Summer Infant Little Looster, Potty Training Stepstool

Summer Infant Little Looster, Potty Training Stepstool

Enhance your child’s comfort, confidence and independence at potty time with the mom invented Little Looster. The unique u-shape design provides optimal leg position support for little ones, providing a more comfortable, quicker potty training transition. The stool fits discretely around an adult toilet base and can be left in place at all times.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Award winning: The National Parenting Center, NAPPA Honors
  • Mom invented, made in the USA
  • Unique design fits discreetly around toilet base and allows adults to use the toilet without obstruction
  • Raised letter detail prevents slipping
  • Molded plastic construction for easy cleaning

Verified reviews


Where did all the negative reviews go?

When I wrote a review here in October there was at least three 1 star reviews of this product. Most of them mentioning it was too flimsy or cheap to for the price tag. I too posted my own review and then Little Looster posted a comment on it and even posted my personal email I sent to their company (professional, huh?) while trying to say they did not raise prices. I then posted a comment back to them proving the price raising from $24 to $35 over the span of a few months and then POOF, my review and other 1 star reviews vanished. I have been reviewing on Amazon for years and am a Vine member. I have never seen a review of mine (any 1 to 5 star review) get pulled off the website. My guess is Little Looster is keeping a close eye on their reviews and then reporting 1 star reviews for conduct. Be leery of this company!HERE IS MY REVIEW I LEFT:Price keeps increasing?, October 18, 2011By S. Smith (Maryland)This review is from: Little Looster’s Looster Booster, White (Baby Product)I have been looking at this debating whether I need it for my 2 year old. This is a piece of plastic and even at $24.99, that was expensive. But over the course of a few months with this on my radar, it has jumped in price from $25 to $30, to now an outrageous $37. Obviously this company believes price gouging on a popular product is an okay thing to do. Don’t be the person who overpays for this item or it will only increase MORE in price.HERE IS PART OF THE COMMENT THEY LEFT TO ME (THE REST AND MY COMMENT BACK AREN’T RECORDED ON MY EMAIL AND GONE OFF AMAZON)Greetings from Customer Discussions,Because you requested to be notified when people commented on your review of “Little Looster’s Looster Booster, White”, we are sending you this e-mail.Oct 20, 2011 8:07:19 AM PDT Little Looster LLC says:This same person sent this concern via email to our corporate contact form…What is the cause that this product keeps increasing in price although no design changes were made? My MOMS group is floored that you keep raising the price on this product year after year.This was our response…Hello SuzanneThank you very much for having great interest in our Looster Booster.I would like to very respectfully clear the air on your belief that we keep raising the price.We just launched the product almost exactly a year and a half ago at $39.99 exclusively on our website with a shipping charge of $10.95. Since may of 2010 we have brought on a slew of new dealers on Amazon and merchant sites. These prices very quickly starting late last winter went not only to $34.99 but also included…

Sophie Elk Creek, VA

Not Remotely Impressed So Far

I bought the product from the Company website, but they of course won’t let you review it there. LOL!And I bet I know why: it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It’s not bad, but it’s not a fantastic brain child of an invention. I would have given it a 3 for ‘average’, but for what I paid, I’m pissed at what I got. It’s website purports three things, so I’ll focus on those three:1. “Comfort…No more painful pins-n-needles feeling when little legs are not supported.”I’ll give them leg support, yes. My daughter’s feet don’t dangle. Big whoop. But this thing has no more depth than your average Wal-mart potty stool. Take a close look at the photos. the child’s feet cover most of the depth surface area. That means there’s STILL no room for the child to feel all that comfortable or safe turning around to sit down. Add to that the fact that some of the depth is lost to the bowl of the toilet seat, when you brace it up against it, and I begin to wonder if these geniuses jumped the gun with this invention, just to pay their own bills. LOL!2.Confidence…No scary feeling of “falling in.” Kids legs do all the work. At what age does this work? My first potty trainer is now more than 2.5YO, and she still grabs on to the toilet seat to brace herself and to turn around to sit down. Maybe that works when they get a little older. I’ll hold off on judging too harshly on this one.3. Cleanliness…No need to grip the back of the toilet seat or the inner, germ covered rim.Bull crap! As I said in #2, my more than 2.5YO still has to grab the seat to turn around and sit down. This contraption requires balance/coordination that a child at NORMAL STARTING potty training age just doesn’t quite have.I’ve added my own 4th issue: Like one or two others have stated, the rubber feet on the bottom don’t prevent sliding at all! They’re laughable at best. Now, when the child steps on it, it does stay in place, but if the child bumps it a little or an adult bumps it a little, it skids just like any other cheap stool. Like any other $5 or $10 stool, you’re gonna need a rug underneath it, which adds to the cost of this already overpriced, not-that-great product. LOL![…]As a side note, the only other option out there that’s better than this seems to be that $130 Potty Stool by the elite corporation. Maybe a group of parents, who can clearly see what’s needed, should just develop one ourselves, sell it for less than theirs and split the profits for our kids’ college funds. LOL!

