Summer Infant Plush Pals Changing Pad Cover, Green/Brown

Summer Infant Plush Pals Changing Pad Cover, Green/Brown

Change Pad Pals Is a fun and cute way to cover up your changing pad. It is machine washable making it easy to clean up accidents. Change pad cover fits most standard changing pads.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Fun design
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Accommodates most changing pads up to 16″ X 32″ and safety straps
  • Superior softness for baby

Verified reviews


Tip for first time parents…

This is a great changing pad cover. Very cute, fits nicely (we’re using the LA Baby 4-sided changing pad).However, there is one tip I want to give first time parents (my daughter was born 4 weeks ago) that I would have found useful when registering …Along with a changing pad cover like this one, register for disposable “pee pads” (dr. office calls them “chux”, or “underpads”, etc). Amazon sells a bunch at reasonable prices (brand: Dynarex). They use these at the hospital and dr.’s office. You put these little pee pads over changing tables and they absorb any accidents. It will save you a LOT of laundry!!! Yes, you can minimize the occurences of accidents by putting a new diaper under the old diaper and other tricks, but no matter what you do you WILL have pee/poop getting on your changing cover frequently!! Downside is you will have more trash than you would have normally, but trust me — when you are sleep deprived, it is a LOT easier to just throw away a dirty pee pad and lay a fresh one down then to realize that you have to do a load of laundry in the middle of the night holding a crying baby! :)edit:here’s a link to underpads that i bought. amazon sells many more, i just particularly like these. They are often on sale for $13 for 100.Dynarex #1341 Underpads, 17×24 in. 22 gram, 100 ct

Fran Richmond, VT

Very nice and usefult

This is perfect to dress the changing pad. The fabric is really soft and the design is baby cute. I have washed it several times and looks as new. Good quality.

Cecile Tatamy, PA

very nice

This pad cover is very nice quality and soft. The design is cute and works well in an animal themed nursery. I actually think the cover is nicer than the changing pad, it appears cheap.

Enid Troy, MT

Soft and Cute

We have been happy with this, and it seems to be holding up well (2 months in). It really is very soft and the colors are nice and bright.

Dorthy Hines, MN


I love using soft plush changing pads when changing baby. Who wants to lay on a scratchy or cold surface when they are so little?

Theresa Euless, TX

Great Cover~

I love this cover. Not only is this cover really cute, but it fits the contoured changing pad perfectly and it is really soft. Small accidents wipe up very easily and it still looks like new after multiple washes. It also helps in keeping the pad a little warmer, I live in MI so it gets a little chilly, and the changing pads waterproof liner gets very cold. Glad I bought it! (I got the monkey design, which looks great in my zoo love nursery.

Debra Salisbury, NC

How in the world did this get a 5 STAR rating?

When they say “plush”, I was thinking as plush as the velour on a Zutano changing pad cover.This is NOT PLUSH! This is very thin and the color isn’t as vibrant,it’s more of a faded green.I bought theZutano Owls Velour Changing Pad Coverfrom Amazon as well and this is nowhere near the plushness of the latter.Daughter’s amused by the monkey print and readily lies down on the changing pad so I take it she likes it and that’s about the only redeeming quality of this item

Angelica Waterproof, LA


Ive only been using this for four months and it has held up well. It is very soft to the touch. Which is important for a baby

Nona Athol, MA


This changing pad cover looks really cute and feels nice and soft! My husband and I love it, we got so many compliments on it 🙂

Lauri Cortland, NE

Soft and Cute

We don’t know the gender of the baby and we don’t really have a ‘theme’ so this matched just about everything I have.

Elise Arnaudville, LA


Super soft and adorable. When you put baby’s head on the monkey’s head it looks like baby has monkey ears. Its so cute!

Vicki Mount Blanchard, OH

Great Product

Very pleased with this product. It fits my changing table pad (Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad also bought from Amazon). Great cover, would buy again.

Alberta Silverton, OR

Very cute!

Overall I really like this changing pad cover. It’s very cute and soft, perfect for the nursery. The only complaint that I would give is that it is a thin changing pad cover. It’s not thick like some other ones that I have gotten from Babie’R’Us, and I’m not sure how absorbant it would be.

