Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat, Black

Summer Infant Elite DuoMat for Car Seat, Black

Help protect your car’s upholstery from damaging marks and scratches from car seats with the Elite DuoMat. The durable, easy-to-clean mat works with both rear-facing and forward-facing car seats. Non-skid backing material grips upholstery securely, and the textured top of the pad helps prevent the car seat from shifting.

Main features

  • Provides the most complete protection of any car seat mat available
  • Super Grip Vinyl Prevents Car Seat from Slipping
  • Non Skid Back Keeps Mat Safely in Place
  • Fits Infant Seats through High-Back Boosters
  • Back panel adjusts to fit any infant or child car seat with one simple fold.

Verified reviews



This product is very unsafe. The thick mat keeps the car seat from being in tight enough in an accident.

Candice Wausau, FL

Be careful!! It may make your insurance void.

If you buy this and you get into a car accident, your insurance on your car and child may be VOID! Be careful. We didn’t know that until we had our car seat installed by a professional and we were warned to use this product at our own risk as insurance companies (at least where we live in MD) won’t give you money if this is in a car that has been in an accident. They told us to take them out and return them immediately, so we listened.

Suzanne South Lebanon, OH

Good buy

This item was more durable than I expected for the price. I haven’t actually used it yet, but it looks like it will do the job it’s meant to do.

Freida New Baden, TX

Nice one.

Worked great in my Audi A4 Quattro and now in VW Tiguan-tried on center back seat and behind regular seats. I love how it folds for infant car seat and than can be used for a bigger one. Well made and sturdy, great protection for leather seats.

Bridgett Millen, GA

Mat for Car seat

It’s good but not thick enough. It left dents on the seat of my car once my son sat in the car seat. I had to put a small blanket underneath the mat to lessen the pressure the car seat puts on the seat bcoz the mat wasn’t enough protection for the seat.

Celina Manderson, SD

I bought this one and a cheaper one….

I bought this one and a cheaper one….and wish I would have bought 2 cheaper ones. This has alot of stuff you will never use. It looks good to 1st time parents, but in reality its more than you wil need.

Marie Waukegan, IL

Leather Seat Saver

If you have leather seats and a car seat, this item is a must. I recently removed the carseat to clean underneath it and found wear spots in my leather. I will now have to get those spots replaced which will cost a pretty penny. I thought about this when I first put the car seat in but quickly forgot. These seat protectors are very easy to put in, seem to be made of good quality materials and have easy access to the safety latches system. Buy this item or you will be sorry like I am.

Chris Warren, TX

five stars

Great product – bought two so we could have one in each car. We wanted something decently priced that would protect our leather interior. These fit nicely and snugly without looking to bulky. Car sear fits well on them. You can also fold the top down if you don’t want to use it all the way up the entire seat. Would recommend! Does not leave any marks on the seat (we have light color leather).

Lolita West Tremont, ME

Good price for a good car seat mat

After doing my research online, I found this to be the best car seat mat for its price and purpose. I love the fact that you can fold the back part for rear-facing carseats so you don’t have to buy another one for later on. It does have enough cushion to protect your leather seats. I highly recommend this product!

Beverly Cove, OR

Great Product!

We are 100% satisfied with the car seat protector. It is so easy to put in place and stays in place. We also like that it has a little storage on the bottom. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to keep their vehicle in great shape!!

Janna Bruce, WI

Awesome seat protector

Great fit & protects my seat wellhas a little storage pouch on the bottomfolds down when used with rear facing seat and up with front facingdoesnt slide around or get in the way of the carseatlove it!

Rosemarie Buffalo, MT

Very durable

This seat protector is the thickest, most durable one I’ve found. Much sturdier than than the Eddie Bauer version. I love that the back folds to accommodate an infant carseat. Highly recommend!

Erma Readington, NJ

Save the leather!

We use this car seat mat with aDiono Radian RXT Convertible Car Seat, Shadow. We opted not to use an infant car seat at all (I call them baby pods), and this pad has been a saving grace with our leather seats. The car seat still installed very snugly and tightly, and does not move–our car is equipped with a LATCH system. It keeps spills off the leather, and keeps the car seat from permanently denting the leather as well. We haven’t had any problems with the mat discoloring the leather either, but the car is parked out of the sun for most of the time, as well. My only two complaints about the mat are that the little rubber nodules underneath have started to “shed”, making a mess, and it is quite difficult to get to the seat belt latches on either side of the car seat for passengers (it is installed in the middle) because the car seat mat is very wide.

Fay Medford, OK

Nice Mat

For the price, this mat is great. Other mats that cost more than this at Babies R Us and other retail outlets are not as well made. This one seems to be made well and fits perfectly.

