Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze

Child proof your home in style with the Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate. This attractive metal gate is adjustable to accommodate most door openings and stairways. Hardware is included for extra secure mounting at top of stairs, or pressure mount for a secure installation that doesn’t leave marks on walls.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Imported
  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms with optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways
  • 36″ tall gate fits openings 28-48″ wide
  • Dual locking, auto-close walk through door
  • Removable door stopper for use at top of stairs, prevents gate from opening towards staircase
  • Bronze metal finish

Verified reviews


Just remember…looks aren’t everything…

We actually have two of these Summer Gates at our house. We have an open staircase and live in the basement so we put one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom. Here are the pros and the cons with this product:PROS:1) The gate does have a nice decorative look to it. Since we have an open staircase I did not want to put a hideous looking plastic gate up that would be an eye sore. This gate is sleek looking and all black. It just fits right in with the rest of the décor in our house.2) This gate does not have to be nailed into the wall. You simply turn the feet on each end until they fit securely to your wall. This eliminates any markings or nails having to be patched when you no longer need the gates. WARNING: The first gate we bought had black pads which left marks on the wall when we tried to move the gate. However, the second gate we bought they had updated this feature and it had white padding so it did not mark up the wall. Be sure to look for the newer models (some stores may still be stocking the older ones with the black padding).NOW onto the CONS:1) This gate is less than quiet. When you open the gate it tends to “slam” behind you so if you are walking through it with a sleeping baby you need to have one hand on the gate to avoid a loud slam.2) The opening to walk through is not all that large. My husband and I are not large people. I weigh around 140 pounds my husband 180 we have to turn to the side to make it through the gate so that our thighs don’t ram into the hinges of the gate. We have had larger individuals at our house and they have a hard time fitting through the opening. You may want to take this into consideration if you or someone using it is slightly overweight.3) You have to manually lift and pull the gate to make sure it closes securely. This is one of the worst features about the gate. It slams behind you but it does not actually latch. This is a major problem because if your infant is crawling around and the gate isn’t closed they can squeeze through and fall down the stairs. We have just always made a habit of making sure we life it up and latch it.4) It is a little on the expensive side. I believe we paid either $75.00 or $80.00 for it. We had no other choice as we had to have an extra wide gate for our staircase. This was about $20.00 more than the other gates at the stores. I purchased mine from Babies R Us.There you have it…looks aren’t everything! This gate is very modern and sleek looking but has some functionality issues! I would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars!

Marion Tiffin, OH

Very sad this is for children, and it is not safe and functioning out of the box!

Where do I start, let me see, maybe where my husband pulled the gate out of the box. The gate is suppose to come pre-latched, and it did not. I had to actually sit on the gate to close the gap between the latch and the inside door. After two days, it already is starting to bend. The only reason I STILL deal with this gate, is because I am still looking for a better one. I would recommend another brand, not this product. When will corporations ever learn.

Tracie Corwith, IA

This gate is a hassle

This might be a good gate if you have an ideal-width space in which to install it. However, if you have a 38 inch wide space, such as the stairs in my home, it is terrible. It is too big with the extensions and too small without. It comes with adjustable screws so it is supposed to be able to fit a wide range of spaces, but it fails when your space is on the small end of the range.Further, it comes “crooked” so you have to pressure-install it so that it will close properly. I fail to see the reasoning in this design. Why not just build a straight gate that latches from the moment you take it out of the box? I own two of these because I had better luck with the first one (in a 39.5 inch space) and I thought matching gates would be nice, but after dealing with the second one, I would not recommend it.Finally, the gate is supposed to be able to swing shut on its own, but does not stay adjusted, so the built-in gap prevents it from closing itself after just a few times going through it.

