Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty, Pink

Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty, Pink

The Summer Infant Lil’ Loo Potty is perfect for your potty training toddler. The stylish, comfortable potty blends with your existing bathroom decor. An easy to remove pot and high splash guard for boys make clean up quick and simple. The high back seat provides additional comfort and support for your little one.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Removable pot for quick and easy clean-up
  • High back for support and comfort
  • Splash guard for boys

Verified reviews



My daughter started training herself at 16mo. She would sign ‘potty’ when she needed to go and I would put her on the toilet and she would go. She was using the regular toilet (w assistance) for a month. My bright idea was to get her her own potty, big mistake. She hated this thing as soon as I put it in the bathroom. Completely stopped letting us know when it was time to go. Tried going back to the regular toilet and then a reducer seat that you place on top, no luck. She’s now almost 18mo and not potty training at all. The product seemed fine to me, just a bad experience.

Melba Lowell, AR


I would not change a thing about this seat. It is easy for my Toddler boy (27lb/ 33in) to use. He can plant his feet on the ground so he feels more secure. Smaller children could use it too. It is easy to clean: (I just empty, rinse, and wipe with sanitizing wipe). My LO can empty the bowl himself. It doesn’t have silly gimmicks (sounds, step-stool, etc) to distract a tot from it’s intended use. Can’t beat the price. We purchased multiples: have one at babysitter, car (usually easier than public restrooms), and home.Pros:Simple DesignGreat sizeEasy to cleanLightweightVery Cost EffectiveCons:I really can’t think of any

Iris Chimayo, NM

great price

we also have the more expensive baby bjorn but we needed more potties and this one has a good price. This one is bigger and has a bigger footprint as well. Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference for us. We have a toddler so I’m not sure if the bigger size would be good with infants. We also have a girl and the pee guard is more than adequate. definitely not a travel potty.

Deena Abingdon, VA

Small lesson learned.

This is a good potty chair; however, if you are going to invest in one, buy one whose removable seat then attaches to your commode seat. Once the child was ready for the toilet, I had to purchase another seat that would attach to the adult commode.

Brooke Mica, WA

Better than the BabyBjorn

My 21 month old son is starting to potty train. He doesn’t like sitting on the big toilet, so we have 3 little potties. We originally had aBABYBJORN Potty Chair, Blue, which was fine, but when I went to order two more I didn’t want to pay that much. I’m so glad I found the Summer Infant! The footprint is a little bigger than the BabyBjorn, but it’s a pretty similar chair for a lot less money. One things I love about this one is the way the bowl insert has a bit of a cutout in the back. My son likes to sit way back in the chair, which makes pooping difficult, but the cutout helps a lot. My son has spent a lot of time sitting on this chair with no complaints, so I assume it’s comfortable. It’s a good size, simple design, and CHEAP. Highly recommend.

Kim Somerset, WI

Must have!

Bought it when my girl was 8 months and could sit on her own. Initially I thought OMG it is huge for her, she was about average size for her age. Her feet didn’t even touch the floor. But a week later she seemed so comfortable on this potty that I give this product 5 stars for sure! I put her on a potty when it seems like she probably needs to go but her diaper is empty, and it works every time! Like magic! I truly believe that the potty should be as simple as possible so the baby can learn fast and not get distracted. it is not a toy! It is a potty. ( I never expected 8 months old baby use potty, but somehow she can relax on it and do her business pretty fast). The quality is great, design is great. Definitely recommend it.

Herminia Wellington, UT

Perfect Potty, Perfect Size, Perfect Price!

This potty is perfect, no need to spend more than the $9 paid for this one. Easy for 2-1/2 year old to negotiate, and easy to clean.

Sofia Raymond, NE

Great little potty, easy to clean

I bought this potty as a back up for the bjorn which we use in the house for vacations and grandmas house. It is a little bit bulkier and larger than the bjorn, but is exactly the same idea. The pull out center design is easy to clean and is actually better designed than the bjorn because it has a slot that does not allow it to go in backwards at all vs the bjorn that my toddler attempts to put in and manages to shove it in there backwards. The front "shield" is exactly the same size as the bjorn and is perfect for our boy, but since he is only 17 months and the overall potty size is a little bigger, he does have a little more room to move around & possibly have an accident even though we have not had one yet.All in all, this is an awesome little potty & had I seen it when I first bought the bjorn I would’ve only gotten this one. If you have a bigger or older toddler, I definitely recommend this one over the bjorn… and its less than half the price!

