Summer Infant Fold N’ Store Tub Time Bath Sling

Summer Infant Fold N’ Store Tub Time Bath Sling


Main features

  • Contoured seat cradles even the slipperiest baby
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Removable, machine-washable mesh fabric

Verified reviews


Like it better then the baby bath tubs

This is a great space saver and dries fast. The slant is not to high so you don’t have to worry about the baby falling off, and it is not to low so you can make sure you get enough water in the tub. Seems comfortable for baby. Been using it for 3 months now and no problems. I can’t really answer why I gave it 4 stars, i know it is silly but I feel like it could be even better in some way i just can’t put my finger on how.

Frankie Hope, KS

Too small, and baby hated it.

First, it seems like a nice product, and I loved the folding and flat/hanging storage options, which kept it mildew-free.Unfortunately, we could only use it for a couple months with our rather large son, and he disliked being on it. As soon as we let him just recline in an infant tub, he started loving bathtime!

Maryanne Mamers, NC

This product sucks!

Get a foamy bath tub thing. This worked for my son’s first bath then he was too big for it. And he slides down it. Waste of space and money.

Lindsey Boones Mill, VA

So preferable to a bulky infant tub!

As my husband and I cruised the baby store, looking for baby supplies, we quickly agreed that we did not want one of the big bulky baby tubs. We have limited bathroom storage as is – there would be nowhere to put a big infant tub. Plus, I didn’t want to have to clean it out every time the baby had a bath.So we bought this sling. As our baby grows longer, he has more leg to hang off of the bottom end of the sling, which he likes because he can kick his little feet in the water. The sling dries quickly – we just hang it to drip dry in our shower. I really like this sling, and I like that it allows my kid to have lots of movement in the bath.Oh, and if you have a baby like mine who uses the bath tub as his toilet, this is very easy to clean. Thank goodness.

Debra Orange Beach, AL

Perfect for bathing a newborn; saves a lot of space

This product is so simple but so useful. Our one-month-old is very secure and doesn’t slip when he’s on it. It’s extremely lightweight, dries quickly, and folds very compactly. And the design is cute! I’d highly recommend it to people who, like us, live in small apartments/homes. The only possible flaw: it seems a bit small. Our baby fits fine now, but it seems like before too long he will be way too big for it. On the other hand, by then he’ll probably be sitting up so we’ll be transitioning to a more traditional baby bath anyway. Overall, for what it does and for how little it costs, this product deserves 5 stars.

Toni Haskell, OK

Worked well enough for us!

I used this exclusively for my daughter’s first five or six months because I had no room for a big plastic tub and liked that this one dried easily. It folds well for travel and the mesh dries fast… though I think the frame held some water that didn’t dry as quickly. Ours did develop some rust on the metal frame at the joints. It worked well, and I still have it to pass down if my sister wants it when her baby is born. Some may not like the incline, but it was fine to me.

Colette Brohard, WV

Only for newborns

This is great for the first 30-60 days with a new baby, but good for the garbage after that. It gets moldy fast, and a larger baby will flip right out. I would say it’s likely there is something better, but for the price it’s good.

Gabriela Christiana, TN

simple, easy to clean & store

This not expensive and it folds up. The mesh part comes off the frame and goes in the washing machine (good for those messy baths…) When I was a nanny they had a large one with a foam backing and it was always dirty. How do you clean foam that is attached to a large plastic bin? And where do you store the plastic bin? We only have one bathroom, so it wouldn’t work. And, by the way, I tried the baby in the sink thing a few times. Between the disaster of trying to avoid a faucet-head collision and having to do the dishes prior to every tubby, I much prefer the bath. Plus, like I said, sometimes you need to hose them off. And I don’t want that in my kitchen sink!! On a side note, I put the bath away two months ago. So it’s helpful for the first 9 months and easy to store after that.

Mamie Jefferson, SD

Not sure of the benefit…

When I had my last child almost 9 years ago, I had something similar to this that I loved. I purchased this one, thinking it would be similar. I was wrong. I can’t pinpoint the difference since it hs been so long, but this doesn’t seem to have any benefit. It doesn’t fit in the infant tub very well at all, and seems incredibly “tight”, which makes it difficult to place the baby on.

Trina Starrucca, PA

Makes Bathtime Fun

This has worked great for our baby. It is small and versatile. When he was smaller and less wriggly, I used it in our walk-in shower. I could hold him in the water, and then have a place to put him down to wash him. I also used it in the tub so that we could take a bath together. Now that he’s bigger but still can’t sit on his own, he lies on the sling in the tub by himself and loves to kick and splash for a long time. He’s a big baby and would have quickly outgrown the traditional baby bath tub. When we’re done, I just hang it on the tub faucet to dry.

Kathrine Amity, MO