Summer Infant Extra Camera For Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor

Summer Infant Extra Camera For Day and Night Flat Screen Color Video Monitor

Monitor a second room to keep a watchful eye on your baby with this extra camera for the Summer Infant Day and Night Flat Screen Video Monitor Model

Main features

  • Additional camera allows for 2nd room/2nd child monitoring
  • LED lights allow parents to see baby in a darkened nursery
  • Wall mounting security clips included
  • Wall mountable or table top
  • Adjustable camera provides best angle viewing

Verified reviews


I am SO happy i found this

i am so happy that i found this camera separate from the monitor. With a new baby coming, this is great to save a little money!It is compatible with my summer infant day and night monitor (2500). i am able to switch between channels “A” ( my daughters room) and Chanel “B” for the babys room with out any problems or interference. Its nice that i can still look in on my daughter with out having a whole separate video monitor!AND i love the original video monitor by the way. We have had it for 2 years with out any problems

Dixie Delano, PA

Love this camera

My husband and I decided, after dealing with waking my daughter up to check on her at night, that with our second child we’d get a video monitor. We liked it so much, we bought a second to put in my daughter’s room. Not only can we check the well being of our kids from afar, and see if they’re grousing in sleep or are genuinely awake, we can also watch the crazy pre-sleep shenanigans.

Lynnette Hop Bottom, PA

Great camera

We unexpectedly wound up having a 2nd child (!), and needed another monitor for my daughters room. Having already purchased the Summer video/audio monitor 1 year before for my son, I contacted Summer customer support and inquired about buying a 2nd camera for this purpose. I was told that although they do not officially support it being used this way, a lot of their customers do this with good results. I used each camera on each of the 2 channels, and switch between them as needed to keep an eye on both of them. It saved me the expense of having to needlessly purchase a 2nd monitor, and there is little to no interference between the 2 channels.

Corina Ellenton, GA

perfect addition to our set

I had received the summer infant day and night flat screen monitor set back in June 2008 for my baby shower. I love it. It’s static sometimes depending on where you have it and where people walk etc, but nothing that disturbs us from being able to see our son. Recently we had a new baby and wanted to keep the camera in my sons room and didn’t realize until after researching on amazon that I could add an extra camera. PERFECT!!! So now we have my son on A and our baby girl on B and we can press the button to see between the two rooms. I mostly keep it on the baby but I like to be able to “check in” with my son to make sure he’s being safe in his toddler bed. We’ve had no problems. We live in a neighborhood with close houses and we also have cell phones and wireless internet and nothing sees to interfere. The microphone is very powerful so if you have a sound machine in your childs room you will hear it loudly on the monitor just to let you know. We are very happy with this product.

Katie Lynnville, TN

Great acces. to our system purchased also here

I bought this camera because the wife and I wanted to be able to monitor the baby in her room and the living room (rather 2 rooms without moving a camera all over). This works great with the Summer infant system we got. There is a minimal static but the camera works good and the mic also works very well. It required nothing special to get it to work, no programming or anything just turn it on and select A or B (which ever isn’t on the other camera). Then your done, cut on your monitor and switch to the letter you selected and you see it.

Teri Parma, MI