Petra Keyes, OK

Great price

I don’t have any other potties, but I can’t imagine how this could differ from the $25 Baby Bjorn potties that much… and you can’t beat the great price! it’s lightweight, definitely large though, not something I’d take outside of the house. Love the white because it’s like a real toilet.

Martina Maxwell, TX

VEry Nice!

love the desing, like the baby bjorn, but $25 cheaper!!! baby loves it, it is deep enought for poop and easy to clean.

Alfreda Sunshine, LA

It’s a great potty.

Simple. Nothing fancy about it, works as expected. Easy to clean. Easy for my 22 month old to use (when he wants to). The only thing I don’t like is that the bucket easily lifts from the potty… because that is all my son want to do is take the bucket out. I wish there was some kind of latch or child proofing, but I’m not surprised there isn’t on a $10 potty.

Dena Accokeek, MD

Splash guard does not contain the pee

Got this potty because it has a high back which helps old up my baby and it’s cheaper then others that do that. The splash guard isn’t very high. My baby often pees over it and she’s a girl.

Juana Richburg, NY

Does the trick for my little chick!

I bought this potty after exhaustive research on potty training, and potty seats, and realized that all the "bells and whistles" don’t really mean much in the world of pee and poo (says the rest of Amazon). Many parents reported that fancier potties had many cracks and crevices to catch little bits that don’t need catching, and make for a messy clean up.I decided to order this simplistic Lil’ Loo, after wayyy too many hours online for such a task, and Livi seems to favor her mini potty. She took to it naturally, as it is white like our big toilet, and she gave it a go (quite literally) within the first day-no other training required.Easy pour into the toilet, and a wipe dry with a Bounty, and a whisk of a Lysol wipe and you’re done…easy peasy. No cracks and crevices, no fuss, NO MESS. So nice!When she seems more ready to give up the diaper, and commit to the potty, we will certainly order a few more of this sweet little johns for our sweet little lady!

Melanie Chester, NY

Not exactly what I ordered, but it works.

I ordered on of these potties in white for use at my moms house and its great. Then decided to get another for our house so our daughter would have the same potty for training, that way there would be little confusion about "her potty". So I originally ordered it all white, and that’s what I got for the first potty. For the second order I re-ordered the same color, but I got a white potty with a bright teal pot in it. The photo when I ordered it was all white, and the order conformation was all white. I have no idea why it changed mid order to this mismatched teal/white version, but that’s what I got and there isn’t an option for the all white one to exchange it now.Kind of misleading, but its a functional item so, what are you going to do?!Its a good price and it works, my daughter loves it and although she is still a little young to use it she is getting very used to it being in the bathroom, and has fun sitting on it, and I think that’s best to have it be familiar to them early on.

Nikki Combs, AR

Great price

This is a great potty for the price. I almost bought the Baby Bjorn and bought this instead because they look almost identical but the Summer Infant was more than 50% less.I wish the potty was just a little bit shorter because my 2 year old son, who’s a little on the tiny side, had a little bit of a hard time getting on it.

Lindsay Titusville, FL

Great, simple little potty

We got this for our little one to keep in her bedroom for when she wakes up. GREAT little potty for the price and love that it’s white and simple so I know it’s clean. There have been no leaks or problems, and you can’t beat the price! ($6 at the time of purchase)

Marion Smartt, TN


My daughter hates sitting on this chair. Im a mom of 4 and I decided this time, instead of buying a more expensive potty chair…id buy this one, thinking it didn’t matter because it would still be comfy. Well wrong move on my part. She won’t sit on it for too long. She has marks on her legs when getting up from it. Glad that I didn’t waste a lot of money on this. Will buy a different one for her.

Jacqueline Richwood, WV

Easy to Clean and Sturdy – GREAT Price!!

~BACKGROUND~I purchased this potty due to the cost and reviews for my 18 month old son to start familiarizing him with using a toilet. I couldn’t justify spending 2-3x more for a Bjorn potty.~PROS~~The price! How can you beat $9? Especially versus similarly designed products that cost 2-3x more?- Sturdy with no stability issues- Tray is easy to remove, clean and replace- Made in the USA – not China!- Splash shield in the front helps prevent pee from going out- Lightweight- Simple design~CONS~- None so far.~TIPS~After reading some of the reviews about the white tray insert (not shown) staining, I have been using Clorox with Bleach after each use.~CONCLUSION~My 18 month old son is in the 75% percentile for height and he has plenty of room to grow into this potty. We keep it in our bathroom so he can watch when we go and copy us.I recommend this potty chair!

