Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Monitor Large 5″ flat-screen color LCD video monitor with digital zoom and rechargeable batteries for handheld portability. Digital technology ensures a private and secure connection providing parents peace of mind, day and night. Features: 5″flat screen with color LCD video display and automatic black and white night vision 100% digital technology for privacy and security, with a range up to 600-feet Digital zoom for closer views on screen Sound activated LED lights, power-saving one-touch video on/off, and low battery and out of range indicators Swivel camera design allows for optimal positioning on baby, for tabletop or wall-mounting (mounting hardware and security clips included) Adjustable volume and brightness controls Expandable system – add cameras to monitor multiple children or rooms with video and audio scan between rooms, up to 4 total (extra cameras sold separately, item #29190)

Main features

  • 5.0-inch portable flat-screen color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Digital zoom camera with automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters
  • Add up to 3 additional cameras, Summer Infant item # 29190/Amazon item # B00I3K1IXW

Verified reviews


Large 5.0 Portable Color LCD, Room for Expansion. Great Baby Monitor.

Years ago my son who’s now 14 had a summer infant monitor. Now my daughter who was 3 1/2 has one and our new one on the way has one. We have stuck by Summer brand for how their product works, ease of use, and reliability.The set comes with 1 camera and the monitor. You can add up to 3 additional cameras to the set. The monitor is a great size 5 inches. Its portable, color LCD runs on 2.4 GHz wireless digital technology. I do wish they had upted this for houses with more walls and range needed but for our house of 2100 sq feet, 2 floors we have had no issues with reception. It even reaches fine on our back deck. They say a range of 600 feet – but again keep in mind walls, etc will all hinder and lesson this. Every house is set up differently so when choosing a monitor keep that in mind. Where will you use it most, which places in your house and compare that to where the babys room may be to get a better idea.I like that it has a low battery and out of range indicator. It also has sound activated LED lights. Like most cameras it goes to black and white for night vision and it also zooms in on baby. The zoom works well, zooming in a bit to see baby closer, but we haven’t used the zoom that much at all.Some reviews state it does not have all the bells and whistles such as playing lullaby’s, white noise or a talk button. Is that all really needed? Half the times our cribs have other musical products and lights and such. We have always used just a camera and monitor without the extra’s.My only concern again is the range with the 2.4 system. Some house setups this probably will not be good for. Our video feed is smooth, not fuzzy, and clear. We use it mostly in the bedroom next to the babys but, we also use it down the hall in the kitchen, as well as downstairs in the family room or outside on the deck. We also have additional cameras on the system and that works perfectly. We like to monitor a few area’s where baby will be without having to move and shift cameras around.

Barbra Faith, NC

Better video quality than the Motorola MBP36

I love this baby monitor. I can compare this one to the Motorola MBP36 and I like this one better because the video quality is so much better on this one. I thought the MBP36 was good until I got this one, then it was absolutely no contest. In fact, I wish I could return the MBP36. The MBP36 is good because you can pan the camera remotely using the controls on the monitor and I like that the buttons on the monitor is on the face and not on the edges because that makes it so you are not constantly accidentally pushing buttons when you’re carrying it, but that’s it. In video quality, this one wins hands down and since that’s the most important part – I prefer this one. The camera is static (doesn’t pan). This is a great camera that shows you enough detail on your baby – enough to where you can see them breathing – day or night. If you want a camera that shows you more area, like the entire room, you may want to look into the wide angle version.What could be improved:1. Battery life of the monitor – it only lasts a few hours of continuous use. The charger does have an extra long cable, but it would be nice if the battery life was better.2. The buttons are all along the edges of the monitor – this is nice because you get a very nice big viewing screen, but not so nice because you’re constantly accidentally hitting buttons on the thing when you’re carring it around.3. Picture quality – Yes, it’s much better video quality than the Motorola MBP36 and it’s good enough that you can easily see your baby breathing, but it could always be better….if we’re being greedy.What is great:1. Screen size is bigger and better than the MBP362. Great video quality – you can easily watch your baby breathing3. Great night vision – you can easily watch baby breathing4. Very reliable5. Excellent portability – I have a 1500 sq ft house on a half acre lot and I’m able to monitor the baby from pretty much my entire property. So everywhere in the house and out in the yard as well. Excellent. It beats the Motorola MBP36 in this area as well.6. Has an internal antenna which is way nicer than the externa antenna of the Motorola MBP36 – while still having better connection.7. The stand is better and sturdier on the monitor than the MBP368. Pretty much everything you need to monitor your baby.9. The monitor and camera can be closer together before you get feedback – basically, just as long as they are at least 2 feet apart, you won’t have feedback issues. Not like the MBP36 which gets feedback if they are in the same room. This is especially important if you’re trying to adjust the placement of the camera while looking at the monitor. Or – if you rig this up in your car to use as a car baby monitor (which I did). I would recommend using the non-wide screen version if using in the car, but this one would work as well. I love using this in the car because 1. It’s way better than trying to rig up a bunch of mirrors to monitor my baby in her rear facing car seat. 2. You can’t see the baby with mirrors if driving at night – but you can with this monitor because of the night vision. 3. With the zoom feature, you can easily see baby breathing in her car seat – this is especially important with the rise in incidents where babies stop breathing in their car seats. I am able to drive with confidence and not have to worry because I can totally see her face and chest and know everything is okay. I have the monitor mounted on my dash with a GPS monitor that accepts a 5" screen.10. Durability – I’ve been using this in all different capacities, every day for the past 2 months and it’s been going strong. I’ve dropped the monitor a few times and it’s gotten scuffed on the edges, but still working great.Great product that I use on a daily basis and am extremely happy with.

