Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub, Blue

Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub, Blue

The Summer Infant EasyStore Comfort Tub offers versatility and convenience for bathing your little one. The tub folds easily and compactly for storage and travel. The large tub includes an inclined positioner that can be removed as your baby grows. The inflatable base provides an extra soft, padded cushion for your little one.

Main features

  • Compactly folds for easy storage and travel
  • Inclined positioner for newborns can be removed as child grows
  • Inflatable base provides extra soft cushion for baby’s bottom with skid resistant vinyl
  • Durable, air filled liner
  • Available in blue or pink

Verified reviews


Excellent tub

I was happy to received this tub. It is light weight and it folds away, no needto have something bulky around the house. When I am done I just simply dry it andfold it under my sink. This is mostly good for newborns possibly too light weight for bigger babies butif you use it in the sink like I do then its probably not a big deal.This is completely portable and we take with us when we go camping or say at a hotel.

Stella Sullivan City, TX


Very disappointed in this product. I would not risk putting my baby in it. On the pro side, it’s ultra light and portable. You can fold it up. The drawbacks, it has a plastic and cheap feel to it. The inflatable inner liner is so unwieldy, not to mention, it does not look sturdy or safe. Maybe it works to take on trips or in a pinch, but I would not use it regularly.

Michaela Fairlawn, OH

Cute but a lot of troubel

When I saw this I thought it was an item I could do without, but I got it anyway. This portable tub looks great when it it set up, but you have to inflate the bottom so the support is there. After you fill the tub you need to put a towel in the bottom to protect the baby from the vinyl. It does fold up for storage and travel. If you do a lot of traveling with your little one, you may need this tub, but I would not recommend it for daily use.

Lilly Orrum, NC


I was really unimpressed with this tub at first glance. It seemed like a beach toy more than a baby bathtub. There are two inflatable pillows that were a little difficult to blow up. (If you are an expectant mother, have this blown up and ready before baby comes home for bath time. Believe me, you won’t want to do this in sleep deprived new parent mode.) The tub still folds up nicely when it’s fully blown up.The inflatable pillows actually work better than I would have thought. They attach to the side of the tub so you can put one, both or neither leaning forward depending on the age and needs to your baby.The main criticism I have about this tub would be that it doesn’t seems like a long term tub. The vinyl and inflatable portion does seem very much like a pool toy, and anyone who has tried to keep a beach toy from year to year knows how well that can work out. We stored our baby stuff in the attic between kids and this could definitely not go into the attic. I can’t image that this would store very well even in a climate controlled area.

Helga Driftwood, PA

I love this tub and will be buying it for others

I love this tub and will be buying it for others! It is very small and folds up so you can put it under the bathroom sink. This is great for me because I have only one bathroom, and it is small. I hated keeping larger tubs in the big tub, and now I can put this one away when I am done with it.

Melanie Grasonville, MD

Hard to blow up! Very light weight.

This baby tub folds in half, which it then does not take up much space. it has to snap open, easy to do.Then unfold the legs down..Easy..Then you have to blow up the plastic liner underneath. There are two plastic holes to blow up on each side.It was like blowing up a beach ball,which is easy, but this is much harder..Not only harder to blow, which I could not do, but if you can blow this up, you then have to putthe rubber stoppers to close it FAST or any air that you could blow in it, will leak out fast.This also has a plastic smell to it, which I think after awhile will dissipate, I hope!I could not for the life of me get any air into this thing.Maybe I did something wrong!The plastic liner is thin, and I think it could leak after a while.Before putting a baby On the plastic liner, you have to put down a baby towel so it is soft for the baby to lay on to.So far I should have given this a 1 star. But it looks cute and the colors are nice!I have not given my Hubby a chance to blow this up yet.If he can figure this out with success, I’ll be back with a new review.

Violet Kahoka, MO

Great for its intended use

This is a light, colorful, configurable tub for travel use. It’s easy to fold and store, and you can inflate it to the desired size for your baby (or day, apparently). You can also decide which of the inflatables to use – one, or both.This is a great design for its purpose. It’s not meant for everyday use, but for sometime travel use, although it may also serve for everyday (not knowing its durability in this case).

Carmella Carmel, ME

Easy to use, easy to pack

This tub is really cute, really handy, and really compact! The best feature is that the tub is collapsible. It folds in half and can be stored under a cabinet. The colors are cute, more for a boy but could be unisex. The head and feet have inflatable lifts but inflate separate. I like the head lifted but leave the feet down. This product is great for travel too!

Kim Craig, CO

Cute tub

The colors on this tub are so bright and happy, which I love. It seems pretty sturdy although I don’t think I will take it apart to store it, as it took some effort to blow up the liner. Works well for the baby, and I can see this being perfect for a tiny dog, too. Unfortunately my dog is way too big for this. Pretty pleased with this tub.

Alissa Lesterville, SD