Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Bath Center & Shower

Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Bath Center & Shower

The Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center and Shower from Summer Infant is the perfect all-in-one bath tub and is a one stop solution for all babies and all methods of bathing! Use the sling included for newborns in the baby bath tub or in an undivided kitchen sink. As baby grows, remove the sling and let them enjoy splashing about in their very own toddler tub. Best of all, this item includes a shower unit that can be used in the baby bath tub or standalone. The shower gives baby a clean rinse and the gentle spray delights them for a great bath time experience! Features: Battery powered shower unit allows mom to rinse baby with clean water Five stage bath center: 1. Newborn bath sling fits easily in undivided kitchen sinks 2. Infant bath sling fully reclines in tub 3. Infant bath sling also sits upright in tub 4. Toddler tub for growing child 5. Separate clean rinse shower to use iwth sling, tub, or in full size tub Temperature tester for added safety Built-in handle to hang dry

Main features

  • Stage 1: Bath sling horizontal (0-6 wks) with soft head support cushion
  • Stage 2: Bath sling reclined (6 wks-4mos)
  • Stage 3: Bath sling semi-reclined within tub (4-7mos)
  • Stage 4: Full Tub (7 mos and up)
  • Stage 5: Use shower alone

Verified reviews


This isn’t a bad product, but it’s not great, either…

I was shocked when I read the other reviews and saw all the problems everyone else is having with this tub. I really haven’t had any problems with the tub. The shower feature works fine, and my baby, who HATES baths, settles right down when I spray her all over with the gentle spray. One time I thought the shower was broken because I pushed the button and it only dripped water, but then I found that the hose had a kink in it, and once I fixed that, it worked fine again.Here are the things I like about the tub:1) Gentle shower spray soothes baby2) Sling keeps baby at a good angle and makes it easy for me to sit her up to wash her hair and back3) Can take the shower out of the tub to make more room for growing baby4) Shower is a great source of clean water to rinse baby, which is nicer than using the tub water and a washcloth only to rinse, especially if your baby is like mine and pees in the tub from time to time!What I don’t like about the tub:1) Sling doesn’t fit in my kitchen sink, which the directions suggest you do to bathe a newborn.2) The tub is too short–I had to take the shower out when my baby was only 5 weeks old to make room for her legs.3) Water temperature gage on the side of the shower is too hard to read4) The biggest pain is in order to replace the batteries in the shower unit, you have to unscrew about a dozen very small screws to get to the batteries. But I guess this is a necessary evil so that the batteries stay dry–but it’s still a big pain to change out the batteries.All in all, this tub gets the job done. I’m not disappointed that I bought it. I have not experienced any malfunctions with the product yet, and I’ve used it quite a few times. I think the biggest advantage of the tub is the shower, which makes it super easy to rinse baby and wash baby’s hair.

Corina Saint Helens, KY

It broke right away

I love the idea of it but the shower part broke right from the beginning. If there is any kink in the hose the water doesn’t come out, and there was always a kink.

Zelda Saint Charles, KY

I really like this tub

This is a very good tub for smaller babies. The sling was useless. My baby hated it. He would scream everytime I would use it so I just discontinued using it and now I just put him right in the water. He is a lot happier that way because he is warmer. I haven’t tried the shower yet so I’m not sure if I am going to be happy with it or not but shower or no shower the tube itself is nice.

Fannie New Baltimore, MI

best tub I’ve found, but shower was useless

I’ve been through 2 others and now I’ve finally found what we need in a tub. It’s roomy, easy to clean and it has a convenient handle which doubles as a hanging hook. The sling fits nicely into the tub, but it doesn’t leave a bigger baby much leg room. Since mine is sitting up now we don’t use it much. The thing I thought was this tub’s best feature, the shower, is actually the biggest disappointment. The stream of water is a fine mist which may be good for a newborn’s delicate skin, but there’s no way to adjust it to a faster flow for a quick rinse or to wash suds out of baby’s hair. I had better luck using a cup. It’s also not very easy to hold since you have to press a button which is directly above the stream of water. The worst feature of the shower is it’s loud motor. It terrifies my 11 month old to the point where I have to cut the bath short, so we just don’t use it anymore. I’ve seen this shower sold separately. I wish they sold the tub separately because it’s perfect by itself. The shower only jacks up the price and takes up space in the house.

