Summer Infant Multi-Use Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate, Dark Cherry

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate, Dark Cherry

The versatile Summer Infant Multi-Use Deluxe Wood Walk-Thru Gate can be used easily with pressure mounted installation. Optional hardware mounts are included for securing the gate in stairways. The beautiful Cherry Wood finish adds warmth to existing home decor.

Main features

  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms
  • Optional hardware mounts included for installation in stairways
  • 29-inch tall gate fits openings 29.5-40.5 inches wide
  • Auto-close walk through door with one handed operation
  • Dark Cherry Wood finish.

Verified reviews


looks good but you may be safer without this gate

I find that this gate with the extra small step at the bottom may make it even more unsafe than not having a gate at all especially if you are carrying your baby and use it at the top of the stairs. I also did not like the latch design.One of the best looking gates on the market, so probably ok if you don’t use it for top of the stairs.

Vanessa Searsport, ME

Dangerous to parents!

Though this gate looks nice and is easy to install it has some major problems that make it unsafe. The adjusters loosen easily and the gate becomes unstable and falls out of place, especially when leaned on. But the biggest problem is that the top of the gate will release to open the door but the bottom will catch and not release. I have fallen twice (very badly – nearly broke my arm!) because when I went to walk through the gate the bottom didn’t release and the top did, causing me to fall through/over the gate. I am throwing this gate away and buying the summer infant extra tall decorative gate to replace it. We have that one in another part of our home and it’s great, no problems, very sturdy, nice looking and durable. I just can’t risk being injured over this poorly made gate any more. A doctors visit would cost much more than the 65.00 for a new gate! I can only imagine what would happen if this gate were used at the top of the stairs. It could be a disaster. Don’t buy it. There are better options.

Hazel Tea, SD

unsturdy, hard to open, doesn’t close

I purchased this gate to install above my stairs. I ended up installing it somewhere else because I’m afraid my baby will be able to rattle it loose or that the gate might not close and the baby will fall down the stairs. Initially I didn’t mind the gate, but I have come to absolutely HATE it! I wish now that I would have returned it. I would much rather have a non-swinging gate and have to step over it than to deal with the definite flaws of this gate.My major disappointments with the gate are:1. The gate can’t be tightened much against the wall otherwise the door will swing back and not latch closed (ie. baby can crawl right through it)2. Unless you open the door ALL THE WAY, it won’t swing back hard enough to close. If you only open it enough to walk through, it won’t latch when it swings back to the closed position3. Even when the door is latched, I can bend the gate back and forth enough to dislodge it4. The door is really hard to open. It requires pressing down on a flat button and sliding it across, which is certainly not easy.In my opinion, the only good thing about this gate is that it looks nice.

Alexandria Lexington, IL

Little step NOT that big of a deal. We like this gate.

We really, really like this gate, and I am one of the most critical people I know. I’m just being honest. We have had this gate for almost a year now and have steady traffic going through it. We have a two-year-old and an 11-month old and I feel perfectly safe with this gate in use. We have installed it at the top of the stairs. My husband completed the installation without too much headache. The youngest has been practicing crawling up the stairs and crawls right over that little step. It’s just another obstacle for her to overcome. Since she has been walking for the past few months, she loves to shake the gate, which drives me crazy, but it is holding up well to constant testing from her and the 2-year-old who joins in just for attention.The two-year-old has tried in the past, but cannot open and even if she can now, she has been told that only her parents can open the gate, so she leaves it alone. She has been on that independent, “I can do it” streak for a while now and insists upon walking down the stairs by herself (holding onto rail, of course)…again, we’ve had no issues with the small step.We also have an elementary aged child and I am one of the clumsiest adults on the planet (I trip UP stairs) and we’ve both managed to survive the gate.As another reviewer mentioned, tightening it takes a couple of seconds, it really is easy to open with one hand and it looks pretty good too. If it lasts for another year or so, I will feel perfectly satisfied that we got our money’s worth.