Selina Reddick, FL

Great range and view

I didn’t have a video monitor with my first two kids but having it for my 3rd has been awesome. This camera has a great range and works throughout my house and even out in the front or backyard. While the picture is not crystal clear and colorful like the picture it shows to advertise it, the picture is decent enough to get the just of what is going on your child’s room. Setting it up was super easy and it doesn’t make any noise while its running that would bother your child. I like that you can add additional cameras if you need to, but I wouldn’t need to in our nursery. I think if you wanted to use this in a basement or additional rooms, the additional cameras would be nice – it doesn’t have to just be a "baby" monitor! I haven’t had any issues with this camera in my house and it gives such piece of mind to see how my daughter is doing. I’d recommend spending the extra money on a nice monitor like this one rather than buying some of the other baby items that really aren’t needed. This monitor has enough bells and whistles to make it nicer than other but isn’t crazy though (you can’t talk or play music from it).

Tabatha Salem, NH

Better than the more expensive Summer WiFi Monitor

I have four kids and I’ve been buying baby stuff and receiving Amazon Vine products for review for a while, so I’ve had the chance to try out a wide range of infant video monitors, including an older Summer brand monitor and their latest WiFi Monitor (which I did not like).For a reasonable price you get good video quality, an easy to use monitor (buttons instead of arcane menus for key features) with a nice big screen and it’s expandable.However it doesn’t display the room temp where the camera is. This was a real deal breaker for me, because at night when I’m downstairs I want to know if I’ve got the nursery room too hot or cold. For really young infants, this has a real bearing on your SIDs risk. For older kids I’ve found it plays a roll in how often they wake up at night and fuss. If you woke up chilly and couldn’t reach for a blanket, you’d be cranky too.Because of that it’s really hard for me to recommend this as a baby monitor. However if you’ve got a small house or if the room temp just isn’t an issue for you, this is a affordable option that is really good at the most important part: seeing the baby. Both the day and night image is very clear.However if the lack of a temp display doesn’t work for you either, I send people to my standby: the Motorola MBP36. The MB36 has about the same video quality and it displays the temp. Be warned that it costs nearly twice as much and comes with a smaller monitor screen. In an industry with no "perfect" monitor it’s the one that keeps winning out for me.

Mariana Mattson, MS

A work horse!

The Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Monitor is, at first glance, a pretty unspectacular baby monitor. It doesn’t connect to the internet, there is no tilt, no panning, it doesn’t play music or lullabies or takes pictures – it is, however, a very solid video baby monitor. We’ve been fans of Summer products for a long time now. My most favorite and reliable baby monitor is a Summer similar to this one (it does have pan and tilt) but everything else is nearly the same. In one word: Reliable. We have Wifi monitors, monitors that sing and play music, take pictures and such but none of them are the work horses in our household like the Summers.The video stream is smooth, the resolution is clear, the night vision is superb and the unit picks up minute sounds – all brought unerringly to your big 5.5 screen.A highly recommended purchase of a sub $140 video baby monitor!

Claudette Kinder, LA

Solid and does the job. A good option for monitors.

Overall, the In View digital color video monitor is a great product. It is easy to set up and to use. With the rechargeable batteries and 600 foot range, it is great to be able to keep an eye on wanted areas while you are busy around the house. Night vision is useful to keep an eye on sleeping children without having light distractions. Picture is not as clear as advertisement makes it seem, however, it works good enough to be able to see what is going on clearly. My only complaint is that it is a narrow angle lens, but that can easily be made up for by adding another camera to expand your system. Overall, I was very pleased with this product and would defiantly recommend it to anyone with small children.

Amanda Belton, KY

Big Screen good picture… Missing other bells and whistles

This is a good device if you are looking for a basic monitor with a big screen. I am comparing this to my Levana that has a smaller screen but has other bells and whistles such as white noise, lullabies, and a talk button. While the screen on this is much better in overall size and clarity, it lacks the other functionality of my Levana.3/5 stars good screen and not much else.

Candy Friendship, AR

Great Basic system with HUGE screen

This is really a no frills camera. (E.g. No pan/tilt, no VOX, no lullaby tunes, and no Wi-Fi.)However, where this camera shines is the monitor. The screen is massive, bright, and easy to view.If you are shopping for a entry-level system, this is a great alternative to the $99 systems with <2" screens.

Christi Genoa, NV

Great monitor

We love this monitor. It is a nice step up from our older monitor. Great screen, battery lasts for the night without issue. Highly recommend.

Trudy Chandler, TX

Large screen, short battery life, does what a basic video monitor should.

This is my first video monitor but it met all my expectations. I did a lot of research on affordable baby monitors (~$100) and found that they all pretty much do the same thing. I wanted a monitor that I could easily 1) install, 2)hear the baby, and 3) see the baby without having to squint because the monitor was too small. It met all my wants but I wish it has the option to lower the volume even lower. I can hear the sound machine easily at the lowest volume setting and it amplifies every movement and sound that my baby makes. I wouldn’t say that I’m a light or heavy sleeper, but i do sometimes wake up just by the sound of my baby turning, or moving in his sleep. And the battery life is not that long. I wouldn’t go to sleep without plugging it in because the battery only lasts about 3-4 hours.I like that I can add another video camera in the future and the screen will switch back and forth every 8 seconds without me having to switch it manually. A lot of the video monitor on the market around this price won’t have that feature. The zoom seemed like a good feature, but it’s pretty useless. And the buttons are all on the side so I do accidentally push them when I grab it but not a big deal to me. I do wish that the quality of the video feed was less grainy. But overall, I would recommend it for the price.

Carrie Alden, IA