Summer Infant PlaySafe Playard, Tan

Summer Infant PlaySafe Playard, Tan

The Summer Infant Playsafe Playard helps parents create an extra large safe play area that is easy to set up, lightweight, and conveniently portable. The eight secure plastic panels form a complete enclosure for your child or pet.

Main features

  • Freestanding and portable for use inside or outdoors
  • 34.5 square foot playard, stands tall at 30 inches
  • Walk-thru door that open both directions for easy access
  • Lightweight plastic, portable with carry handle
  • Weather resistant materials

Verified reviews


Great gate for the money

We picked this up for our 5 month old that started to craw, we live in a town home so there’s lots of stairs, we use it to gate off half of our main floor so he cant reach any of the stairs. Due to the size of the gate, unless you have something supporting it, it can feel a bit flimsy, however that’s something you cannot fix with a gate like this. Bottom line, our son pulls himself up using it and stands along side of it with no issues. I trust it and for the price I’m very happy with it.

Jeanie Wading River, NY

Great product

My son is 7 months old and has been crawling for a few weeks now. This play yard has been a life savor in giving him a safe place to play while I can try to get some housework done. He also loves to pull himself up on the gates and the play yard has been sturdy enough to allow that.

Ina South Milford, IN

Sturdy and useful

We use this to block off the fireplace, TV and stairs. With the 8 panel it’s long enough to wrap around and stay upright and sturdy. It supplements our supervision for the split seconds we aren’t totally focused on baby, which is very helpful when we have our basement stairs near our living room. We didn’t want to make our own gate to install on the stairs, so we used this to wrap around the stairs and all the way around the living room. The locking mechanisms make it sturdy enough that baby has actually fallen into the panel but it held up (25 lbs of baby fat pressure!). Great playard!

Elisha Annabella, UT

which he is very pleased about.

My grandson absolutely loves his playard. It gives him more room to move around, but keeps him out of trouble. He is able to pull himself up without help, which he is very pleased about.

Leeann Sargentville, ME

Terrific product

This product was exactly what I wanted. It is tall enough, strong enough, and large enough. It even tightens for added safety. It is terrific. Strong enough for a puppy too.

Suzanne Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX

Product Modifications Made for Outdoor Use

Our little baby from 9 months till now (at 20 months) has always been very strong and there has been no play fence that would hold her in, as she simple pushes them over or picks them up. So I made some modifications to ours and it’s for outdoor use where we want to keep her in a certain area from running off or being to far from us on the back patio. ADDITIONAL ITEMS: Eye bolts (2 per panel) and a sturdy yard stick or dowel rod through the eye bolts into the ground holds my little girl now. I don’t know why play yard fence companies don’t make a outdoor specific model that would come with these already prefab … just my thoughts.

Debbie Eola, TX

So practical!

I use this Playard Pen to "contain" my baby 🙂 I bought the 8-panel one but use it as follow:- 5 panels used to make an closed area, from my baby-room to the living room so that she can play in her room but still come in the living room "be with me" as she likes to be in the living room with me — but really she is to wild to just be left free there 😉 I attach one of the panel to a steady shelf leg and/or block it with some heavy toys so it does not move and is steady and safe when she grabs it.- 3 panels to block the kitchen entranceI have mostly carpet so I do not have the issue of the panels sliding too much.I love them: I checked several playards before buying this one but definitely feel like I made the right choice. My baby was crawling all over the house and since she was standing up on furnitures she was grabbing on and picking up everything she could which made my life horrible… Now that I put on the playard, she is happy and ACTUALLY playing with her toys, which before she was not showing any interest on. The first couple times she was happy, then she started feeling "locked up" (only a few days) and now that she picked up the habit she is very happy as I am not behind her all the time saying her "no" but actually letting her enjoy.The 8 panels cover a BIG surface if you put them together but the 5 would be too small. Since they attach/deatch easily I recommend to go for the 8.

Helene Caldwell, TX

Worry-free zone.

Was easy enough to assemble and big enough with 6 panels but so happy to have the extra 2 to grow with. It’s nice to have an area of the house designated as a baby safe zone, as I live with my in-laws and their 13yr old son.

Octavia Muncy, PA

… our daughter refused to stay inside and felt its like a gail so we had to get a bigger …

had to return it as our daughter refused to stay inside and felt its like a gail so we had to get a bigger one for the hallway instead.

James Gouldbusk, TX