Terry Lemont Furnace, PA

Love the shower but…………

Even after readingthe reviews i still got this tub. We lovetheshower but the tub is useless….but all infant tubs are. I think if i were to do it again i would buy the infant chair instead, live and learn.

Alba Mystic, IA

Waste of extra money

I received this tub/shower as a baby shower gift. My son loved the shower aspect of the tub and bathing him was a pleasure. However, the extra shower piece/function broke after about 4 uses. Since the new/extra shower piece costs just as much as the tub, we bypassed purchasing a new one and just use the tub as we would a regular infant tub. It’s a shame that the function wasn’t made better because my son really liked it. We found it very soothing for him.

Marissa Eagle Bridge, NY

the worst!

the shower is extremely weak and the water flow is so slow that i stopped using it few minutes after the first time i tried this product. the tub is small to begin with and having the shower pump/spray inside the tub all the more makes it small. my 2.5 month-old’s legs ended up either banging the shower contraption or simply hanging out of the tub! worst tub ever, not worth it… i bought the Eurobath instead (by Primo) which, on the contrary, is the best tub ever!

Latoya Fellsmere, FL

Good idea….not yet perfected

I do not own this tub, but used it for a week when I was visiting my girlfriend who has it.I was initially dissapointed I did not buy one of the new tubs with a “shower” like this one. And, although it’s a great idea, when I tried out this tub at girlfriend’s, I didn’t find it to be as designed to hold the baby as well as others (which I’ve found to be SO much more important then a “shower”)My daughter was 4 months at the time, and was too big for the “net” (her legs had no where to fit) but without it, there is no recline option, just plain basin tub, which was difficult because she could not yet sit. It ended up being very difficult to hold her upright at all times while trying to wash. I was also dissapointed with the “shower” as it was diffucult to get or keep running, and was not more then a few trickles. My girlfriend said she and her husband have taken it apart and tried everything to improve upon the shower, but they have had little success with it too.Perhaps if they improve upon the actual tub design, or make a better “shower” we could have the best of both worlds. Until then, hands down, Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn-to-Toddler Tub (or a similarly shaped tub) has my vote!

Ines Samson, AL

not worth the trouble

I bought this tub for my friend and she said it was a terrible product. The sling was poorly made and the sprayer broke after 5 uses. She told me she should have listened to me and just used the kitchen sink w/ the sprayer. At least that doesn’t break.

Lenora Snyder, NE

Shower works fine for me!

I found that when the shower motor stops just open t and blow in the end where it sucks in the water. For some reason sometimes I have to do that and it has never failed. It starts working again.

Kate Willamina, OR

Find another baby tub because the Shower is useless

I bought this tub because i liked the idea of the shower part and roominess of this tub but unfortunately the shower part is useless, i broke within a couple uses and when it did work it was just not worth the extra money. My suggestion is to buy the tub that looks like this with out the shower part.Good Luck!

Nadia Monroe, NE

Waste of Money

I echo all of the problems pointed out by the negative reviews: the shower sprayer has never worked, and the tub is too short with the sprayer unit in place in the tub. I’d add that the plug leaks, which is more than an inconvenience. Also, the hammock has torn, even though our baby is well within the weight limit. Overall, I’d say this is one of the most disappointing products we have purchased since the birth of our two month old baby. Don’t waste your money!

Helene Waxahachie, TX

One of the best.

Out of 3 that we bought, this is the most comfortable one.It’s adjustable. Stors easy and it has a SHOWER!Our daughter loves in it. The water level is great. There is plenty of room for her to splash in.

