Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, White

Summer Infant Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, White

This stylish metal gate fits openings 28″ – 47.5″ wide and stands tall at 36″. View larger Auto-close door, conveniently and securely shuts behind you. View larger Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate Protect baby without sacrificing style. The Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate is made from quality metal and steel. This sleek, walk-thru gate is adjustable to accommodate openings in virtually any hallway, door frame, or staircase in the home. Pressure or Hardware Mounted with Option for Use Between Rooms or at Top of Stairs The gate is easy to position between doorways using the pressure mounted tension bolts. The included mounts require no drilling or additional tools and won’t leave marks or scratches on your walls. Optional hardware is included for a more secure installation. When mounted with hardware and included door stopper, this gate is perfect for use at the top or bottom of stairs. Extra Tall Gate Includes Extensions for an Adjustable Fit At 36 inches tall, this gate is perfect for use with toddlers and small pets. It is adjustable to fit openings from 28″ to 47.5″ wide with the included extensions: one 5″ extension and one 10″ extension. The extensions allow you to create a custom and secure fit for virtually any size hallway or door opening. One-Handed Use and Automatic Close When used between rooms, the gate door opens in either direction and can be operated with just one hand. When used in a stairway, the included door stop allows for added security by preventing the door from swinging over the stairs. For convenience and safety, the door closes and locks automatically behind you. The dual locking system provides peace of mind knowing your gate is securely locked every time. At a Glance: Available in white or antique bronze Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms is simple to install and won’t mar walls; no tools required Hardware mount included for added security when installing on stairways; tools required Door stop is included for use in stairways 36” tall gate fits openings 28″ – 47.5” wide; 2 extensions included for a custom fit (one 5″ and one 10″) Auto-close door swings open in both directions Dual locking for a secure shut every time Comfort grip handle; gate can be opened and closed with one hand Durable metal with polished white finish blends with any dècor Recommended for children ages 6-24M Versatile gate provides a secure barrier for pets Summer Infant Gates: Summer Infant premium gates provide innovative solutions to help create a safe environment in your home for babies and pets. Our gates are tested to the highest standards and are JPMA certified. Each gate has been designed with integrity and ingenuity to provide a gate that is both easy to use and simple to install. Whether you need a gate for use between rooms, top of stairs, wide openings, or a free standing playard, Summer Infant’s range of safety gates provides a solution for every need. Compare Summer Infant Gates 36″ tall gate fits openings 28″ – 47.5″ wide View larger Multi-Use Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, White 30″ tall gate fits openings 29.5″ – 42″ wide View larger Step to Secure Wood Walk-Thru Gate 36″ tall gate fits openings 28″ – 48″ wide View larger Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, Bronze 32″ tall gate fits openings 36″ – 60″ wide View larger Decorative Wood & Metal 5-Foot Pressure Mounted Gate 30″ tall gate fits openings 29″ – 42″ wide View larger Slide & Lock Top of Stairs Metal Gate, White Use at Top of Stairs ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Use Between Rooms ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Use Between Large Openings ✓ Pressure Mounted ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Hardware Mounted ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Auto-Close ✓ ✓ Easy Installation ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Additional Color Options ✓ ✓

Main features

  • Metal
  • Made in USA
  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms with optional hardware mounts included for installation on stairways
  • 36″ tall gate fits openings 28″-47.5″ wide and includes one 5″ and one 10″ extension
  • Auto-close door gently shuts behind you
  • Comfort grip handle with dual locking operation; can be opened and closed with one hand
  • Versatile provides a secure barrier for pets

