Summer Infant Naturally Yours Changing Table Cover – Ginger

Summer Infant Naturally Yours Changing Table Cover – Ginger

Our organic Naturally Yours bedding is made from organically grown cotton. The bedding is dyed with Azo-free dyes which are safe for baby and the environment and super comfortable for your little one. It is made up of 100% organic cotton. This cover a fits 37″ x 16″ changing pad. This comes in four patterns such as cornhusk, ginger, mineral, tera cotta. It is a 2-ply blanket.

Main features

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Fits 37″ x 16″ changing pad
  • Comes in cornhusk, ginger, mineral, tera cotta
  • Super comfortable for your little one
  • Azo free dyes which are safe

Verified reviews


Great for flat pads

These are great. I love the color, and they fit our changing pad well. I have 2 of them. Only thing is that they stain with some diaper creams.

Carmella Baxter, TN

Too rough!

I ordered this because I was very happy with the crib sheets in the same line. Those were a nice thick cotton that feels fairly soft to the touch. This changing table cover is a thin, rough terrycloth. I sure wouldn’t want to rest MY naked bum on it, so I can’t imagine it’ll be too comfortable for baby’s skin. I’m glad I only ordered the one.On a positive note, the blue does match the sheets exactly, if you’re going for a certain look, and it IS nice to find organic fabrics that come in something other than white and off-white.

Leona Stratford, CA

Great changing pad cover

I love this changing pad cover. It matches great in our neutral room and it fits our generic changing pad pretty good. I use a Kushies diaper on top so I don’t have to take off/wash as often. I’ve washed multiple times now and it had held up great and fits just as good as day 1.

Kay Fairfield, CA

Just OK…

I love the crib sheets that are part of this product lineSummer Infant Naturally Yours Crib Sheet – Mineralbut these changing pad covers are not terribly exciting. Even though I’m someone who prizes natural fibers, and even more so when they are organically grown, I am evaluating them from the perspective of having found a changing pad cover that, though synthetic (may be easier to wash clean) is so soft and sensual that it’s sure to please baby — and looks nice in the nursery as well (referring toCarters Super Soft Dot Changing Pad Cover, Ecru). Compared to that, this is thin terry cotton and the safer dyes that sometimes look a little washed out don’t look great on the terry. It may look better once washed.This cover was also way too big – it may have fit if I washed it, dried it in the dryer, and shrunk it, but it looked quite a bit too big when I put it on. Obviously not really a safety issue, but it looked kinda ghetto.If you are trying to match the sheets, these may work once washed and dried, but I returned mine before washing because it just didn’t look so hot.

Lily Molalla, OR

Good that it is organic, but very thin

It is nice to be able to buy organic products, but these are very thin (I ordered two different ones in two different colors). So, one gives up the plushness of other (non-organic) covers to have the absorbency of terry, yet the terry is so thin that it is not very absorbent. Not bad, but not great either.

Adeline Lecontes Mills, PA

Nice cover – not the softest

I bought this cover to go with the hot pink/orange color theme in my daughter’s room. I like teh color…very true to the product picture. However, it isn’t very soft. Since my daughter is only on the cover to be changed, its not a big deal if it isn’t soft. As far as absorbancy, it will absorb a small amount of liquid but it’s definitely not a water-resistant cover.

Lindsay Ellwood City, PA