Letitia Dallastown, PA

Great tub, shower not too great

We loved this tub for my daughter, it is now called a toddler bath and shower center, not sure what it was when I got this as a shower gift, but it was a different name. We used this tub for our daughter from birth until about 16 months when we finally transitioned to the big tub. It was great for all stages. The shower thing was a big hit, but it didn’t last for long. It was a pain changing the batteries but we were successful, and then shortly after, while using it we heard a funny noise and it stopped working, we tryed new batteries, but that didn’t work. We continued to use the tub on the counter near our sink so we could use our kitchen sink sprayer on low and that worked just as well. We eventually put the tub in our big tub and purchased a shower head that we could use the same way. We loved this tub and found that when she was a new born/infant the positioning of the sling was great and worked well. I highly recommend, I notice there is another one very similar called the 4-in-1 tub without the shower, that maybe the way to go and not waste on a shower that will break soon anyway.

Priscilla Clyde, TX

Great idea, poor quality

I received this as a shower gift and have used it three times so far. The shower portion of it stopped working after the second use. The button needed a lot of pressure to make it work and then it gets stuck. When you release the button, the shower continues to spray. Now it no longer works at all. It’s also difficult to hold the shower head and hold the button down, they could’ve had a better design there.The size of the tub isn’t great either, but then again my baby was born at 23″ so I guess a smaller baby would fit better. The sling they give you isn’t so great for a newborn either, my little one slid down and rolled side to side and he appeared to be very uncomfortable. So, I bought the BRU teddy bear sponge to put inside the tub and he lays on that much better. The shower idea is great, it just need a lot of improving.

Carlene Dutton, AL


This tub wasnn’t convenient at all for my preemie. I used the sling in my kitchen sink at first as instructed. But the sling is so upright that my daughter did not stay up. I can’t possible bathe her and worry about holding her up too! Also the material of the sling is scratchy and uncomfortable and she hates it. I’ve only used the actual tub & shower once so far and have no complaints YET. But the sling feature is not made for us people who have little babies, they just slide all the way down.

Ruby Paguate, NM

Great Tub

I was shocked at the many negative reviews! I received this tub as a gift and have used it with my baby successfully. He’s now 5 weeks old, is very long and fits in the tub on the sling with no problem. The shower was great with the newborn and I was able to wash him in no time. I haven’t used the sling in the sink yet mostly because the sink-bathing thing creeps me out. My one complaint is that pushing the button on the shower is difficult for me but that’s because I have tendinitis in both my wrists. This tub us cheaper at BuyBuy Baby, so definitely check it out there first before ordering it on here.

Lillian Temple, ME

Don’t waste your time with the shower

I love the tub and sling but I find the shower attachment to be a huge waste of time. The water doesn’t come out in too good of a stream and the container takes up too much room in the tub. The button that you have to press for the shower should be on the side, it would be easier to use. I have found that a little plastic cup works much better to rinse baby off with. That being said I wish I had just paid a little less and got the model without the shower.

Andrea Stevenson, WA

tub WITHOUT shower

I never did get the shower to work. When I couldn’t get it to work, I put it aside and forgot about it. However, I loved the tub when he was tiny. As a first time mom giving her first baths it was very easy with the little sling. I didn’t have a sink big enough and was able to set the whole thing on the counter. As I became more comfortable we moved in into the big tub. He is getting too long for it now. But, once he can sit up by himself it will be ok again for a while.

Gay De Valls Bluff, AR

Good for up to 3 months

This tub was great initially. The sling worked wonderfully, except it did not fit in our kitchen sink. It cradled him perfectly for baths when he was a newborn, by keeping him comfortable while allowing me to bathe him. I liked the shower and so did he, it seemed to calm him. The problems started when my son was three months. As he started to grow, his leg room became smaller and smaller, even after taking the shower out. So, now at 24in, we are looking for another tub, since he is not able to sit up on his own there is just not enough room. He looks uncomfortable. The shower is difficult to use b/c of where the button sits and it does not rest comfortably in the hand. Our shower stopped working as he turned four months and it was not the batteries, so now I am filling the shower and pouring the water over my son by hand. Another really good feature is that you can hang the tub to dry after bathe time is over. I would not recommend this tub if you want to use it until your baby is a toddler. It does not transition well.

