Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath

Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath

The Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath offers versatility and convenience for bathing your little one. The tub folds easily and compactly for storage and travel. The large tub includes an inclined positioner that can be removed as your baby grows. The inflatable base provides an extra soft, padded cushion for your little one.

Main features

  • Plastic, Vinyl
  • Imported
  • Compactly folds for easy storage and travel
  • Inclined positioner for newborns can be removed as child grows
  • Inflatable base provides extra soft cushion for baby’s bottom with skid resistant vinyl
  • Durable, air filled liner
  • Tub open measures 34″ x 20″ x 7″; folded dimensions are 17″ x 20″ x 6″
  • Inflatable base provides extra soft cushion for baby’s bottom with skid resistant vinyl
  • Durable, air filled liner

Verified reviews


Eh, it works

I should have just gotten a regular baby tub. The sides are just vinyl, the inflatable bottom is nice, the feet of the tub are kind of difficult to put in place without a lot of force. Unless space is truly at a premium, you’re better off getting a traditional baby tub. This one is harder to clean with all the crevices in the vinyl bottom and since it is vinyl, it will not be as durable as a molded plastic tub. For the same price I should have gotten a regular tub. Unless you are going to store this under the sink or something, go with something simple.

Autumn Vinson, OK

Worked great for infant and toddler!

When grandkids came for visit, we needed something to use in our large shower for their bathing. This worked perfectly (once I figured out the legs) for both the baby and the toddler.

Kelsey Brumley, MO

NOT for newborns/infants

Inflatable cushions only held air the first two times we used the tub. We have a double under-mount sink in our kitchen so we cannot place it in our sink but rather have to have it on the counter and it just barely fits (if you have it so the baby is facing you). It’s slippery and so it’s really difficult to support a newborn with one hand while you try to maneuver bath products and a wash cloth with the other. We’ll keep it and use it for our son in the bathtub when he’s able to sit by himself but even then I’m concerned about the slippery nature of the plastic…Now I have to buy another baby bathtub and I’m thinking about the kind with the mesh hammock feature.

Tami Wharton, TX

Love it!

I bought this after bathing my nephew in his at my in law’s home. My daughter is 3-1/2 weeks younger than my youngest nephew and we were using a Eurobath tub that was A)Bulky, B)HUGE, C)Made of hard plastic and D)a pain in the ass and uncomfortable for my daughter.I bought this at babies r us and my daughter now loves her bath! (We also use a bath sponge in this, but will be phasing that out shortly as she is almost 2-1/2 months and doesn’t really need it.) – She loves to be snuggled in warm water and while she is long enough she can touch the end of the tub with her feet when laying down, she is very comfy and enjoys lounging in the water while we take our time to clean her now.This tub was a huge life saver! We were bathing only every couple of days, because it made her so unhappy and the whole process was so irritating to her and she screamed the whole time. With this tub I can bathe my daughter and spend time playing with her in the tub because she’s so cozy and happy!

Ginger Pinebluff, NC

Good bath but can be made better.

If the bottom was more protected and everything else remain this would have been the ultimate baby bath. My son loves it and works as said. He may not be able to use when he gets bigger though as he definitely will cause a hole in the base. Protection of base needs improvement if u ask me but a good idea and every child will love this mini pool 🙂

Erica Boyceville, WI

My son and I hated this tub

My son and I hated this tub. He was always sliding down, and he would cry during his bath time. There was really nothing I could do to help. He would slide left or right or down, especially when he was a newborn and couldn’t support himself. Also, it wasn’t easy to fold-up at all. I’m due in January with another, and I will definitely not be purchasing this. Spend a little more and get something much better!

Mona Afton, WI

I like it…

This is the only infant tub I’ve ever used but I like it. The inflatable base that snaps up for my 1 month old are nice but he slides down even with both sides up so I roll up a hand towel and put it in the middle to give his something to sit on thats not slippery. I wish there was a little cushion on one side for his head though.

Marilyn Evans, WA

For an active baby

I would recommend this to anyone who’s baby is very active. My newborn would not sit still and so the newborn/infant tubs or seats were no good for us. This tub is inflatable so its soft and you can raise one side inside so that the baby is on an incline. It is easy to store because it deflates and folds in half.

Abbie Carlinville, IL

Great tub when used in the proper time

I bought this tub for my grandson who spends the overnight with me on the weekends. I wanted something that stored easily and that I could put on my kitchen island to save my back. For the first four months I loved it…I did need to put a washcloth under his back to keep him from sliding, and I did have to always support him at all times with one hand. I loved the way it folded away neatly and was easy to set up…then he turn four months…he’s a little under average for height and all of a sudden he hated the tub, it seems his head was bumping on the bottom edge of the molded plastic rim, almost getting caught under it. Once he could sit up I thought the problem would be resolved but the tub seems to be more of a pain now. With his heavier weight (and he is still slightly small for his age) the inflatable cushioning doesn’t seem adequate and the tub a bit small. I loved it for what it was in the beginning but feel that it’s usefulness wears out after about 4 months and if your baby is larger, maybe sooner. I have just ordered a larger tub that will be harder to store but at this point I’m okay with it. I still feel it’s a great space saving tub for newborns, just don’t expect it to hold you over more than a few months.

Kayla Tillamook, OR

Big and takes space

This bathtub is big, not space saver, and not safe. Baby slips in it. It is dangerous. Would not recommend it

Maricela Port Allen, LA