Rosalia Marion Junction, AL

Not for families with a baby and a toddler

This gate has great reviews so we tried it. Now I am seriously regretting spending the money, but the return shipping would be so expensive that it’s not worth it. These are the things I don’t like about it:1) The gate has a bar that you must step across. Also the perfect place for little fingers to get pinched if the baby is crawling and you close the gate behind you.2) Preschoolers cannot open the gate because the mechanism is too tricky. I bought the gate to keep the baby away from the stairs and living room. However, my preschooler has free rein of the house. If I hear one more “Mommy, open the gate” I am going to scream!3) This gate auto-closes. Meaning, when the baby is sleeping and we don’t need the gate closed, it is closed anyways. That makes it harder for me to carry a large laundry basket through due to the height of the gate, does not let the dog go from one room to the other, and also causes the aforementioned preschooler problem.I would much prefer a gate that does not have a bar to step over, can be left open when I don’t need it and has an opening at least 30 inches wide. This one is just a pain in the neck and not much better than a pressure gate that I have to take down and put up each time.

Chelsea Barnstable, MA

Beautiful gate, though not exactly bronze

It’s a really pretty gate and works really well, though we are a little baffled that it only latches at the bottom. The color isn’t exactly bronze…it’s more of a dark green. Fine enough on casual glance. Better than anything else on the market in this price range, anyway.

Leann Van Nuys, CA

Decent but shows signs of wear fast

We have a four of these gates all purchased around the same time. The higher traffic ones don’t shut on their own anymore. They are all under a year old. Seems like lackluster quality for such a short duration. When they work and shut they’re good gates and will grip most non-gloss surfaces. Any glossy trim and they’ll slide off in minutes and you’ll have to improvise or hardware mount. When these go I probably won’t replace with the same brand.

Susan Arlington, IA

No hardware to mount to wall included

The description says that there is hardware for wall mounting, but ours didn’t come with it. Looks to be sturdy enough without the mounts, but I ordered it because of the hardware to mount was included.

Bridget Houghton Lake, MI

Good product

This product is pretty good!Pros:Attractive, as baby gates goHigh enough to keep my cats from jumping over it as wellEasy enough for grown-ups to get in and out as wellDouble latch system that requires lifting and moving over a latchCons:Really difficult to tighten all the way; my husband had to do it as I was completely not strong enoughThe tool they include to tighten doesn’t workMetal dents fairly easily – my cat initially tried to jump over it, got stuck at the top, and now the top is filled with a bunch of toenail marks from a 10 lb cat

Shari Ellsworth, IL

Have gotten so many compliments!

Everyone with and without kids has comment on how pretty this gate is. No obnoxious colors and it works well. The thing that I appreciate the most is it is impossible for our toddler to pinch his fingers. He LOVES to open and close (ie-slam it shut) and the stop at the bottom and the spacing in the hinge prevent any ouchies. Great design!

Terry Belden, NE

good gate, but door is out of square

My wife and I purchased this exact gate about 3 years ago to go at the top of our stairs to keep our dogs contained to the lower floor of our house. The first gate has been in use for 3 years now and we have no complaints. As we have an infant who is about to be crawling, we needed a second gate for the bottom of the stairs, so we purchased a second gate (exactly the same as our first purchase). It looks identical (which is nice, as we wanted some consistency in the aesthetics of our baby-proofed home), and was just as easy to install as the first one. My only complaint is that the gate itself is out of square, which has caused some difficulty in getting the gate to properly latch shut. And it case you were wondering, it is not an installation error. My first thought was that I installed the mounting hardware out of square, so I uninstalled, checked the level and plumb of all 4 mounts, made a minor adjustment to the mounts, and reinstalled the gate again. Still out of square. Upon further inspection of the gate, it appears that the door of the gate is what is out of square, so no amount of adjustment to the placement of the mounts would correct this. All in all, the gate still works — we just have to force the bottom pin into place each time we shut the gate by 1) slamming the gate shut, or 2) forcibly pushing the bottom corner of the gate with our foot or hand until the pin falls into place. Not a huge ordeal, but a bit frustrating, especially since we have had ZERO problems with the first gate. Still a good buy. Looks nice. Easy installation. Has held up well over time. 5 out of 5 for gate #1, 3 out of 5 for gate #2, so 4 out of 5 for both.