Theresa North Spring, WV

Really wanted to like this tub but finally returned it

I really wanted to like and keep this tub, and at first, I did! I wwasn’t sure what all the bad reviews were for. I loved the fact (and still do) that it has a spray. That makes bath time so much easier. However, the spray button is the biggest PAIN!!! you have to use your index finger to press it and its actually hard to do so. Why don’t they make it so your thumb presses the button like on a sink??? Dont know. ALso, it takes SO MANY batteries, it’s ridiculous. You get scared to run the batteries down b/c there are so many to replace and hard to get in and out. PLus,I felt like it was a big production to set the bath up at night. My baby was only 2 months and I already had to move the water tub out of the bigger tub to make room for baby, and my baby’s legs were still cramped. I changed the batteries for the second time and they ran out after ONE use! Now I know that is the batteries,b/c they were a lesser breand then I usually buy, but it just shows how much battery power that it takes. That is TOO expensive. I finally just gave up onit and purchased the aquarium bath which I really like. They need to improve this tub.

Zelda Fairfield, WA

Not Sure

So far this isn’t useful to me. I went out and bought a sponge thing for my son to sit on. He is 2 1/2 months old right now and when we first used it he didn’t like it because he wasn’t in the water. You fill the tub up and they still sit out of the water. Also, do not let the hose hang down when getting the water prepared because you will come back to it and find a big wet puddle on your floor. For some reason it leaks out of the spary part. But so far this hasn’t been useful but the bath does seem like a good idea. So we will see how it works for us in the future.

Dolly Glade Spring, VA

Disappointed with shower

I registered for this tub when my 10 month old was born because I thought the shower feature would be very handy. Unfortunately, it only worked twice. The spray was soo light that by the time I finally got all of the soap rinsed off, she was screaming taht she was ready to get out. As she got a little taller, around 4 months, there wasn’t room for the shower attachment AND her legs. The sling was very helpful (the only reason this tub got 2 stars)when she wasn’t able to sit up, but even then, she wasn’t immersed in the water much. She got cold very quickly. Also, like other reviewers stated, the sling doesn’t fit in my sink like they suggest. If I had it to do over again, I would purchase a tub with a built in seat. This tub’s blue circle looks like it would prevent slipping, but it isn’t all that effective.

Krystal Lytle Creek, CA

Not for Newborns

THE SHOWER:The shower did not work as well as I thought it would. The water pressure was very weak (even for a baby). I would still have to use a tumbler to rinse my son off. I would not get this tub because of the the shower, it is not worth it. Also, I am sure it is safe, but I am weary of mixing batteries & water near my baby.THE TUB:My baby is 2mths old and needs to use the sling that comes with the tub. But, I feel like it does not support the baby well. Also, my newborn does not have enough room to stretch out his feet. I think it is a good tub for when babies can sit up on their own and not for newborns.

Kelsey Stratford, VA


The sling is too small for my my 12 weeks old daughter. It’s hard to hold her steady in the tub because it is too slippery. The spray is useless. it’s like it is tangling my fingers when i press to spray, too difficult to hold, should’ve made it bigger.i think i will return this item because i can’t really give her a bath in this tub.

Nanette Milmay, NJ

Good idea, bad design

The whole idea of a baby tub with a shower is an excellent idea…but I think they need to redesign the shower handle. It is almost impossible to hold the sprayer comfortably without blocking the water spray. Not to mention the button to get the water to spray is extremely hard to press down. The tub itself is a nice size and comes with the sling which helps a lot. I recommend buying a regular tub with a sling rather than spending the few extra bucks for the sprayer that doesn’t work that well. A cup or washcloth will do the trick.

Heather Syosset, NY

Don’t waste your money

I did not like this this tub. It is very small and the sling is awkward and does not hold the baby securely enough. I never even tried the shower because I switched to another tub which I am very happy with.

Fern Fort Peck, MT