Miriam Underhill Center, VT

Not enough foot space, not worth the money

After starting potty training I realized that the small foot stool we had in front of the toilet was not enough space for my toddler to climb up and and turn himself around. After some research I decided to purchase this item despite its hefty price tag. I thought the wrap around spacing would give him more room. But once it arrived and we tried it out, I realized the width of the step is pretty much the same as a regular foot stool. He still has to hold onto me and slowly turn himself around. I always go with him to the potty but I thought having the extra room might mean that he can start to go a little more independently. But he doesn’t look secure to me and from the tiny little steps he has to do to turn himself around I can tell he doesn’t feel all the secure either. Maybe it provides enough space and stability for an older kid (3-4 yo) but for a younger toddler (my son is a little over 2 yo) you might as well just use a regular foot stool with a rubber base so it stands more securely (this one does not have a rubber base like the Baby Bjorn foot stool). It is also really annoying for adults to have to use the potty with this around it.

Daisy Port Aransas, TX

Great product for toddlers in the bathroom.

I bought this in a panic one day after my daughter fell off her other stool while potty training at 2 years old and chipped her front tooth. It has barely left the front of this toilet since. My 3 year old and 1 year old use it just fine. The adults are able to easily use the toilet without removing this. Easy to clean up as needed. Doesn’t wiggle around like regular stools. I recommend it to everyone I know that is potty training their kids.

Roxie Las Vegas, NV

My son loves it

Been trying to get my so to move to the big potty and this final got him to move. He loves his big stool and getting up to the seat, but when he sits on th seat he can’t reach it yet. Wish he could so the blood circulation wasn’t an issue.

Dena Ocean Beach, NY

A Little Wobbly

I had high hopes for this, but it could be better. It’s not as sturdy as i would have liked. My 3 year old is cautious about using it because it flexes and moves a little when she stands up on it. It serves it’s purpose, but i would have paid more if it was a little more heavy duty. Since i haven’t seen anymore of these kind around, i’ll keep using it.

Shauna Rives Junction, MI

Excellent step stool Made in the USA!

Works great for our 2 year old. Very sturdy, I even tried it myself at 110 without any stability problems. It pushes in towards the toilet to get out of the way for mommy & daddy & can also be used for hand washing at our sons pedestal sink. To top it off it is made in the USA. That is always a plus.

Lorraine Somonauk, IL


I have to agree with some of the other reviews that this booster is a little on the wobbly side. We leave it in our powder room on our main floor for our two year old but I still hold his hand whenever he steps up on it because I’m afraid he might fall off it as it is not very sturdy. It does the job in the sense that it helps little ones get up to the toilet seat on their own but would have been much better if it was a little more stable. We always leave it by the toilet so it does make it a little more difficult for an adult to sit down on the toilet with it there. Not impossible just awkward.

Tabitha Martin, OH

Must for potty training!

We didn’t find this until our third child, and we love it! So wish we had known about this long ago! Worth every penny!

Willa Silver Creek, WA

Expensive but really is the best

Ok, I was back and forth about this thing, it IS SO EXPENSIVE!When it came, it was all wobbly and I was going to return it, but somehow it worked itself out. My kid LOVES it, and I think with boys who want a shot at aiming, it’s pretty cool. Plus, it’s much taller than others.I hate myself for liking it.

Gretchen Mont Vernon, NH

good product

This has helped my daughter out a lot to go potty on her own and feel secure. She was using the potty seat with attached “ladder” “step” but our new place has a SMALL bathroom where it does not fit so had to change up her seat and all. The stool isn’t of HARD plastic in the center so it does give some when she steps on it but she has been using it for about a week or more and no problem. She loves it and it gives her enough space to step up onto it than turn around to face the right way and than pull down her pants and all by herself. Only thing i miss about the old set up we had is the handle for her, it took her a day or 2 to trust herself and her balance to not need a handle to get up on the stoll and she uses the toliet seat if she needs to for security to step up onto the step. Im very happy with the product. It also came fast after i ordered it

Lydia Garrett Park, MD

Little Looster

Kids love it. Fit to toilet is bit big, still fits OK. We have a ADA height toilet and this works perfectly. Got big smiles from my 3 and 5 year old kids. It has raised print on the top giving a nice non slip surface. The adult foot spacing is a little wide. It works for me at over 6′ tall, but I’m not sure the average height adult would like it.The top is tough enough for the kids, but is only rated at 100 lbs. I wish it was a little tougher for the money it could have a thicker top. Fall on it or drop something on it? That being said it is good enough and showed no movement when the kids tried it out.All plastic so it will be easy to clean. Those rubber top stools are tough to keep clean.It’s light so little chance of injury. Kids just love to pick stuff up and move it around. (Maybe they will come out with a tether to the toilet flange bolts.) ROFL it was less than 30 min to find this in the hallway.Overall 4 stars. Thicker top and I would give 5 stars.