Verified reviews


Returned it in favor of Hands Free Gate

At one time, we were using both a Hands Free gate (upstairs) and this prouct (downstairs). Both door openings were equally wide. Both products were equally easy to install. We ended up returning this one, and buying a second Hands Free. Here’s the comparison:Extra Tall Gate:1) Comes with extensions (built into price). Don’t be fooled by any of these products – you will ALWAYS need at least one extension.2) Self-closing, BUT it is very easy to get the gate out of alignment. When this happens, it won’t always self-close in one direction.3) Although latch is very simple, it DOES require one hand to open it. Picture yourself carrying a 20 lb child in one arm, and a jug of formula in the opther, and consider how you will open the gate.4) Because these gates use compression (instead of drilling into walls) they have a bar across the bottom. The bar on this gate is thicker, and more of a tripping hazard. Hands-free has a ramp.5) The gate misaligns EASILY, even when securely pressed between walls or door openings. This is because when it swings shut, it usually slams. Enough of this and it always knocks the assembly out of alignment. By ‘alignment’ I mean all four pads that contact the wall must be in a perfect plane. Misalignment means one of the pads (usually the top ones) slipped.6) When the gate slams shut, it makes noise. Therefore, you always need to close it gently — or worse, sometimes leave it ‘closed, but not latched’ — so as to not wake sleeping babies. The danger in this is that other people may think the gate is latched and safe. Mom might have left it unlatched to not wake the baby; dad later thinks it’s closed and locked because it’s self-closing… Not good.7) Yeah, it’s tall… Extra-tall even… In fact, it’s about 4" taller than most gates. Are they implying that most gates are unsafe since they are shorter?Hands-free1) You will NEED to buy at least one extension. No one in America has doors narrow enough to fit the gate alone… A gate + 1 extension equals the price of the Tall Gate.2) NOT self-closing. This might sound bad, but if the parents leave the gate wide open when the kids are sleeping, it is obvious to all that it is open.3) Bar at bottom has an anti-tripping ramp.4) Truly hands-free! I can carry my twins – opening is extremely simple with your foot.5) These just don’t seem to ever get out of alignment. Remember, the gate is never slamming shut, so there is no force to misalign it.The Hands-Free gate just has too many things going for it. Check out the super long list of 5-star reviews. The only 1-star reviews complain about a poorly designed foot pedal for the latch. The models that are being sold now have fixed that problem.While there is nothing truly wrong with this gate (assuming no one leaves it unlocked), the Hands-free is simply much better.

Simone Farmington, WV

Good gate – see the comparisons to two others!

After trying 3 different gates (that all had high ratings on Amazon), this is my second favorite. I turned my home into my own version of a baby gate showroom to figure out which one I wanted, so here’s my take on three different gates.I think they are all pretty good gates, it just depends on your situation and what features you’re looking for. The key features that ended up making a difference to me were 1) the width of the gate opening and 2) the latch mechanismSummer Infant – Sure & Secure Extra Tall Gate———————————————cost $60 & extensions included / gate is 36″ Tall / fits 28″-48″ doorway width / 2″ bar to step over / gate opening 19″- This is the one that I wanted to like because I thought it was the best deal.- The gate opening is about 19″ – which I thought was ok, but hubby wanted wider.- The latch mechanism is really easy to operate and I thought kids could figure it out easily, but because the gate is so tall, they would probably have a hard time reaching it.- It does come with its own extensions in 5″ and 10″ so it more easily fits the wider doorways.- However, depending on the width of your doorway, this one may or may not fit as well. For example, I had a lot of doorways that are about 33″ and this gate didn’t end up fitting well in them because the gate without any extensions was too small and the posts had to be extended so far it didn’t seem stable. And the 5″ extension was too big to add. (vs. the kidco gate’s extensions add 2.75″ as needed).- It’s by far the tallest and I liked that since my daughter has been in the 95% so far. I also just like the way the taller gate looks.- It does have the highest bar across the bottom to step over – 2″.- If it fits well in your doorway it is probably the best value for the money.Kidco Center Gateway:———————cost $85 & extensions $24 / gate is 29.5″ Tall / fits 29.25″ to 37.5″ doorway width / 1″ bar to step over / gate opening 22″- Has the widest gate opening (the space you walk thru, not the doorway that it fits into) of any of them – about 22″. (This certainly won points from my 6’2″ husband who was pretty irritated when walking thru some of the others). I was surprised after reading so many reviews on all these gates that there wasn’t more mention of this feature.- This one also had the most secure latch feature. You have to push a button to lift the handle and lift the gate over a little ledge to open it and walk thru. I figure this will absolutely be the hardest one for my little one to figure out.- This gate has the most adjustable widths and therefore would probably be the strongest in most door widths. The gate has about 2.75″ pieces on the ends that you can use or not with the optional extensions (more 2.75″ spindles as additions – 2 per box) to provide the most width flexibility. Because all the gates become “weaker” if the posts are extended too much, this one seems the sturdiest in my doorways. (ie. if the gate says it fits up to 37″ and your door opening is 36.5″, it won’t seem as sturdy as if the doorway was 34″).- It doesn’t have its brand name printed on it anywhere (a plus in my book) so it’s totally white.- It has the lowest bar across the floor that you have to step over at only 1″ high (seems less of a tripping risk).- This is the one that has the highest rating from Consumer Reports. (Child safety gates 8/04)- Unfortunately, it also is the most expensive of the bunch at about $85 + any extensions you need.- I do have to say that this one had the most confusing directions, but you can still figure it out ok – none of them took longer than 10 minutes to set up.- It’s the shortest gate and I wish it was a little taller.- All in all, if you can afford the price of this one, it’s definitely worth it!First Years – Hands-Free Gate—————————–cost $50 & extensions $15 / gate is 32″ Tall / fits 29″-34″ doorway width / 1.5″ bar to step over / gate opening 17″- My gripe with this gate was primarily because the gate opening is only 17″ wide! I’m 5’8″ and I felt like I was going to have to really pay attention walking through it so I wouldn’t end up bumping it every time. However…- The hands-free step pedal is pretty cool and worked pretty easily. I wouldn’t worry about a little kid figuring it out and having enough weight to be able to push it down to open it. For me it just wasn’t cool enough to overcome my issue with the gate opening width.- Good height to the gate.- It was very sturdy in my doorway.- This one did have a little ramp feature for the bar that goes across the floor that helps minimize the tripping factor.- Fits only up to 34″ doorways so has the best chance of needing an extension.- All that being said, if you really want a hands free gate, and the width of the gate opening doesn’t bug you, try this one.All three gates seemed to:- Fit pretty tightly in the doorways after being adjusted properly. Depending on your walls and if you have moldings etc, you might need to take an extra 5-10 minutes to adjust them and get them straight and hanging correctly.- Had the same type of post for the pressure-mount that is covered with a rubbery material to help it not slip on the wall.- Were pretty easy to set up.- All look about the same from a quality point of view – in other words one of them didn’t look “cheaper” to me than the others.Please remember that for safety, only hardware mounted gates are considered stable enough to put at the top of stairs, so don’t use any of these for that. Think about how you will use these gates in your house and what features you will value. Good luck with your own purchase!

