugged and mobile the most.I can’t recommend this dual video monitor enough! Having 2 children 14 months apart can have a lot of stressful moments, but this video monitor gives me peace of mind to get some sleep at night, and bills/chores/etc. done during nap time because I know that if they need me, I will know without hesitation. Thank you Summer for making this product…keep up the good work! Oh, and if I can talk my husband into expanding our family…you can add 2 more cameras to this system for a total of 4! 🙂

Josefa Galesburg, ND

Video monitor has great quality/camera is hit or miss

This is my second Summer Infant Dual View Video Monitor. I really love the range (can use it while sitting on the deck outside and baby is inside), quality of the image and convenience of being able to monitor more than one child at a time. My only complaint is that one of the cameras i have (out of 4) has high background noise, which makes it annoying to listen to. The other three have no background noise and work great.

Caitlin Tilden, IL

Two Stars

Image quality isn’t great, battery life isn’t great, range is not as far as it says

Wilda Leesburg, GA