Desiree Horntown, VA

Needs to be improved

I find it hard to believe that a parent designed this. As others mentioned there are various flaws in the design. Clearly it needs a rubberized bottom to prevent movement. My duagher gets startled since it slides and shakes when she stands on it and had to turn around to sit. The foot print is very large. Not sure it needs to go so far back around the toilet. We can barley move in our small bathroom with this thing now since we have a tub in this bathroom as well.Unfortunately , other options have more flaws so we are keeping it.

Rochelle Palestine, WV

very sturdy and convenient

I thought this stool would be much more safe and sturdy for our son to step up onto the toilet and it certainly has.We use this in our son’s bathroom. It might be a bit big to be used in a bathroom where you might have guests or larger children using the toilet but otherwise it fits the bill.We have other smaller stools that we use to get access to the sinks and other toilets but just not as sturdy as the little looster.We are not there yet but the looster will be great when our son can just step up and drop his drawers do his business then dress again.good choice.

Jimmie Brenham, TX

Perfect for my two girls!

We absolutely love this stool! My newly potty trained 2 year old can get up and down all by herself, and on our prince lionheart weepod potty seat! (those are quite big!) It doesn’t tip or teeter when she’s turning around to flush! It stays in place and even my 6 year old (52 lbs) can stand on it no problem, no buckling or cracking. This is so sturdy! We’ve gone through several stools that tipped or weren’t tall enough and getting your 2 year old to understand where to step so not to tip the stool was not happening so this stool met all my requirements!

Autumn Yermo, CA

Helps him climb on the potty alone

This is a good product. My 2 year old now tries to climb on to the potty all by himself. Although, there is great potential for a messy situation as a result, I like that this booster encourages him to be a little more independent.

Belinda Stony Point, NC

It’s good, but it is large.

My toddler can now safely climb up to the toilet and go by herself. She has enough room to turn around and pull down her pants. Unfortunately, this step has a large footprint, and is only ok in our main level half bath. I do like that I don’t have to move it to use the toilet though.

Jan Algoma, MS

Finally the answer we were looking for!!!!!

My 3 1/2 year old son started potty training when he was at an in-home daycare he started when he was 2. We started potty training by about 2 1/2 or so. Anyways, we went through the usual potty training struggles and then our daycare provider recommended this as a step stool once my son started using the potty more independently. We finally bought it and my son and I couldn’t be happier!!! It fits around our toilet perfectly so my son can get on and off the potty by himself. It’s sturdy so I don’t have to worry about him falling or slipping either. There’s grip like things on the top of the stool as well which also helps prevent slipping. We just leave it by the potty. When I have to use the bathroom I don’t have to worry about it being in the way either because my legs just go right over the step stool. It works great! We only bought one though because they are a little more expensive. My son still uses this even though he’s considered fully potty trained and we just use a small one in our other bathroom. Overall I am glad we bought this and I highly recommend it. It fit our needs perfectly so hopefully it’ll fit yours too!!

Olivia Saipan, MP

Really Like It!

This thing has been great for our son and potty training. It really helped to stabilize him while on the toilet, especially when going poo. However, I do wish this item had a slightly better design. It’s fairly hard to clean with the design on top and if you have a messy boy that pees everywhere then pee get in every crack and crevasse and builds up quickly. The only way I can get it clean is to toss it in the shower upside down and bleach it for a bit. Then scrub. It’s a pain but worth it. We’ve had it for a few years and still do, but my son recently said he didn’t need it anymore (at almost 5 years old) and now doesn’t use it. We’re keeping it for our now 14 month old daughter.

Concetta Sciota, IL

Works well for my two year old

My son just turned two years old two months ago. He’s about average height. This step is higher than other stools, so it helps him so his feet are not dangling uncomfortably when trying to do his business. It also is a more stable position for him to be able to sit with his feet at a wider stance. Bought this so that I wouldn’t have to move a step stool back and forth between my husband and I using the toilet and my son. It does protrude a bit, so i do have to straddle a bit more than I would normally, but it was an easy adjustment for both me and my husband. Bought this along with a flip up toilet trainer seat so I wasn’t having to adapt my toilet configuration every time I wanted to put my son on the toilet. Those few moments saved each time are really valuable in my son not losing the moment and interest.