Doretha Crumrod, AR

its cute

its soft and son love the monkey when i wash and hang it he loves to look at it.the only thing its cloth so when there is an accident it has to be removed and washed, so if you have an accident 2-3 times for the day you have to change it. oppose to just having to clean a plastic surface.cause its babes, that diaper area is not for plush stuff like that.

Marquita Beaman, IA

Very soft and cute!!

I really like how soft this is. My lil one loves the monkey on it. It is good for either a girl or a boy.

Virginia Soldier, KY


Very cute! My baby enjoys looking at the monkey. Whenever I put him down on his changing pad, he’ll flip over to stare at the monkey!

Eva Millersville, PA

Super Soft

I love this changing pad cover! It’s cute and super soft. I liked it so much I bought the frog one. 🙂 I would recommend this item to friends.

Juanita Tuleta, TX

Looks just like picture.

I got the green monkey one. This cover is so soft and fits my standard size changing pad perfectly. It still looks like new after multiple washes. It also helps in keeping the pad a little warmer. My little girl had crush on monkeys. You will love this and the price is right. You will enjoy laying your baby down to change diper on this pad cover. I couldn’t be happier with this cover.

Beryl Calumet, MN


not much to say. its colorful, soft, and everything it says it is. fits fine, and has held up fine.

Chandra Union, WV

Cute =)

I just bought this. It is very cute and I like the size of the monkey…I always place my babies head right on the monkeys like it’s a marker to place my son in just the right spot, it’s just too sweet.

Jewell Websterville, VT

Beautiful and soft

Bought this item for my daughter and grandson Gavin on the way it’s more than I expected when it came in! So soft and made a beautiful addition to her nursery highly recommend !

Nanette El Dorado, AR

Almost perfect

I have no idea but all my changing pad covers seem to be a tad bit small, so when I put them on the pad they don’t 100% fit. But a few days of putting baby on it…that goes away. It’s like it stands up in the middle at first. I have same issue with his crib sheets too! BUT this is great, we had two when baby came home and some weeks I went through 2 before laundry was done. So having a 3rd was perfect. This also matches his jungle themed nursery and it’s super soft! Holding up to washing/drying very well.

Ruth Cave City, AR

Summer Infant Blue/Orange Lion Changing Pad Cover

This changing pad is ADORABLE! I am so happy I bought it. I purchased the blue/orange lion for my 7 mth baby girl. It’s SOOO soft, she rubs her hand on it every time she gets changed. The blue actually has white polka dots on it, which was a nice surprise. Haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know how well it holds up, but as long as it does, I will probably be ordering another one in the pink giraffe. VERY PLEASED.

Cathleen Hoopeston, IL

Havyn’s changing table cover .

Very cute and nice material ! Gonna make the babies room look real cute ! Love the bright colors to match everything with his monkey theme

Edna Sherman, WV


This is a great product, super SOFT, exactly the right size for any pad. LOVE LOVE IT. Thank you so much!

Alba Huntington, IN

Cute, soft

This changing pad cover is nice and soft so my son is comfortable on the changing pad if he’s not wearing any clothes. It has holes for the strap to fit through so I can buckle him in if I need to, and it’s sort of water resistant so if he pees or spits up it can be wiped off to hold off until I can change it.

Judith Dixon Springs, TN

Cute, Soft, and Durable

We have been using this for about 2 years. Very soft and has held up with weekly washes for 2 years. Now that we no longer use it as a changing pad/table it serves as a soft spot on the floor if my toddler rolls out of his toddler bed. Still serves a soft purpose!

Tracy Whitesburg, KY

Changing pad cover

This cover fits nicely over our changing pad. It’s soft and washes easily when there are accidents. The frog is entertaining to look at and I would definitely recommend this cover.

Agnes Woodward, OK

Soft, fluffy, cute!

I ordered this cover a few weeks ago and it got shipped and delivered within 2 days. We just set up our changing table and I couldn’t be happier with this cover! Even after the first wash, it stayed ever so soft and the colors didn’t wash out. The lion is extremely cute and definitely matches any light blue themed boy nursery. It has holes for the security restraints and should fit any standard changing pad. Couldn’t be happier overall! I might order another one in case this one suffers and accident and requires wash.

Jamie Elton, LA

So Cute!

I love this changing pad cover. It is very cute, soft and holds up to the multiple washings I have performed on it.

Georgia Steptoe, WA