Sharron Lagrangeville, NY


Wonderfull gate! It swings in both directions. It is extra tall. You dont have to mount it on to your walls. It comes with two extensions and I have used it with both extensions on it and it dosent give at all. Our house has odd openings and I can fit this anywhere. I still have a plastic gate in my kitchen and just came online to order a second one of these to replace that.Good news for parents of curious toddlers. The way to open it is a button on the top of the gate (since this is an extra tall gate you’d have to be the parent of a future nba player to get to it). Even if you have a super tall todler, you have to push the button over and lift the swing gate to open it… it is very easy for “most” adults, however visitors will have problems with it!!!Also if you need extensions for a gate, you need to check the price of extensions… I needed both extensions and by the time I added them onto other gates I would have paid $80.00 or more. That is the reason I chose this one.

Roxanne Rensselaer Falls, NY

Keeps large doggies out of Baby’s room

This gate works great! We plan on buying another! Although it is pricy compared to those others out there- you get what you pay for- a grand gate that is true to it’s name- very tall and very secure! I love it. It was easy to install and I love that you can use it either as a pressurized gate or install it as a permanent gate. We have it installed permanently to our nursery’s doorway and plan on getting another to use as a pressurized gate to move it to other areas as needed in elsewhere in our house. It also comes with the extension parts if you have large doorway (others I learned you had to purchase separately!).We also have LARGE dog- 90 lb Lab. Our other pressurized gate was shorter and did little to hold her weight when she would stand on it with her front legs. I can’t remember the brand but it was about $30.00 with a plastic grill and center arm that extended. The Sure&Secure; gate holds the weight of our dog and is too tall for her jump over.

Ericka Parmelee, SD

Just what we needed

It was hard to find a reasonably priced gate that’s pressure mounted with a door that would also fit our wide hallway. This was just what we needed. It was easy to set up and has withstood our 1 year old son shaking it and hanging on it. He has gotten his arm/legs stuck in it but he does that in his crib too so I would not mark that as something wrong with the gate. Our 5 year old cannot get this open either so it works for older kids as well.