Sydney Wartburg, TN

tall enuf for large dog and 2 year old

Having 2 trouble makers in my house a 2 year old boy and a 1 year old Mastiff mix puppy, I needed a gate that kept them safely out of the kitchen and that could be used easily by myself as well. This does the trick. I would recommend installing the gate with the screws like you are putting it at the top of the stairs even if it’s just a regular doorway like our kitchen entrance. The pressure springs on the gate hold well, but if a 100 lb dog leans on them or a 2 year old climbs on it, they can slide which makes closing the gate hard and getting it back into alignment frustrating. With the pressure mounts locked securely into the screwed-on cups, the gate works great. Looks good too, love the bronze.

Ruth Ingalls, MI

Love it

Looks great, sturdy, does the job. I love the bronze color. It looks great in my house, and people always complement it.

Josefina Crofton, MD

Highly recommended!

Quite simply the best baby gate you can get anywhere for under $100. Very sturdy with smooth opening and closing operation. The pins for the extensions fit nice and tight and it does fit all size openings in the product description.

Nannie Luxor, PA

This is a great gate so far.

I love the look of this gate. It is tall enough that my cat can’t get over it. Other cats might be able to if they are more determined.Mine swings closed perfectly. I like that it only swings one direction so that when used on top of the stairs it is more secure. I also purchased a Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Closed Security Gate and like it as well. It swings open both directions though. They both have similar opening processes. You are supposed to push a button type latch and then pull up on door and push open. Neither of the push button latches add any security though. With both gates, I can open them without even touching the button. That being said I don’t think my kid would be able to open either of them for a long time. I would buy either of these gates again.

Carmella Minneapolis, MN

Love, love, love!

I have had this gate for a long while now. With all it has been through it still works just fine. Easy to assemble. Love the height. It has kept my niece who is 1 from going in the kitchen and it is easy for my 4 year old to open if needed. Also just had a baby so I trust this for when he is able to crawl around. Keeps the dogs separated from the living room when needed. Accept I don’t know how the heck one of our dogs jumps over this once in a great while when someone comes over and gets so excited! Ha! And the dog is only like 20-25 pounds! Smaller then his sister! This gate was a life saver.

Sylvia Faulkner, MD

Finally found The One

After trying another gate first with very disappointing results we found this and really like it. A breeze to install and has a high quality look and feel. Really like that it is extra tall. I wish there was a white option but the bronze also looks very nice. You have to lift the door up a little to open and it automatically closes behind you.

Theresa Sheridan, OR

Loved it

I bought a gate from Evenflo and it just did not work. It was too narrow to fit the doorway, and too wide with the extension. So of course off to Amazon i go and I purchased this gate from Summer. I got it yesterday and installed it easily. It looks alot better compared to the Evenflo, and it is definitely more durable. It fit my doorway perfectly with just one extension. I like how it comes with 3 extension so it can pretty much fit any doorway in our house. I definitely would recommend this gate to anyone looking for a baby gate, and it fits nicely with our home decor.

Lakesha Ratcliff, TX

Great sturdy gate!

My husband and I ordered two of these gates to prevent our little climber from going up and down the stairs. This gate is very well made and very sturdy! It does not budge when being pushed or pulled on. The gate is easy to put up if the directions are read! My husband decided to wing it and he had to take it down twice! It opens easily and is extra tall. We have not ordered any other gates since we are very happy with these but compared to some at friends houses this one is the most well made I have seen.

May Haughton, LA

Love this gate!

It’s easy to install, it’s tall (so my 3 yr old can’t climb over it), and it looks really nice. I also like that you don’t have to completely move the whole thing out of the way every time someone wants to go through. I have no complaints.

