Summer Infant Large Comfort Baby Bather, Bubble Fish

Summer Infant Large Comfort Baby Bather, Bubble Fish

Safely and securely bathe your newborn in comfort with the Large Baby Bather. A soft, mesh sling cradles your baby, while two recline options provide the most comfortable positioning for your little one, making it the perfect choice from the very first sponge bath.

Main features

  • 2-position recline, for child’s comfort
  • For use in the sink or adult bath tub with cradling head support
  • Compact fold for storage and travel
  • 20% larger than original baby bather
  • Machine washable fabric

Verified reviews


A fantastic bather!!

We first tried one of the regular infant bath tubs and had all kinds of things that did not work well for us; then I ordered this – WINNER!!!The mesh support does not sag, but comfortably supports my 11 pound baby girl; this would be great for a newborn since they are tiny and slippery.Since you are washing your infant over mesh, you can easily rinse them off – this bather also has 2 positions for the recline.This dries over night propped up in the tub with the shower curtain pulled back so it has good airflow.We love it!!!

Cathryn Avon, NC

Summer Sling

This really fit the bill! Its similar to a bouncy seat but for the tub.As it describes it is larger than most slings. Our baby can wiggle and kick all she wants without falling out. Reclined or upright seating, a nice feature. The head rest is helpful if your little one is still working on head control. Slips down if moving a lot but readjusting her is no problem. Plus there are no hard metal edges like on smaller slings. It’s well padded and seems durable.Not really built for sink use, we use ours in the bath tub. You have to fill the tub higher to cover your baby but with the extra room there’s no fear of them rolling out. Takes up about 1/3 of the tub so it’s easy and comfortable for me to get in the bath with her.For storing we simply drain the water, turn the sling upside down (still on the frame), and rest the sling on the edge of the tub. We leave it until the next use, which is every night. This method seems to eliminate any mildew smell others have complained of. If you must fold and store your sling I would recommend leaving it open to dry for at least 18-24 hours. After drying over night it feels dry to the touch but it’s still damp inside. With regular use and our drying technique we only need to wash the cover every two weeks. Its easy to remove and replace on the frame. The edges and head rest are stuffed with little Styrofoam pellets so the cover will float in the washing machine. I wash it by itself to be on the safe side. I love this product, it filled our needs and I recommend it to all new parents!***(I like to splash warm water on the mesh before setting my baby in it as the mesh will get cold after its wet and exposed to air. This can be very unpleasant and shocking so its good to be aware of)

Wilma Romulus, MI

Not that great

The chair is not bad, well made, but just not what I was looking for and a bit pricey. My little girl kept on kicking and wanting to splash but her feet stayed completely out of the water in this seat. Will work for newborn, but as they get a bit bigger it is not great. Bought a white plastic bath seat from Walmart for $9 and my baby absolutely loves it! Now she can kick and splash in the water.

Isabelle San Jose, CA


This is one of the better bathers I have tried. It does not fit in the sink but it definitely fits in the bath tub. It cradles baby very well and it’s very sturdy. My only complaint was that I had a really hard time getting the mesh netting back on after washing. My husband did it and said it was easy. I’m seriously not good at reading instructions though.

Virginia Cody, NE

Everything I needed

I love this so much better than the baby tubs. This is the second one I’ve bought. The other I leave at my mother’s house for sleep overs. No mold, Its easy to clean and use. Baby is comfortable in it. I just wish it had a strap however its not like you’re going to leave your child unattended in the shower

Marcie Huntingtown, MD

Baby shower gift

All I can tell about this product… is that the seller sent in a timely fashion, it was not damaged, and that it Was a gift for a friend on her baby shower. She loved she said it was space saving , since it can fold unlike other baby baths. And she said it was cute.

Lola Elgin, AZ

Recipient loved

For an expectant family member, they really liked it and it looks nice and well made. I am sure the baby will get lots of use out of it.

Lea Milmine, IL

Comfortable sling

I used this type of tub for my first child and bought another for our second. It is not slippery for them to lay in and the water is able to surround them and keep them warm. I used it even once my first son could sit just to do the washing portion of the bath and then I would take him out and let him play. The only down side is that it takes on a mildew odor. I was able to wash the fabric on the first one. I haven’t done so yet on this one.

Marjorie Beech Grove, KY

Very nice

Easy to use. Very comfortable for the baby. It dries quickly. Meets all the requirements for baby bath time. I love it

Araceli Raleigh, IL

The best bathtub!

Oh my, this baby bather has made bathtime with my little one even more wonderful (I did not think this was possible)! She loves it! I got it when she was about 2 mths old and I wish I had had it from the first day she was born. Would be perfect for a teeny tiny newborn as well as a much larger baby. Currently she is 4 mths and 15lbs and it’s perfect with lots of room to grow. SO much better than the hard tub with newborn sling I was using before. Nothing but happy smiles! Highly recommend.

Deirdre North Webster, IN