Beverly Wausaukee, WI

Good gate

We bought this gate because it was extra wide. With other gates, we would have also had to purchase an additional extension. It is also tall which is nice. Easy to install and use. It can easily be opening with one hand – very important when trying to carry a baby around. Overall, we are happy with the purchase.

Carly Mc Callsburg, IA

Another great gate from Summer Infant!

I’ve had the older model of this at the top of my stairs for my first kiddo and am incredibly pleased with its durability. So, when we needed another one for the foot of the stairs to keep my super crawler second kiddo from going up the stairs and it works great. Super sturdy, adjusted to space well, and the auto close is a great feature to make sure baby stays safe.

Alisa Jamestown, NM

Does its job

We have a baby and two errant dogs. The doggies live in the kitchen unless invited into other parts of the house and we have had issues with the dogs busting through a wall-mounted accordion gate that we had been using. We have been coming home from work to find our poochies watching TV and eating bon bons and it HAD to stop!I purchased this gate because it’s tall-the dogs are terriers and if they can’t get through the gate their next step is to jump over it. I also selected it because of the included extensions. I did not want the hassle or extra expense of having to find extensions if the actual gate did not fit our doorway.It does it’s job, but there are some things I don’t like about this gate:1. It slams when you go through it, but it may or may not close. Typically it closes IF you are coming back through with an armload of stuff and won’t have a free hand to open it.2. It really isn’t very attractive. Oh, it is better than those ugly traditional baby gates, but it just doesn’t blend in to our decor well.3. I need both hands to open it when I do have to actually open it-hopefully it will keep baby on her side when she’s big enough but it is a hassle to me, especially with arms full of laundry.4. There is a piece on the latch that sticks out that I am just waiting for my clothes to get hung on and rip as I pass through the gate.All of that said, it was easy to install and the poochies tried but were unable to bust through this gate, so it does to it’s job. If you have a major pet-related containment issue and are beyond aesthetics, I would recommend this gate.

Krystal Gaylord, MI

Good buy.

My only complain is that it is supposed to swing closed by itself, and it doesn’t exactly do that it will shut some but not all the way so you have to keep an eye on it. On the plus side once you get the hang of it it is very easy to open with one hand! A very necessary feature!

Jewel Forestburg, TX

Works good for me!

I must admit it took awhile to get it installed right and level, but now it works great to block off our entire kitchen. The only thing we had to do was spray some wd-40 on the hinges so it didnt squeak.

Marcie Roland, AR

WARNING the top doorstop is plastic and can break

The top doorstop is an important piece of the gate since it prevents the door from swinging all the way through to the other side. For instance, if this piece is broken, the gate door can swing all the way through, and if your kid is at the top of the stairs, your kid can rattle the door and accidentally fall down the stairs (*shudder*). Called the company. Talked to a first line CS agent, completely professionally cold, not seeming to really care (you would think they would have a somewhat nicer attitude concerning infants/toddlers safety), but very willing to try and charge me $10 for a little plastic piece that is integral to the safety of their product. Told her I’d like to talk to a supervisor – but you know what – not available. Just so other parents are aware of this company’s “customer care” support of their product.UPDATE 5/20/13: I took the initiative and called their CS back myself and got a completely different kind of response (positive). A new part is being sent to me courtesy of Summer.As for the other details of the gate:1. Make sure that the protective back rubber pad is in place to provide friction and to protect the surface of your paint/banister.2. We used ours both on painted surface and wood banister, the pressure mount system actually works pretty well.3. Despite lots of use and pushing by the kids, the glossy wood finish on the banister is decently intact.

Mariana Wyarno, WY

Bought gate after much debate!

I think the worst part of safty shopping is for the gates. So many out there boast that they are the best; so I started to read customer reviews. We were moving into a two-story house and needed a great pressure mounted gate for the bottom of the stairs. First I got the “hands free” one from I think it was safty 1st, with the pedal at the bottom…my daughter figured out how to open it, so it had to be returned! After a few more misses, I bought this one and I love it! The opening is wide, but not too wide. I am a bigger person, and I have no problems getting through this gate with child in tow! It works perfectly in our home and I am completely pleased with it!