Lou Saint Edward, NE

perfect fit

This gate has been the perfect solution for us. It is sturdy and attractive, and it was easy to install. It is also easy to use and it has been holding up to twins who stand up to rattle it like it’s their job. We’ve received a number of compliments on the gate, and I imagine that doesn’t happen often. The only potential negative is that the gate opening is relatively narrow and larger people may have more difficulty managing it.

Morgan Marble Falls, AR

high quality gate

This is a really nice gate – works great and looks good, too. The space it covers is 47-inches and this fit perfectly. It was easy to install, and I did it myself. The door stop that keeps the gate from swinging both directions can be removed so it swings in either one.

Bertie Colony, OK

Nice looking but narrow and hard to adjust

Easy to install, nice looking, but narrow. Doesn’t bother me too much but hard to get through carrying big items. Also hard to keep it adjusted correctly so that it latches on its own. Liked that feature for the top of our stairs but it rarely seems to work. So we just close it by hand.

Lee Wrentham, MA


These gates are WORTH the money especially if you have stairs. They have the option to screw into the wall, if you have stairs its a must. They look great in your home, its not like one of those bulky white gates you have to step over. I love how they open and it automatically closes behind you so you don’t have to worry about the gate being left open. They have extensions so if your wall is wide it adjusts.

Valarie Penobscot, ME

Love it!

I can’t speak well enough about this gate. We had to mount it diagonally, and my husband just added a couple of wood blocks (cut to the right angle) to the wall on one side so that the gate could be attached. The latch works well, and we like the auto close feature. There is no place for our twins to get their little fingers caught, and it’s so durable. Our boy likes to stand at it and pull on the bars like he’s in prison. It doesn’t budge. It looks so nice and is well worth the money.

Naomi East Lynne, MO

not perfect but pretty good

I am many years past the stage of baby gates and my house is fairly new, so when I got my two puppies a year ago, I wanted an option that wouldn’t mess up my doorways. The height is perfect for two full-grown golden retrievers. The gate is a must since one of these gates is installed in a very high-traffic zone (between the foyer and the kitchen). The gate is very easy to assemble. Having the extra pieces to pick a width appropriate for your doorway is a plus. I would have given it 5 stars, but I have to regularly retighten it or risk having the gate crash to the floor.

Arline Oak City, NC

Only one complaint

Bought this gate to block off our great room from the rest of the house so our baby couldn’t escape in his walker. It’s nice looking, unlike those yucky plastic baby gates, and quite sturdy when my very strong 9-month-old rams it : ) I leave the door portion propped open and our cats quickly learned how to open it to get in and out o the room because god forbid their lazy butts jump; there’s a lip that runs all the way across the bottom so even if that door isn’t latched the baby can’t ride over it in his walker, although obviously that wouldn’t be a deterrent to crawling. My main complaint with this is that it isn’t fast to put up – you have to turn the little thingies on the side forever and use a special tool to get them tight enough against the wall. Moving this from place to place would be a real PITA.

Maricela Shiprock, NM

Works great.

Wish I didn’t have to prop it open to keep it open, though. It still feels secure without securing to the wall over a year later.

Karla Lacombe, LA

Would recommend.

It was a little difficult to install, not because of the product, but measurement of the top of the stairs. It works and serves it’s purpose. Bought this so my 9 month old can be secured playing upstairs without worrying about her falling. I bought this because of how tall it is and it’s metal and not wood or plastic, which made me feel a little more secured.

Jean Kenna, NM

Would recommend. Looks nice and is very secure.

Easy to install. Looks nice. Latches well. Stands up to my nonstop toddler. Also keeps the dog out.

Tammie Martin, PA

Easy to use on uneven walls and looks great

This works quite well for us despite having trim of varying widths in the spaces we have them installed. They look nice and work well. I have no complaints.

Dessie Bristol, ME