Summer Infant PictureMe Digital Color Video Monitor, White

Summer Infant PictureMe Digital Color Video Monitor, White

The PictureMe digital color video monitor with 3.5” color screen, allows parents to watch baby with a clear and secure picture. The large video screen captures up to 8 pictures of baby taken by a camera.

Main features

  • Large 3.5″ color LCD screen
  • 2.4 ghz digital technology
  • Photo frame mode allows you to view and scroll through up to 8 images on the parent unit, images are taken by the camera in baby’s nursery
  • Color video during the day/black and white night vision
  • Visual LED sound lights

Verified reviews


I like it, but it has some issues

Occasionally when you power the monitor on – the video doesn’t display. If you power it off, then back on again it usually fixes it. Also, one night the sound wasn’t working. My child was screaming in her room, and we couldn’t hear her. It only did that once – but once it enough I’d say. The video part was still working, and the volume wouldn’t go up or down at that moment. It was like it froze, I couldn’t even power it off – I had to unplug it.

Consuelo Tariff, WV

Clear Picture at night!!

I have looked at some other monitors, although i do not like the fact that it is not cordless, the picture at night is so clear and crystal and the sound is audible. I also like the red signal that indicates sounds. I can easily see her from anywhere in the house. I like the fact that there is not set up needed, just take it out of the box and plug whala you are good to go. I bought an extra one for future use. Oh also it was $100. Could not find the price anywhere else.

Willie Elaine, AR

Awesome! Compared to other video monitor…

We have used this for 2 weeks now and it is working nicely!Pros:Digital screen no staticEasy to useTemperature monitorReception monitorRed light noise notificationSensitive microphoneCons:Not the biggest of screens – but they do have a model with a bigger screen for $50 moreNot Portable – but I knew that when I bought it and really I have it in a spot easy to seeBefore buying this one we had a Safety 1st In-Sight and it was horrible – static, no reception, clicking, popping, no color, big and bulky, muffled microphone, etc.

Megan Harrington, DE

Very nice!

Totally worth the peace of mind! The picture could be a little clearer for the amount of money paid! Love the night view…if I look closely, I can even see her breathe! Just have to mount close to baby to see well enough. Ours is on the crib for now, but we’ll have to move it when she starts standing.

Kimberley Mc Lain, MS


I bought this 2 years ago and it still works great! I don’t know what I would do if i didn’t have this. I just wish it had a zoom. 🙂

Alissa Nazareth, KY