Abbie Norman, AR



Sylvia Wainscott, NY

Self-closing sounds like a good idea…

We purchased this gate to replace the First Years Hands-Free Gate when the foot pedal broke after 1.5 years of heavy use, however, we quickly returned it and got another hands-free gate.1) The weight of the bars on the extra-tall felt flimsy when compared to the hands-free. It just didn’t feel sturdy. My son would pull on it in an attempt to enter the kitchen and you can see the bars give a little.2) The self-closing feature sounds like a good idea, but it slams shut making a really loud noise and if you’re trying to direct your child out of the room, you have to make sure you hold it open for them and it doesn’t slam in their face when they decide to change directions.3) The latch on the gate we got was very sticky. It took two hands and quite some force before it would open. Upon investigation, we think the self-closing mechanism at the bottom of the gate caused this problem because it wouldn’t let you lift it high enough to unlatch smoothly. It seemed as if it was in the way and prevented the gate from lifting. This was a problem since we used our gate between the kitchen and the living room so if we needed to rush in between either room, it was very frustrating trying to get the gate open.4) This gate did come with extensions so that is a deal if you need them to fit your doorway.In the end issues #2 and 3 was enough trouble to make us go back and buy the hands-free gate again.

Gloria Brownsboro, AL

Love it

this is easy to use and maintain. Just have to make sure to keep it level on all the time…works great

Brigitte Livonia, NY


The gate does not swing back, does not close by itself and only the bottom lock works

Donna Tiona, PA

Works great!

I’ve had mine for a couple of weeks and so far so good. I didn’t have to use either of the extension. It is sturdy for a gate that is pressure mounted. No drilling required, which is great. The gate opens in either direction and closes on it’s own. Mine does squeek a little, but it’s not a problem for me. There’s a little threshold you have to step over, so watch out that you don’t trip over it.The door opening is plenty wide for most folks. But watch out if you are particularly wide, you may have a hard time going through.

Leanne Cuyahoga Falls, OH

stops twin toddlers in their tracks

i have this gate installed in my kitchen doorway. my twins lean their combined 50+lbs of weight against this gate, shaking the bars and yelling to get my attention, and it holds firm. the latch is complex enough to befuddle 2yos, but simple enough for any adult to handle. the gate is tall enough so they don’t even attempt to climb over the gate and very VERY easy to install. best of all, it comes with the extensions that every doorway seems to require. LOVE IT!!!

Lana Scott, OH

Annoying, noisy, and weak if extended

I thought this one seemed like a great idea – it’s tall, self-closing, not plastic. But the self-closing thing, as it turns out, is more trouble than it’s worth.Annoying: In the morning, for example, when I’m running upstairs a thousand times to get ‘one last thing,’ and baby is downstairs all morning, I don’t want to deal with the gate clanging shut behind me or opening it up when I have arms full of stuff.Noisy: The gate’s hinge is loud – I’m sure I would apply some WD40 if I were to keep it, but it’s brand new (and we’re not keeping it). Louder still is the sound it makes when I shut the gate. Even if I’m super careful, there are contact points up top and at the bottom that are metal-on-metal. If those parts had been plastic or somehow padded, it would be a better model.Weak: But it still wouldn’t fit our hallway. We decided to block the hallway next to the top of the stairs instead of the exact top of the stairs – works better for full hands to have a nice landing up there. Although this gate says it can be expanded the full range, the truth is that right in between sizes the gate is either really weak (the little bolts that screw out are wobbly when the gate is pushed on) or if we add the other section, the gate is too big.

Dora Maplesville, AL

For standard bedroom doorways — good gate, there is a better/cheaper alternative

Please note, this review is for people who are buying this gate for your typical standard bedroom doorway (which should measure about 30″ across).I have this gate (purchased at local store) and another gate I purchased from Amazon. Both are great gates (and even though they are different brands they are nearly identical in parts, mechanics, etc).Even without the optional mounting cups (which can be screwed into the wall for extra security) this gate is very sturdy and should be able to stand up to your typical 2 year old (I said typical – I know there are exceptions!!). To open the gate you have to press the top button and lift up quite a bit — I am not so sure a 2-year old would be able to figure that out. The gate stands about 36″ tall, so an average toddler would be able to touch the top of the gate with their hand.I like this gate, but if you are only looking to gate off a bedroom doorway there is a cheaper/better alternative (the other gate I own):Dreambaby Extra Tall Swing Closed Safety Gate, WhiteThis gate is normally around $10 cheaper than the Summer Infant gate AND is about 4″ taller! But, the dreambaby gate can only extend from 28″ – 32″ so is only good for a bedroom doorway or narrow hallway. The Summer Infant gate comes with two extension pieces.Both gates are good, I would be happy with either!

