Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru

Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru

The Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate, 6 Foot Wide Extra Tall Walk-Thru is ideal for extra wide doorways. The hardware mounted installation keeps gate securely in place, and a simple, one-handed walk through door allows parents to move easily from room to room. The stylish bronze metal finish complements most home décor.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Secure hardware mounted design with 4 extensions included for use between extra wide openings
  • 36″tall gate fits extra wide openings, between 44 and 72″ wide
  • Simple, one-handed walk thru door
  • Soft scratch guard on bottom rail to prevent the gate from scratching hardwood floors
  • Bronze finish

Verified reviews


Great purchase!

We are extremely satisfied with this gate. We have a large dog who loves to jump up on guests coming in the house. So we used this gate as a barrier to the entryway. It fits the 6′ opening perfectly and looks fantastic! It’s a darker bronze color (not what is pictured). I was afraid it would look tacky but it actually looks a little stylish. It holds up great to the 85-lb dog jumping on it as well.

Justina Loughman, FL

Great Gate

OK – started off with two dream baby pressure mounted gates in our home. Those did not work for our toddler, twin boys. They were able to pull, pull, pull and finally open the gates. The gates also slipped off the wall from time-to-time. Save your money and don’t ever put up a pressure mount gate unless it’s for small animals that won’t push or pull on it. We replaced one of those gates with this one – the Summer Infant. This gate is MUCH more sturdy and much more secure. My boys cannot figure out how to open it (thank goodness)! Now this gate is stylish but not ideal for our home. I prefer the looks of the munchkin numi but it was not wide enough for the opening so this was our choice. Overall I love the gate but wish it was more modern looking. However, if this fits your style of home then definitely order it as it does not get better than this with a baby gate. This gate can fit wide openings, is completely secure against toddlers opening it and will stand the test of time.The other comment about it being a permanent installation. Well yes of course it’s permanent! This is not a pressure mounted gate and this is clear in the description.

Susanna Pilot Hill, CA

good gate but misleading description

I purchased this gate to keep our son from climbing up the steps and also to keep our 100 german shepherd downstairs. I ordered it because the title said it was extra tall. Well its my fault for not reading the height dimision but I was sad to see it was only 36 inches tall. So far the dog has not jumped over it but we block it whenever we leave the house with higher chairs just in case he decides to jump. JUST NOTE THIS GATE IS NOT TALL AT ALL. If buying just to keep the baby from going up and down the stairs it is ok.

Sherri Lithia, FL

Works well for my three dogs.

This gate works well for my dogs, but every child who has attempted to open it has been able to. It doesn’t take them long to figure it out at all.

Estelle Naytahwaush, MN

Great purchase

I purchased this to block off my living room. The doorway is approx 69 inch. and this fits just fine. It’s very easy to put together. It is sturdy and looks great. The gate opens with ease only one hand is necessary. I like that it swings both directions. Love the color as it matches all my bronze accents in my house. I have gotten so many compliments and people wanting to know where I purchased it from. Would definitely recommend.

Peggy Sidney, IL


Sturdy gate! Easy for parent to go in and out of and the little ones to stay out. It is nice that it shortens and expands. We have two and love them!

Eliza Falcon, MO

Nice quality, wish door was wider

I had this product for 5 month now. It was easy to install, looks good, and keeps my son out off the kitchen.Only complaint is that door is not wide enough. I have to lift feeding chair now if I want to get it through the gate.

Rosalyn Antioch, IL

Decent Gate

The gate is okay; however, it took some time to install, the closing contraption is difficult to use, and the door doesn’t like to stay open.

Justine Reynolds, IL

Great baby gate!

I researched for a week on what baby gate to purchase for our entrance way. I needed something wide enough to fit 48.5″ but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a baby gate and extensions. I was so excited to find this gate with extensions for such a great price. The gate swings both ways and stays open which was important to me. We have a little dog and he needs access to his dog food and water when the baby is not around. You have to lift up on the the baby gate and it does not automatically close behind you which works great for our family but maybe not everyone else. Installation was pretty simple and took my husband about 30 minutes in all. It looks beautiful in our home and I love the dark brown color.