Elizabeth Gorham, KS

Just as effective as the Kidco gates I use – but good value

I have been using this gate for about a year. In our prior home, we used it to block off a hallway, and in our current home, we use it at the entrance of our toddler’s room to turn it into a huge crib/Montessori room (yes, we have a baby gate at the top of our stairs, too).I am actually quite surprised by the number of negative reviews for this gate because we have found it to be excellent. Here is my comparison between this gate and the Kidco gates we use. The 3 types of baby gates we have are:1. Kidco G15 gate at the bottom of the stairs2. Kidco G20 gate at the top of the stairs3. Summer Infant Deluxe Wood walk-thru gate in the doorway of my son’s roomTOP OF STAIRS INSTALLATION: The Kidco G20 gate at the top of the stairs was very difficult to install because our stairs have bannisters on both sides, which I expect would be true of any baby gate in my set up. The Kidco G20 gate has no bar on the bottom to trip on, however, my 21 month old son is able to squeeze under the gate and merrily make his way down the stairs.PRESSURE MOUNT INSTALLATION: We have the Summer Infant and the Kidco G15 gates pressure mounted and were easy to install. Both gates are very secure. With any pressure mount gate, you have to make sure there is ALOT of pressure. At first I thought the Summer Infant gate was going to snap before I could tighten the installation bolts enough for the latch to engage. But that didn’t happen, and it ensured there was enough pressure that our son didn’t knock it down (its ALOT of pressure).READJUSTMENTS: We have to constantly re-tighten the bolts that lock the Kidco G20 gate because it tends to loosen with use. No big deal, and I think it is always a good idea to check the security of all the gates. I do occasionally have to re-tighten the mounts for the Kidco G15 gate as well. I think I re-tightened the Summer Infant gate once or twice, and my son is always hanging on it since it is the gate to his room.EASE OF LOCKING MECHANISM:With both Kidco gates, you have to actively lock them behind you – they do not automatically lock like the Summer Infant gate does. That being said, I ALWAYS check and make sure ALL my baby gates are secure. Some of the reviews on here complain that the Summer Infant gate doesn’t always lock on its own. I say be a diligent parent and check the gate yourself. I find it no more or less cumbersome since the Kidco gates don’t lock or even close unless you lock them yourself.The latch to open the Summer Infant gate is EASY for adults to use and intuitive, yet difficult for the child to open. The latch to open the Kidco G15 gate I use ALWAYS confuses my guests and I have to open that gate for them. Yet my son has already figured out that latch, and the only reason he doesn’t open the gate is that he’s too short.OPENING SIZE: Some folks complain about the bar along the opening of the Summer Infant gate. The Kidco G15 gate also has a bar along the bottom of the opening. On the stairs, the bar is annoying, but into a room its no big deal. The Kidco G20 gate has a large opening, but again, it allows my son to squeeze underneath it, so I’m having to come up with some alternate installation method to reduce the size of that gap.DURABILITY: We have had no issues with any of our gates, though since the Summer Infant gate is wood, it gets nicked the way heavily used wood furniture gets nicked. We have never had any of the gates come down, fall off, etc. If that happened, I’m sure its due to improper installation. Plus any baby gate should be checked on a regular basis.VALUE: If you need a gate for larger opening, I find the Summer Infant gate to be an excellent value. Mine came with 2 extensions, while a separate extension had to be purchased for the Kidco 15 gate. The gates themselves are close in price.APPEARANCE: We use the Kidco gates for our stairs because we have white wrought iron railings – so they match. We use the Summer Infant gate for our son’s room because he has cherry furniture, so it looks nice (as nice as a gate to your room) could look.Overall, we really like the Summer Infant gate and find it comparable in many ways to the Kidco gates that get such high reviews. I have only had excellent results with it and find it an attractive gate. If you need to install a safety gate where appearance matters, one-handed operation, and you don’t want boring white metal, I highly recommend this gate.

Marlene Blairsville, PA

Broken when arrived

This gate was split when it arrived, just a little so we didn’t bother with the return shipping hassle and glued it instead. The only thing good about it is that it does, indeed, fit the stairway without screwing in. It’s since split AGAIN, the opener-lever has gotten super hard to work (possibly broken?), the entryway is really narrow and the gate doesn’t open all the way so you have to squeeze through if you’re carrying anything like a laundry basket. (NOT broken. Just designed like that.) Please don’t waste your money on this. We also have the Summer Infant metal screw-in gate, and that works like a charm, so maybe it’s just the cheapo wooden ones that suck.

Teri Boulder City, NV

wouldnt use it at the top of the stairs.

I feel like this gate is very flimsy. It is very light and not very secure. I would never put it at the top of the stairs, because if you bump it wrong it comes unhooked. We have it in front of our kitchen, and its okay for that. It would work better in a low traffic area. I wouldnt buy it again, but I’m not sending it back or taking it down.

Tania Eagle, NE

Best gate ever!!

Easy to put up and stays in place well. The material is soft and a beautiful color that matches cherry wood and darker perfectly. A little harder to open than others but it’s on the baby’s room so I’m okay with that. It doesn’t slam quit like the others either, more of a soft close like kitchen drawers.

Marsha Hansen, ID

Always trip on it

I bought this originally to use at the top of my stairs, however, it didn’t work out. The pressure mount would always come loose and I was worried about it being more of a hazard than leaving the stairs open. It seems as though the pressure is particular …to tight and the latch gets stuck, and to loose and the gate comes out of place. Opening and shutting the gate would cause the pressure to loosen, so I was constantly adjusting it.Instead of returning item, I now use it in a doorway and I still hate it. I’m always tripping on the piece that goes across the bottom that is stationary from the gate. I guess I’d rather trip over it on a flat surface rather than trip over it at the top of a stairway.

Twila North English, IA


Loved the look of this gate………….but thats all!!! Poor quality. Flimsy. My one year old is strong enough to pry open part of this gate. I did attempt on different occasions to readjust it. Stayed for a while then loosened up I’m assuming. Feels like plywood. If under too much strain I feel like this gate would snap and splinter!! No autoclose either. The bottom wood part when you step thru is a bit taller than other gates I’ve owed. This is my third child so I have been through quite a few gates. I wanted to love it too 🙁 I would recommend Dreambaby for an sturdy and economical gate. Just ordered my 3rd Dreambaby gate….sturdy and AUTOCLOSE!!!!

Margot Wallburg, NC

Nice looking gate!

We purchased this gate to keep our dogs from moving about the house. It is quite nice. We had to replace the one we had had for the past 5 years. This one is much nicer and appears to be sturdier. The latch opens by pushing a button back with your thumb and simultaneously pulling the latch upwards. Very easy. My 5 year old has no problem working it. Like our prior gate, this one comes with extensions (we needed only 1 of the two that were included) and you don’t need to drill holes in the walls. Nice buy and good price.

Carmen Ellison Bay, WI

GREAT Product for the kids that love to explore.

Great buy!!!It’s stay put and won’t put any scratch or dent on your way. very well made. Love the swing shut it self after you walk away. We had it for 3 months now and enjoy every bit of it.

Esmeralda Adamstown, PA

Good choice

Nice gate – tough to install for non-carpenters like me, but be patient and get a level. Easy to use, closes nicely on its own, and looks good.

Libby El Macero, CA