Margarita Erwin, NC

Worth the money

I first had the Safety 1st pressure-mounted gate, which was plastic. I love Safety 1st products, but this one didn’t work well for us. So I purchased this Summer Infant gate and it works like a charm. We use it in an extra-wide doorway between our dining room and kitchen to keep our dog and cat out of the living room. We didn’t even need to buy the extra attachments. The metal is very sturdy and actually much nicer than a plastic gate. It was easy to install. The lift-up mechanism works easily and is perfect for one-handed use, and the magnet at the bottom of the gate is a great feature. However, our gate doesn’t lock into place all the time after swinging shut and we need to give it an extra push to lock it in, but that is no bother. In fact, it makes us double-check that the gate is really shut, which we should do anyway!

Opal Boligee, AL

Pretty good

I got this gate to keep the dogs in one section of the apartment. I picked it because it was tall & you don’t have to screw anything into the wall. Another reason I picked it was because it had the auto-lock but that only worked the 1st day. It locks & is very easy to open with 1 hand which I need because I have a newborn but I need to lock it myself, it doesn’t lock on it’s own as described.****I’m happy with this gate but if you’re buying it mainly because of the auto lock feature, don’t! That doesn’t work.****

Tricia Windyville, MO

It seemed promising at first and less than a month later it’s falling apart

We purchased this at another store, but I wanted to make sure people knew the issues surrounding this gate. We did a hard install on the bottom step of the stairs. Initially this gate seemed perfect and easy for me to use. I wanted Mini-Me to be able to open this without issue and after a few minutes of showing her and practice she mastered it.Less than two weeks later we were having issues. The gate secures at the bottom and top- and the top clasp does not secure itself even when you try to help it. I wish I hadn’t purchased this gate.

Bobbi Duenweg, MO

Works for us

I have been using this gate for over two years now and it still works great. At some point the auto-close feature stopped working, but I actually prefer it this way as before it would slam closed noisily if you didn’t catch it first. It was important to me to have a tall gate as my son has always been 95%+ for height. I’ve never needed to use the extensions, but I appreciate that it comes with them. My only con is that the bar on the bottom is tall enough that everyone in my family has almost tripped/tripped over it at least once.I’m a little surprised by so many bad reviews as we’ve never had any problems despite my son being very rough with it at times. He is 4 now and we still use this gate on our bathroom and he hasn’t figured out how to open it yet. For comparison, we went through 3 or 4 fridge locks before finding one that he didn’t figure out how to open the same day. Maybe we just lucked out..This was the first/only gate I got with a door so I’m not sure how it compares to others, but there are some great reviews that do make comparisons. I don’t know how I got through that first year+ stepping over gates all the time, definitely worth the extra $$ to get one with a door.

Kristina Mountain Home, TN

Wonderful gate!

This is I think the 5th one of these we’ve purchased because they are so great. The only reason we needed that many is because we moved across the country and got rid of stuff before we left, but we liked these so much that we bought them again. We currently have one at the top of our stairs with the brackets screwed into the wall (a must on the stairs), and we just installed a second one on the outside door frame of our daughter’s room. She’s getting to the point where she’ll likely be able to get out of her crib soon, so we want to keep her contained even when we transition her to her toddler bed. It fits really well in the door frame, and we can still close her door with it in place (we close her door for daytime naps, but leave it open at night). She tries to play with the "button" on top, but has never figured out how to open it.

Adeline Cornish Flat, NH

Wide width for wide stairway

We used this at the top of the stairway for extra wide stairs. It was the only gate we could find with good reviews that also fit the size of the opening. The slide lever to open and close the gate is a little tough at times on your way up the stairs with a baby in your arms, but you get used to it.

Constance Fort Defiance, AZ

Does the job!

We use this at the top of our stairs – an extra tall gate is a must in this area in my opinion. We have white spindles on the stair case and this blends in nicely.