Dora Lincoln, ME

The gate opening is 19″ wide

Title is because this is the one piece of information I couldn’t find when I ordered, so here it is for anybody in the same bind! We just installed the gate, so I can’t say how it will stand up to use, but it was easy and straightforward to put together and install– the whole process took about an hour, and that was with my 10-month-old "helping." It feels nice and sturdy, the box says it is made of steel, and it looks well-constructed. The photos show a sort of weird grey color, but it is actually a nice dark bronzy brown. The latch mechanism is easy to work for an adult once you figure it out, but should be a challenge for a child. I also like the plastic attachments that you screw to the wall and drop the gate into– they have a nifty drop-and-twist mechanism that lets you remove the gate if you want, but holds securely when it’s in place. I do wish they hadn’t put the bright white warning information on the bottom rail on BOTH sides just for aesthetic reasons, but maybe the lawyers decided that one.

Hillary Herculaneum, MO

Works like a charm

We use this gate to keep our dogs in our kitchen area. I was tired of stepping over a baby gate so when I saw my sister had a few of these for her twins I thought it would be a good idea. It works great and was easy to install. The opening is small, which isn’t a problem for me or my wife as we are both fit. However, it could be an issue for a larger person. We also like this gate because you can easily take it down if you are having a party or moving stuff.

Lorraine Viola, AR

Solved our issue with wide stairs

I was disappointed that this requires hardware mounting, but now that I see the abuse it endures, I get it. This gate looks great at the base of the stairs in our historic home.

Alana Glen Allen, VA

Steardy but a pain to install

This gate defintely prevents my tall toddler from accessing the steps. Once it is installed it is fabulous. However, getting it installed correctly so that it closed properly is a big pain. It took me over two hours to install it so that it closed correctly. You should note that unless the gap that is there when you first put it up is completely closed, it is not installed correctly. Overall, I wold definitely recommend this gate.

Randi Silver Creek, MS

Just what we were loking for

Sturdy and attractive. the 6ft archway to our living room perfectly and hold up to our 20 month old daughter and 2.5 year old German Shepard (with terrible manners)

Christi Winona, MS

Great gate for those with wide archways.

This gate looks really nice. I have a six foot arch between my kitchen and living room. The gate installed well at it’s max dimensions. No complaints… now if the cats would just learn to jump over it, lol.

Teri Roxie, MS

Exactly what we needed

Despite being 5 panels – which I was not happy about when installing, this gate is decent to look at, secure, and has a great latching mechanism. The swing gate cannot pinch an unsuspecting toddler either. Also, the way it installs allows easy removal if you need to remove large furniture. Surprisingly, I thought we would be tripping over the bottom rail under the gate, but none of us have. Great purchase.

Valarie Glen Riddle Lima, PA

Love This

This gate is very well made and super easy to put together. I use it between my living room and dining room for two purposes. First, my grand daughter is just starting to get around and this way I can contain her in one room and make sure everything in that room is child proof. Second I have dogs and this way I can keep them away from guests. This was a good purchase and I would recommend it for anyone with babies or animals.

Angelia North Prairie, WI

Perfect solution!

We got this gate to keep our little one out of our converted garage/den/train room. The doorway is about 5′ wide with 2 pocket doors. I was able to mount the brackets directly to the door frame and this gate is thin enough that the pocket doors can still be closed. I like that the gate can open either way and it is heavy duty to withstand everything our toddler can dish out. We absolutely love this gate and the dark brown color compliments the wood trim in the house. Highly recommmended!

Cheri Ehrenberg, AZ

Not asymmetrical – didn’t work for us

Seems like a nice enough gate, but we needed the opening to be at one end of the gate, which is sort of possible, but only if you leave out one of the extensions, therefore making the entire thing shorter. It isn’t possible if you need to use the entire length of the gate. We needed it for the top of the stairs, where the opening is not in the middle. There is nowhere in the product description that explains whether it would work or not, so I just had to order it and find out. Thankfully the return process was fairly easy.

Pamela Romayor, TX

Great product!