Emilia Oneida, KY

Love this!!

My son is tall, and we have a comfort height toilet, so its a bit more challenging to get onto the toilet. I bought this when we began toilet training and it was a lifesaver. He can climb onto the toilet from any angle because of the wide shape of this stool. He also has great comfort in being able to put his feet down anywhere he chooses. It provides a level of safety and security that made the whole process much easier! He is also 35 pounds and has never experienced this wobbly feature some people complained of in their reviews. As far as I’m concerned, this is sturdy, comfortable and non-offensive to look at.

Jeanne Newark, TX

Smartest product ever

Makes it so easy for my kids to go potty on their own. they feel secure on the potty since their feet can touch. and can get up and down on their own. Love this!

Jody Houston, OH

Potty Training Must Have

The Little Looster is a stool that helps kids climb up to reach the potty. But what makes it special is the unique design. Its made to go around the base of the toilet. This not only helps keep it in place, but also makes it easier for little kids to climb up to the potty. Because its wrapped around the potty, it doesn’t take up much space, so you won’t have to move it. This allows the child to access the potty independently, giving them added confidence and pride when the job is done.

Jaclyn Port Hadlock, WA

Great Potty Stool

This is awesome, I own two of them. They wrap around the toilet (round bowls) and she feels like she can put her feet anywhere. They are sturdy on the tiled floor (large tiles) and don’t move. She reach the potty comfortably.

Lorna Rantoul, IL

Mine has rubber grippers

I have read reviews that said this would be a great potty stool if only it were improved with rubber grippers on the bottom to keep it from sliding. The one I received today does have bottom rubber grippers, so maybe there is an updated version . . . ? At any rate, this is a good product for the money, especially compared to the absurd prices I’ve seen for other potty ladders and stools. It’s sturdy, fits nicely around the base of my toilet, and it gives my daughter more space to step up and down than the typical step stool.

Jasmine Kansas, OH

Great Item

Great product! It does not take up half the bathroom as the horseshoe shaped potty step stool surrounds the base of your toilet and adults don’t need to move the Looster aside when it is their turn to use the toilet. Wonderful for kids with special needs too.

Pauline Prentiss, MS

Ideal solution for potty training!

This booster is sturdy, large, and fits perfectly around the toilet. It takes care of two challenges during the potty training phase: first, kiddos can easily get up and maneuver around safety and second, they have a comfortable place to rest their feet. This makes the whole process feel safer and more secure.Its easy to clean, sturdy, and well-made. The thoughtful design (booster goes around the entire potty) ensures that little ones can get up without falls or drama.Highly recommended– we liked it so much, we bought one for each bathroom.

Carissa Langley, KY

Good for pedestal sinks too

I bought this for my twins to use for potty training and envisioned using it around the toilet, as pictured. However, my girls did not like it as much as the Bjorn step stool, probably because the Looster is a little narrower, and they felt more secure turning around on the Bjorn stool. Someone in the house got the idea of moving this over to the sink, however, where it’s doing quite well. The downstairs bathroom has a pedestal sink and they can’t normally reach the taps from the front of the sink. With the Looster they hold onto the sink and edge around to the taps and then back again. They can also reach the light switch next to the sink this way, too. I have to be careful that the Looster doesn’t get shoved too far under the sink edge because they never think to adjust it and try to use it by tilting backwards but otherwise it seems pretty secure. They can stand on one end without it tipping over. I admit that it could be a bit flatter and flex a little less but it does the job.

Autumn Branford, CT

good idea

I had a small rectangular step stool, but it was a little too short and didn’t offer a lot of maneuvering room for a toddler trying to climb onto the potty. This is a big improvement. It makes it easy for my 3yr old to get to the seat, gives him a “floor” once he’s up there, and it doesn’t need to be moved out of the way when he isn’t using it.It doesn’t slide around and it’s pretty sturdy (not sturdy enough to be used as a general step stool but fine for in front of the toilet).

Roberta Alton Bay, NH

Perfect for little feet

Love this stool. It is perfect for around the toilet or a pedistal sink. My toddlers are able to more comfortably and safely reach the potty and sink. Very sturdy and a nice wide step for little feet. Height is very good as well. It really does tuck around nicely so it is not in adults’ way either. This stool is exactly what I expected and I intend to get another for our other bathroom.

Margery East Petersburg, PA