Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

Summer Infant Multi View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Set

Monitor multiple children or rooms with the multi view digital color video monitor set. The large 3.5″ high resolution color LCD handheld unit features innovative split-screen technology, allowing parents to see two rooms side by side. With additional cameras (sold separately), the split-screen technology can be extended to four viewing windows with the option to run the audio-video auto-scan feature. Sound lights make it easy to “see” the noise coming from the nursery and the two included digital zoom cameras feature automatic black and white night vision, so you can clearly see baby in a darkened room. The rechargeable battery, built-in belt clip, and kick stand paired with the long 600-foot range makes the multi view the best portable option for parents looking to monitor multiple rooms.

Main features

  • 3.5-inch portable high resolution color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Split screen technology for viewing rooms side by side
  • Two cameras with digital zoom and automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters

Verified reviews


After all the research, I am so glad I got this one!

When I was pregnant, I scoured Amazon for reviews on all the baby monitors. At first I was going to get the Angelcare because I am neurotic, but then all my friends told me to get a video monitor. Then I wasn’t sure if I should get this one or the Motorola. I saved my money and got this one. I love this monitor. It has great range and I love the night vision. I can watch my baby to make sure he is breathing and to see if he is awake or just talking in his sleep. He is not 5 months old and I still use it all the time. It is also easy to bring for overnights to Grandmas. I highly recommend this monitor!

Claudette Archer City, TX

Much prefer the Samsung

We tried this for our twins and it stopped working 2 weeks later…. we decided to try the Samsung and Motorola and would highly recommend the Samsung! The screen is MUCH clearer and it works great for more than one camera too. Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Shannon Gerber, CA

So disappointing

I have a 3 or 4 year old Summer video monitor that I love. The picture quality is excellent. The sound control is perfect. The battery life has gotten short, and we have another baby, so we chose to purchase this monitor. What a horrible disappointment. How has quality gone down so much in 3 years? The picture quality is terrible! It skips around instead of being smooth, you can barely see your baby at all. Also the sound control goes from very loud to mute, with no in between. Although there are 5 or 6 sound settings, they are all loud. In theory it is supposed to stay silent until the baby makes a noise, cutting out background noise. In reality the monitor will suddenly loudly spout out background noise at random times, which is enough to wake me up, and actually make it nearly impossible to fall asleep in the first place. I am returning this monitor, it is completely terrible. I don’t understand how Summer was able to produce perfect picture quality 3 years ago, but can’t do it now.

Cynthia Lakeview, OH

Can’t swivel the camera

We ended up sending this one back. You can’t swivel the camera with the monitor, so when your kid becomes mobile you can’t move the camera to see where they’ve gone, which makes the camera a little useless. Summer Infant makes better monitors than this one.

Danielle Hewlett, NY

Excellent monitor!

Cancels out background noise. Can have up to 4 cameras and split the screen to monitor different rooms at the same time. Screen is clear.

Lara Hays, NC

Great product

We got this monitor for our new baby, and it has been really good so far. The screen is pretty clear, and I like how you can have multi views on the screen or zoom in on one screen. The sound works well. When the baby is quiet the sound is muted until a noise is made in the room, so it’s not distracting during the night. I’ve been well pleased with the battery life. I keep our monitor plugged in during the night, but during my daughter’s two naps and when I put her down at night before I go to bed it is unplugged and I never run out of battery.The only issue I had was that the screen messed up recently. There were little black and gray lines all over it so I could only use the sound. I immediately called Summer company, and they sent me a monitor to replace mine free of charge. If this were to happen again I would not be pleased… For this price I want it to last a while! But I understand that things happen with technology sometimes and the customer service rep I spoke to could not have been nicer!

Lenore Stratford, WI

Pretty nice!

We got this monitor as a gift since we are expecting our second child. We still use an audio monitor for our first child who is not quite 3 and I was hoping to avoid having two monitor systems in our house. I also wanted to find a dual video system to make it less of a hassle.This one is very nice and so far works pretty well. We don’t have the two feeds set up (baby isnt here yet) but have been using it with our daughter and it’s decent.The Pros are: easy setup, small cameras, ability to have 1-4 different feeds, comes with 2 cameras from the start, nice sized screen (even when split into 2), screen will automatically shut off after a few minutes of being on (could be good or bad, depending)The Cons are: battery life isnt the greatest, no light indicator when charging, sound is pretty quiet even when turned up all the way, cameras could be tricky to position if used on a crib (will have to figure out how to mount it so it can see into the crib)All in all, this is a good system so far, with some drawbacks but I can deal with them. We only use the monitor/screen part for about 2-3 hours a day and it has to be charged by the 3rd night, which isn’t terrible. The sound is the biggest con I see because you have to set the monitor near you in order to hear anything if you have background noise (TV, people talking, etc). I would recommend this monitor.

Kristine Festus, MO