Rowena Cumberland, OH

So disappointed

I returned two of these Summer walk thru gates. (one was the extra tall but same gate). There is very little plastic on these gates but for some odd reason one of them is the hinge at the top! I can honestly say that this gate was used normally with no abuse. After the first two, I returned to the store but there was little else in my price range and not much selection so – for a third time I purchased the same gate! And I am sad to tell you the plastic hinge at the top broke again. Summer would have a fantastic product if only this one piece was improved. Very disappointed.

Sharlene Tuscola, TX

Not bad for the first doorway gate we tried!

Okay, so this was delivered quickly, and it took me less than 10 minutes to set up. At first I overtightened it, and it wouldn’t shut, so I loosened it and everything was fine. I decided to forgo the padded discs that you can screw into the wall to keep the gate in place, because I thought my daughter wouldn’t be strong enough to dislodge it.WRONG.After about two weeks of pretty much leaving it alone, she decided she wanted to come into the kitchen, and she wanted to do it NOW. So she gave the gate two or three really good yanks, and the bottom came loose, followed by the top, and the whole thing needed to be put back up.So this time I marked where I wanted to screw in the padded discs, because not having a gate at all is NOT an option (we occasionally need to put down mousetraps, and don’t want her to get to them and hurt herself). Marking and installing the discs took less than five minutes, and this time around, installation was a snap. The gate has stayed in place for about two months now. She can yank on it all she wants, it isn’t going anywhere.I’m much more impressed with this gate than I was with the Summer Infant play yard. I would recommend this to other parents.

Adriana Battle Creek, NE

Seems like a great gate, but have yet to puppy test it 🙂

I bought this gate because the reviews were generally good, and the price was better than many gates, plus it included two extensions – one 5″ and one 10″. I am using it as a puppy gate. The height is 36″, so I don’t expect a beagle to be able to jump it, but at the same time I think my cat would find it easy to escape from the dog. Hopefully I can teach her to jump it.The doorways I am trying to fit are 31″-32″, so without the extensions the tension bolts do have to come almost all the way out to fit in the doorway. Despite that it seems to be sturdy enough that a beagle cannot push it down, and I have shook it and wiggled it myself without it moving much, but we’ll see. I get my puppy in a few days.It looks pretty nice and was easy enough to install with the little wrench that comes with it. One of the bottom tension bolts is a little tilted though, bringing down the stability, but I have a suspicion our doorway is not perfectly parallel. I may have to put something there to even it out. It comes with 4 wall mounts, adhesive pads to place them, and screws with wall anchors to secure them, which are required if you use it at the top of stairs, which I won’t be.Not as cheap looking as a lot of baby gates, and matches our white trim well. It’s all white, which I favored over having a large gray contraption on the top or bottom of the gate. Having it in front of the laundry room matches rather well actually.I don’t have a problem with the door width or the one handed operation. The opening is about 18 3/4″, but there is a door stopper that sticks out a bit making it 17 1/2″. This is REMOVABLE, making the gate swing open both ways. I don’t have a problem with the width, as I am 5’8″ and 125 lbs. As far as vacuuming, you’re going to have to lift the vacuum because there is a floor bar. God forbid people do a little work to vacuum the room on the other side of the gate!Unfortunately the box arrived in awful condition so I thought the gate might be damaged. I ordered the gate from Amazon. It seems the gate was sitting in a warehouse for a very long time, because the little wrench it comes with to tighten the tension bolts was rusted or otherwise oxidized in places. That doesn’t affect it’s functionality at all though. The box and gate though are dusty and a little dirty. The box was taped shut, probably for shipping, but I am torn between thinking the gate was returned or just forgotten in some high humidity warehouse. If it was returned it may malfunction and I may have to return it myself.Hope this is informative.UPDATE: Got my baby beagle, and oddly enough, he can squeeze through the gate at the bottom section near the wall when it arches away a little bit to make room for baseboards. If my doorway was a little smaller he wouldn’t be able to fit, but as it is he can squeeze through and get at the cat food, etc. I haven’t let him since he discovered it, and he will soon be too big to squeeze through.My cat on the other hand is so lazy. She will jump out of the laundry room over the gate, but I have not yet witnessed her jump IN to the laundry room to eat. My housemate says he’s seen her do it twice though. It may have something to do with the wood floor going in, and the tile going out.

Isabel Ripley, OK