Summer Infant Plush N’ Play Changing Pad with Toy Bar, Ivory

Summer Infant Plush N’ Play Changing Pad with Toy Bar, Ivory

The change pad with toy bar is comfortable, supportive, and entertaining. It comes with a soft plush changing pad cover and toy bar. It keeps baby entertained and allows mom to efficiently change.

Main features

  • Essential accessories included: sun shade, foot muff, plastic cup holder, snack tray, and infant carrier security strap
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds
  • Quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock
  • Single push bar for one hand steering
  • Free standing when folded

Verified reviews


Sooo cute!

I ordered this for the nursery and was in love with it the second I saw it. It arrived today and when we set it up, my husband and I both thought it was perfect! The cover is very soft and we have no issues with the bar standing up, as mentioned in another review. With the jungle theme in the nursery, it is just the cutest addition.

Leanne Rye, CO

nice soft covers and baby is happy laying on it

We have a newborn baby. She is too little to play with the toys that come with the changing pad. They are removable. It can be just a simple changing pad but can also be playful after putting the bar and the toys back on. The cover is nice and soft, comes off easily and easy to wash. High commanded.

Julia Pequannock, NJ

Worth the extra money

The toy bar is styrofoam, so it’s not gonna last forever, but my baby loves it! It started leaning forward almost right away, but even at a couple weeks old it really intrigued my baby and at 2 months it helps to distract my fussy baby during her diaper changes. And when she outgrows the toy bar or it breaks the diaper changer works great, is generously sized, cushy, and comes with a soft cover!!

Nita Powderville, MT

Good pad

It’s good to have the toy bar over the pad. It keeps my baby busy while business is being taken care off.

Donna Capac, MI

Pad is great, bar is good

Pad is wonderful – very light, convenient and size is good. My baby is 25″ and still love to lay there and look on the toys. Bar is too soft and sometimes pulled down. But still nice product.

Althea Sherman, MS

Perfect for keeping babies distracted during diaper changes

My son was badly in need of distraction during diaper changes and this fit the bill completely. The mobile/toy bar bends over the front of the changing pad over the babies head to dangle toys in his view for him to see. His room theme was animals and the giraffe, lion and monkey fit the theme perfectly. The toys are easy to remove as is the bendable "toy bar" which i think is filled with foam with cloth over that.

Carole Eagar, AZ

the bar doesn’t stand well

i got this because of the animals – and i was right! my son loves those hanging animals.however, the bar doesn’t stand really well. i think they have to improve this so that it will stand on its own.

Celina Bastrop, LA

not worth the price

The over head mobile will not stay upright if you wash it. Not really worth the price after the fact but was a great idea.

Jenna Sun Valley, CA