Faith Comfort, TX

Good price.

I only wish it had come without tape that left adhesive marks on it, try though I might to remove them. They turned black immediately. And it attracts pet hair like no other. Fine product otherwise.

Corina Joppa, IL

Perfect for toddlers

We are going to be starting potty training soon and this was such a great purchase. Our son was a bit nervous sitting up on the regular toilet but this little one is just right for him. He is on the tall end for kids his age and he sits just fine on it. It seems very study, he hasn’t tipped or wiggled it while using it. The center comes out really easy and is easy to rinse and clean. It has a high back so he doesn’t feel like he is going to tip back and the front guard is just high enough to prevent accidents.

Tami Canyon Lake, TX

Great basic potty

We got this one and the BabyBjorn and haven’t noticed a difference in our son’s usage of the two, so you might as well get the cheaper one. My son isn’t actively using it yet (we just got them so he’d be used to them) but we haven’t experienced any splashing or pinched legs.

Meagan Lower Lake, CA

Great potty at a good price

My son prefers this one over the adult potty with a potty seat. The splash guard also works much better.

Deborah Price, UT

Perfect potty seat!

This is the perfect little potty. My daughter took to it immediately. It’s the perfect height (she’s 2 years old) and depth. It’s very easy to empty, clean and move around as needed. It’s helped her excel very quickly at potty training, since we can keep it in the play room, bring it outside and even put it in the trunk of my SUV so that she can go easily whenever she needs to.

Karin Chebanse, IL

Similar to Bjorn

Love this potty for a boy. Similar to Bjorn but much cheaper. My 17 month old sits on it just fine. Also easy to clean and pour out.

Lina Trout, LA

perfect for potty training!

my daughter loves using this potty and enjoys picking up the bowl to dump into the big toilet when she is finished. she likes the knob in the front to hold on to when she is sitting down. and i like that it’s easy for me to clean in the bathtub.

Lelia Ralph, AL

Perfect Size

I wanted to start early potty training with my 14 Month Old Son and this was just small enough to start him with.

Latonya Rowan, IA

Seems fine

Child uses with no problem. He did not like Thomas potty seat. He loved Thomas part but seat pinch in per guard area. So this is simple and working well.

Edith Sutersville, PA

Great potty for my little man!

Wonderfully inexpensive and easy to clean. What more can a mommy ask for? I purchased this prior to starting potty training so my toddler could become familiar with it in our downstairs bathroom. At 15mths old he was still a little unsure about backing up and sitting down on it, but would still work his way onto it, feet into pee tray then out after he sat down. No big deal as it wasn’t being used for potty time yet. Definitely sturdy as it never skidded across the floor or tipped over as he explored. It didn’t take long for him to become comfortable enough to back up and sit down, less than 2wks, with myself and daddy sharing potty lessons on the adult potty. My son a little taller than average, 32in at 17mths(80ish percentile) but slim, so he has not had any issues with the splash guard being too high for him. Though I would rather have to help him onto the potty than have to clean up pee all over with a lower guard. I’ve seen other reviews complaining about pee ending up all over and am assuming that the child was too far back. From my experience my toddler sitting centered on the potty and slightly leaned forward has been the ideal position. No pee splashes, leaning forward helps void the bladder more, and he is more comfortable in his stability as his legs are squared and he can rest his elbows on his thighs. Standing up is easy too now. While I love this potty for my toddler, I can understand some reviewers not as many try to introduce potties at a younger age than I did. If you are trying to do so, please be aware you will have to help your child onto the potty if you don’t want them climb on themselves, as this is definitely made for toddler sized children. Otherwise spend more money and get one that is lower to the ground. Overall this potty is great and my son loves it, even brings it out to sit on for movie time. Cleaning is super easy as there aren’t any hidden parts or grooves like some have(singing potties for example), the pee tray insert is still white even after 1s and 2s, plastic is sturdy and has held up to abuse, and the non skid grips keep the potty in place when being used. Oh and it looks just a certain bjorn one that is 2-3x as much!

Ebony Purgitsville, WV

Great potty chair

I bought this potty chair for our grandson. It is very easy to wash, very easy to move and great height for a little one. I want to order another just like it to have here.

Hilda Piney Fork, OH

Big but easy to use and great price

This is a great, simple, inexpensive seat to keep in all bathrooms. It’s a little big but I think that makes it more stable and comfortable for little ones too. I’m glad we have multiple for each bathroom!

Emilia Enid, OK