Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Fold Away Baby Bath

Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Fold Away Baby Bath

The Newborn-to-Toddler Fold Away Baby Bath from Summer Infant is the perfect solution when space is an issue but you don’t want to compromise on size! This folding tub is full-sized, yet folds compactly for storage or travel. Newborns can feel secure in its inclined position or parents can lay the bottom flat to give toddlers plenty of space to splash and play. his tub is made from a durable and comfortable inflatable vinyl liner with easy release drain plug. Features: Compact fold for easy storage Larger than most, generous sized tub when opened Incline position for newborns Durable air filled vinyl liner for cushioned comfort Easy release drain plug Birth and up

Main features

  • Inflatable base for extra soft cushion for baby’s bottom
  • Compact fold for easy storage
  • Large open tug; durable viny liner
  • Easy release drain plug

Verified reviews


Water leaks everywhere! (Tried two different tubs..plug wont stay shut in either!)

I really wanted to like this bath tub. We got it out the first time, filled it up and within 10 minutes all the water was covering the counter. The plug does not stay plugged in (keeps popping up)! I returned this tub and got a replacement of the same one thinking it would be better. But, it did the same exact thing! What a waste of money. I really liked the look of this tub and the fact that it reclined. I think I will try the tub one more time and try to assist the plug by putting a wash cloth over it and see if it holds that way.Other posters mention the legs aren’t good at locking so they were concerned about safety. We do not have this problem. The legs locked very well. We only used it twice, but I don’t really plan on folding it up after each use so I’m not sure if the wear and tear of constantly folding it up causes it to become less sturdy. Also, some posters mention their baby slides around in the tub. We bought one of those baby sponges since our son is a newborn (2.5 weeks old) and he seems to do fine.

Hollie Brazoria, TX

Love it!

I bought this because I have an 8 month old and a lot of planned travel coming up and this seemed like the perfect alternative to baths in hotel sinks. It is so nice we are using it as our regular home tub as well!To cover a few quick negatives posted by others:Yes, it has a plastic smell like any baby pool on the market would (the bottom is the same type of vinyl plastic). Open it and sit it out for a couple hours and it is gone…no biggie.Yes, you have to inflate the bottom. It took me 30 seconds…again, no biggie.As far as supposed flimsiness goes, bear in mind it is a TRAVEL tub by design so it is made to fold which means it cannot be constructed of permanently set parts or very heavy plastic, that would defeat it’s entire purpose. I think some people’s expectations were unrealistic because I do not find it flimsy. Is it as hard and heavy as my child’s normal baby tub? No. Is it supposed to be? No.Now, I would not recommend this as a newborn tub unless you were to use a mesh baby sling in it. But for any baby that can sit well it is wonderful. My daughter is so much happier in it than she was her reclined infant tub and it is much safer than a bath ring.All in all I love it and wish I had owned one for my son when he was younger.

Marcie Spearsville, LA


My baby and I just LOVE IT!!!! It is so easy to bath her now and SO MUCH FUN! I started bathing her everyday in this bathtub and it is just awesome. She plays with her toys and has tons of fun. The side where her head rests is lifted so she can safely lay down and relax. After her bath, I just empty the tub and hang it in a knob in our bathroom until the next day. I really recommend it, it is super practical.(Please never leave your baby unattended)

Evangeline Rushville, MO

Maybe not ideal for newborns but PERFECT for older babies and toddlers!

Wow, I am surprised at all the negative reviews on here. All I can say is, I absolutely love this tub! We used to have a Fisher-Price tub, and it was okay, but this one is so much better for our 10-month-old. It folds and unfolds easily and saves us so much space in our small apartment. And the tub itself is comfy (cushy inflatable lining instead of hard plastic) and relatively deep, so it keeps baby warmer in the bath and is more fun to play in! All the other baby tubs are small and shallow and more quickly outgrown. I can see how this tub might not be the best for small babies, but for a baby who can sit up, it is just perfect.

Alison Oberlin, KS

Great Tub!

This is a fantastic tub! It works for traveling or just at home. It saves parents from having to keep around a tub that children will quickly outgrow. The option of keeping it flat or leaned up is a great design. Supports baby and keeps them in place enough so parents don’t have to worry about them slipping or squirming.

Nina Santa Ynez, CA

Bought it and replaced it for a

I’ve used this tub when my son was first born. The main reason why we bought it was to save space, but what we found is it really didn’t save all that much space. I also found that is was not very sturdy to hold my son up because he kept slipping down on the tubular bottom. I found that I needed to use two hands to keep him safe in the tub, therefore had troubles washing him because I could not hold him sturdy with one hand and wash him with the other. It does not have a little compartment to hold your shampoo and soap, so you have to reach outside the tub and turn your head away from the baby. We switched to the First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub and my son was better supported and has a great time splashing away.

Rocio Pleasant Unity, PA

Okay when they are little

I received this bath as a gift and was excited. However there are a few problems with it that would make me not want to purchase it. 1st, it is very slick and he is constantly sliding down the inclined side of the tub. Which just means you have to hold him the whole time, which can be very awkward because of where the sides are. 2nd, as he has gotten bigger (almost 4 months) he is too long for the tub (about 24 inches) he can no longer splash around and looks very uncomfortable. I would imagine when he masters sitting the tub will work okay again, but by then we can just use the big tub. It will help when traveling though. So to conclude it works, but I think there are better buys out there.

Juliette Anthony, KS