Love it, works perfect, is sturdy. Now I’m no engineer, but my only suggestion would be to minimize the step in the doorway – my little guy actually did a great job learning it was there (I think he knows better than we do, I stub my toes on it sometimes), but wouldn’t stop me from purchasing again. Love the fact we can take it off fairly easily if we choose.

Kristine Westfield, ME

Pretty and functional

Love it! Fits our space great, physically and decor-wise. Strong and sturdy, easy for us to open one-handed but secure from the little, with a large gate opening and a gate that swings all the way out. Easy to install.

Betsy Cabazon, CA


Great product, easy to use not so easy to install. I like the product overall but it is somewhat difficult to install because you have to make sure that you get it straight. However once it is installed it works great and is a fantastic latch system that makes it easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

Jean Ipswich, MA

Great product overall

I like this gate but don’t like that you have to screw it into the wall. I wish it had the same pads as a smaller version so you didn’t have to make this permanent in any one area. Other than that this is a great product and is a great color. It goes well with my house which has oiled bronze fixtures throughout.

Sadie Severn, NC

Best gate ever

We have three gates at out house and this ones the best. The cant open and the dog cant jump over it. It is big and looks great in our home. Would get again.

Renee Clinton, TN

Works great, looks nice

We purchased two of these gates for our extra-wide hallways. They work great, are easy to put together and are very sturdy. They are taller than the usual gates yet are very easy to open for an adult with one free hand.

Letitia Monroe, NH

Great gate

Nice esthetics and fit our archway well. Once our son could pull himself up, we had to take precautions as it did wiggle a bit if he chose to make it happen, but it was held steady by a couple of rice filled tube socks towards the center.

Olga Three Rivers, TX

Good Looking Gate

This is a great looking gate – although I will admit it was a heck of a lot harder to install than the pressure mount bronze versions we have in our regular door frames. Like the ease of opening and closing and how nice it looks in our home.

Lorna Elnora, IN

Easy to install and appears to fit our needs

My husband installed this gate today with the help of my step-father as we needed it to cover a larger opening than it was intended for. We have a 79" opening and we knew this gate was not wide enough for it, but we had no trouble adding pieces of wood to each side so we could still use it in our larger opening. I liked the look of the gate, the higher height, and the reviews, so that is why we went with this gate (and I also couldn’t find a wider gate that wouldn’t require it to bow out one way or another). The gate is secure, it is easy for us to open, and I like the added height. It appears secure and safe for our 9 month old and 3 yr old as well. My husband and step-father had no trouble installing it and it didn’t take very long. I would recommend this.

Staci Canastota, NY

It’s as great as the other reviews say it is…

I just finished ordering my second gate – its amazing. The other gates that say they are this wide use extensions that are wobbly. This one is secure at the big width, and it looks better then the similar model I purchased before. The dreambaby ones can be wedged out of place by even my 1 year old, and the way the latch closes is cheap and easily off-center which makes it not close securely. I really didnt want to replace the ones I had, they seemed to work well at first, but the test of time proved them cheap (expensive in price cheap in quality).This gate was made by a parent that had to work with the dreambaby gate, I am convinced, lol. The little things make the difference – the bolts to put in place when you decide how wide you want the extension so it doesnt wobble, the rubber guards that go over the bolts/extensions to make it smooth and look better. The fact that you can remove the gate to clean under it (I have one inbetween my kitchen and dining room which are messy areas) without messing with the structure of the securing bolts on the side of the wall. It deserves five stars, and I highly reccomend it.

Imogene Mendon, MO

Just what i was looking for!

this gate was the answer to my problems with my dogs. I have a 75 lb pitbull and an 8 lb mini dauschound, and theis gate is sturdy enough to keep both enclosed. Also, the brackets have a safety mechinism that will collapse the gate in an extreme emergency. I now block off the kitchen and keep the dogs off of the couch. I thought i would hate the look of a baby gate (especially one that is perminant) but i hardly notice it. I was a bit aprehensive about the perminancy of it, but you can take it down when needed and the brackets are the only thing that will remain. I thought about opting for a cheaper gate but i found that this specific gate was mentioned in several reviews. Im so glad that i decided on this one even though it was a little more expensive, bc it is exactly what i was looking for, sturdy and attractive.

Glenda Simsbury, CT