Morgan Mapleton, IL

sticky back that will goo

They don’t show a picture of the back of this product but it is a sticky material that will melt to your car seats inthe heat. I returned this as I’ve had that type of backing ruin other things so I knew what would happen. Going with the Britax version instead. Liked this better intiially b/c it covers the seat back as well, but not worth ruining the leather.

Mari Newington, GA

glad i bought but,

I purchased this for my dads car since its a nice car and my baby rides in it a lot and i didnt want to ruin the seats. its not a bad cover, but a couple things: It is very overpriced! not sure how it sells for 30 dollars! Feels like it should be $15.Also, it will cover the seatbelt clicker a lot (sorry for the lack of correct word.) if youre childs car seat is in the base than you are fine but if not it means lifting up the seat protector to buckle the seat belt every time!

Letitia Bradfordwoods, PA

Safety Concerns

We ended up returning this because the carseat inspector had concerns about anything (not just this mat) being placed between infant carrier base and the car seat. So, I decided that I’d rather be safe than sorry!

Bernice Rough And Ready, CA

Works great!

Extremelly pleased with this product. Fits perfect in our 2011 Ford Edge Limited. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who has leather seats and doesn’t want them ruined.

Janine Key Biscayne, FL

Great protection for you seats

We have a Britax car seat and I was a little worried about what it would do to our leather seats. The mat works great and has put all of those concerns behind us. Not only does it protect the back seat I also feel it makes the car seat seem a little more secure. It doesnt’t seem to move from side to side as much on the mat as it did on the leather.

Juliet Mount Vernon, GA

solid product

good solid product, thick and sturdy, car seat does not slip on the mat. the back part can be folded into half, when used for rear facing car seat – protect you leather seat from the little kicking feet.

Cathleen Edwardsville, KS

This mat is awesome. I love that it’s good for the infant seat and convertible car seat

I love this car seat mat – it’s really heavy duty so I think it will last a long time. It has a nice little organizer attached to the bottom – it doesn’t hold much but is good for a sippy cup / bottle and a toy or two.The back part folds down so it can be used under an infant seat, which is a plus – I’m all for features that extend the life of a product.I’m very happy with this purchase – highly recommend.

Irene Scandia, MN

Great low profile cover

First off a lot of reviewers here are complaining that they want the bottom part to be thicker for protecting the seat. However I think this is just fine. I have used thicker pads put it can cause other damage as well.What sold me a lot was that the back of the pad goes all the way up the seat.Definitely an easy buy for my wife’s car.

Sybil Tullahoma, TN

Does not have a hole for the middle attachment claw.

I have just gotten and installed this. It is pretty thick, so it will save a LITTLE of the cushioning of the seat, the seat will likely not be as disfigured as my other seat with the same carseat (graco nautilus). I use the attachments in the car’s seat to secure the carseat. It has three places to attach, left right and middle. There was no hole for the middle attachment so I cut a hole myself. I have two nearly identical carseats, one is the first generation graco nautilus bought in 2009, the second is a graco nautilus purchased in 2012. There are some very minor changes to the seat. My carseat is not as secure as the one that is not on a “seat saver”. It is negligible, but the carseat NOT on the seat saver does not move at all, I can move the carseat on the seat saver a smidge in all directions. I don’t know if this is due to the seat saver or the new carseat. My seats are cloth not leather.

Millicent Gasport, NY

Works great

This works perfectly for my car. I recommend having one if you will have a seat in the car so it doesn’t ruin your seat.

Millie La Luz, NM

Protects our seats

This mat works well with our Graco snugride. So far, we have only used it in the folded down position from a rear facing car seat. It actually makes our car seat fit in the seat better and we avoid those annoying imprints in the leather.

Kaitlin Norway, ME


Works well enough to protect the seat… right now I use it with a booster seat. My son doesn’t have trouble buckling around it. I just ordered a couple more for new baby, so will see if it is good at protecting the seats from the sharp edges of the baby seat base.

Meghan Independence, LA


I use it everyday for the past 2.5 years with my daughter’s Britax Roundabout convertible car seat. No problems. The pockets that hand at the bottom are great to hold socks, toys, etc.

Estela Sunrise Beach, MO

a must have

This is a must for all parents. This has saved our seats. Not only does it help to keep it clean but it prevents any damage to your seat. It is made very well and cleans off easily. I’m getting ready to order two more.

Darla Weir, MS

Car Seat Mat

Love this product. So glad I found it to help protect my seats. Just set it down and go. You are still able to access seat belt buckles so thats great!

Rosalind Shawneetown, IL

Seems to be sufficient

My only complaint is that the top half is floppy! I wish that there was a way to secure it so it doesnt fall down all the time. Although Im positive it will protect my leather seats!

May Cherryville, NC