Summer Infant Keep Me Clean Disposable Diaper Sacks, Green

Summer Infant Keep Me Clean Disposable Diaper Sacks, Green

The Keep Me Clean Disposable Diaper Sacks offer a convenient solution for tossing away dirty diapers. A must have for your nursery and diaper bag, the disposable sacks come in a resealable pouch for easy storage.

Main features

  • Tie close handles
  • Fresh scent helps control odors
  • Comes with a resealable travel pouch for easy storage
  • Perfect for home or travel
  • Can also be used to bring wet clothes home from diaper accidents on the go

Verified reviews


Very thin and small

Typically I use the Sassy Disposable Diaper Sacks (blue, come in a box of about 200) but the price rose and I decided to try these Summer Infant ones. They are half the size of the blue Sassy ones (which would fit up to 3-4 pee diapers before I’d have to toss it) and only hold one, maybe two, diapers. They are also very thin and my finger went right through one as I tried to slip my finger between the two sides to open the bag up. I’ll go back to the Sassy’s as soon as I use up these Summer Infant ones – which shouldn’t take long considering you have to use a new one with each diaper change because it will only fit one diaper and wipe!

Maribel Ringwood, IL

Not Buying These Again

I love the idea of eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, these did very little to mask the smell of soiled diapers…so I found it pointless to use them at all because the smell is the same whether they’re in one of the bags or not.They do stick together and it’s hard to pull one apart one-handed.

Tania Harpswell, ME

fit diapers

We were using dog bags from pet smart, these fit diapers much easier and cost less, I’m actually shocked there aren’t more competitors in this category- they’re really convenient when you have to change a diaper and don’t have a trashcan available, or if you don’t want to throw a loose waste filled diaper and soiled wipes into a public trash can. They are thin, but I’ve been using them for about a year and have never had one rip on me.

Nell Alleghany, CA

great for at home and on the go

I received these as a gift at first and have been sold ever since. I take them in my diaper bag for smelly diapers and also wet clothes etc. I also use them at home for the dirty diapers instead of using a diaper pail and having to buy special bags for one. The wet diapers go directly into a regular garbage can in my sons room.

Mina Stacy, NC

love these

i love these bag always have them in my diaper bag and they do have smell nice good size too

Misty Effie, MN

Perfect for on the go

I use these when we are out and about. Great for dirty diapers when there is no trash can near.

Henrietta Knott, TX

Great baggie…just wish they were easier to separate before use.

These baggies have a nice, subtle scent to them. I like the handles because I can quickly tie them up and re-open the bag to add another wipe or whatever (so that I don’t have to use up a whole other baggie). My only complaint would be that they can be difficult to separate when in a rush. To solve this problem, we simply separate them prior to putting them into our diaper bag. It’s less neat looking since they’re all bunched up, but it makes it much easier to get to when in the middle of a diaper change or rushing to start one.

Jeannie Pine Village, IN


I love these diapers sacks! They really keep the smell out of my nursery and are a quick and easy way to pack up the dirty diapers and dispose of them quickly. They are much cheaper at Babies ‘R Us, maybe $3.99? Anyway, totally worth it and much better than those stiny diaper genie’s!! Refills are cheaper too!

Josephine Marble Falls, AR

they helped keep my diaper pail less stinky

i like to put poopy diapers in these bags if I am on the go and need to toss a messy diaper. it contains the smell much better than if you just toss the diaper.

Thelma Luxora, AR

no problems

Holds the diapers. No rips. Closes easily. No complaints. We put them in our diaper bags and can throw the diapers away when we are out without mess.

Margret Ogdensburg, WI

Diaper Sacks

I really really hate the smell of lavender and these are one of the few disposable diaper bags that I could find that don’t use lavender as the scent.They are really thin before opening, so you can pack several in a diaper bag and they hardly take up any space. When using, I find them easy to open and sturdy enough when full. I suppose you could fit 3-4 dirty diapers in there depending on size, but I usually just do one at a time when I am travelling or at a friend’s house.I should note that the “resealable travel pouch” is really just a ziploc bag without the zipper. Not really a pouch at all but a clear plastic bag. It works fine – just don’t expect anything luxury!

Frankie Shadehill, SD

Great product!

I ordered these bags for my backp nursery at my parents’ house. We’ve been putting the dirty diapers in these bags and then throwing them in an airtight trash can we got from babies r us and we’ve been very happy the the bags. They’re just the right size and have a mild fresh scent. I can never seem to small the poopy diapers once I’ve tied them up in these bags. I haven’t found them to be too flimsy as some others may have. And, supposedly, they are better for the environment than some bags.While I cannot compare these bags to the diaper genie (since I haven’t tried that yet), I am very happy with these.

Stefanie Otisville, MI

i love these!

Clean and simple. They smell nice too! I definitely recommend these. They do not however completely mask odor if that is what you are looking for.

Maude Argos, IN

Love these.

I bring my son to work with me and keep a pack of these there. I can fit an entire work days worth of diapers in one bag, up to 4 diapers, and still have room to tie the bag completely shut. I haven’t had a bag rip yet and they have a pleasant smell. Their price vs their quality can’t be beat.

Mollie Tuba City, AZ

Great bag!

I use cloth diapers on my baby which are larger and heavier than disposable diapers and I have had no problems with them tearing or even the size. These bags are better for the environment than the other brands, they are the perfect size for a diaper, and are very sturdy.

Brenda Arrowsmith, IL

Makes more of a mess

I bought this to throw dirty diapers away but they have small pieces of plastic that attach the bags together and everytime you remove one the plastic falls either on the ground or all over the place. Causes more of a mess and I didn’t want my crawling baby to happen upon the plastic left overs and choke.

Jeanie Seabrook, NH

Go Green!

Love these bags. They work great and are biodegradeable, what more can you ask for?! They’ve never leaked and we use them often.

Nadia Rantoul, KS

Just perfect to carry in a diaper bag

I was one of those moms who never carried a bag to dispose of my kid’s diaper, whenever we travelled. I always made a mental note to bring a bag before we left the house, but it never happened. Then, I saw these and decided to get them. I just keep them in the diaper bag and I never have to worry what I’m going to do with her dirty diapers.

Sheryl Gibson, NC

a must have product

These are great to keep in your diaper bag. I hate having to change baby in public and have nowhere to throw the diaper away. If you keep these on you, you can just tie it up and not have to smell the diaper for the rest of the day.

Claudine Harris, NY