Summer Infant Quickchange Portable Changing Pad, Black

Summer Infant Quickchange Portable Changing Pad, Black

Summer Infant QuickChange!? The QuickChange? portable changing pad folds compactly and tucks away into any bag so you are prepared for changes on the go.23.5″ x 12.5″ changing pad protects baby from dirty surfacesFully padded for baby’s comfortEasy changes while on-the-go

Main features

  • Fully padded for comfortable changes on the go
  • Secures closed with Velcro tab
  • Protects baby from dirty surfaces
  • Generously sized for full body protection
  • Tucks away into glove compartment for changes on the road

Verified reviews


Love the size and velcro closure

I bought this changing pad as a replacement for the one I left in a changing station (whoops!) I knew by the dimensions listed on Amazon that it was not as wide as my previous one, but I was okay with that, especially for the price and the fact that it was one of the few changing pads not covered in designs (we are a pretty minimalist household.)Top 3 reasons I am happy with this changing pad (currently using for my 3 month old, 14 lb. 23″ daughter):1) Since it’s a smaller width, I can fit it into my purse along with a diaper + wipes for quick errands.2) The velcro closure is great and helps keep my diaper bag tidy.3) DUDE IT IS FIVE BUCKS. COME ON.

Herminia East Prospect, PA

much smaller than I expected

double check dimensions when you’re ordering this! It’s maybe 2/3 the side of most changing pads– doesn’t seem like it’s adequate for my 12-month old. Also, I’m disappointed that I didn’t notice that it can’t be washed. I love that my other changing pad can be– I just thrown it through the wash semi-regularly plus whenever it gets actually dirty. That seems a requirement for something that touches poop sometimes!

Tasha Keo, AR

Love it

I keep this on the main level of my house (My daughters bedroom is upstairs, and so is her changing table) so this works perfect for livingroom diaper changes. It’s also really easy to wipe off when needed!

Ollie Stevinson, CA

Basic, cheap, folds up small and flat, works

I have used this pad to change our kid on my lap in an airplane bathroom with no changing shelf, on dozens of floors and guest beds, on uneven ground outside, and all kinds of other places (did you know that a washing machine or dryer is a perfect height for changing?). It cleans up easily, though we’ve never had any really spectacular blowouts for serious testing.There are bigger pads available — longer, wider, more padded — but this is enough for us. If you regularly need to change a tall baby or any toddler on icky surfaces that you don’t even want his or her head to touch, you’ll appreciate a longer pad.I think this is the least expensive non-disposable travel changing pad out there. Which is great, because we keep losing them! Somehow it’s all too easy to leave them behind — partly a function of their pleasantly neutral color scheme. I’m putting stripes of safety-orange duct tape on one for the diaper bag, and maybe it’ll stay with us a few months longer.

Wilda Hoehne, CO

Great Changing Pad

This is a great inexpensive product that is portable and handy while on the go. The changing pad folds up and closes so that it is easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much space in your diaper bag. the inside is a lined vinyl like material that is easy to clean.

Jeannine Simpson, NC

i love it

great product to carry anywhere and its very light weight. i would recommend this to buy. easy to clean .

Young Ithaca, NE

Cheap and good quality

This has been a great solution for our diaper bag. It is compact, easy to clean, and it was cheap.

Nanette Denali National Park, AK

No frills, fits in any bag.

This thing is fantastic. It’s basic. No fancy buckles, hooks, or whatever. To me that means there’s nothing to snag on all the junk I’ve got crammed in my diaper bag. It fits just about anywhere, I’ve been able to fold it down to small bags or leave it tri-folded in the diaper bag. It is a thin product, not thicker/fluffier like some others I’ve seen. It’s just long enough for what you need. If you have a baby over 24" and you want your child entirely on the thing, then it’s going to be too short. But if you’re just needing diaper-zone coverage, then it’s perfect. I know some folks won’t lay their baby down on a changing table unless their entire body is on the pad. The surface cleans well, too.

Charlotte Glyndon, MD

couldn’t make without it

Couldn’t imagine our lives without it, is one of the best choices I made along with the swaddler. It is too much handy for taking it in the diaper bag with us whenever we go out. I highly recommend this product. The size is perfect.

Geraldine Summersville, KY

Practical and durable

We use this on top of our changing pad to protect the fabric cover during diaper changes and when we are on the go. It is a basic pad with solid plastic cover. I like this because other pads either have seems in the middle of the pad, or cute animals punched in creating germ pockets. Also, the white pad is helpful to let me know where to wipe off once done.

Margret Wickett, TX


This is just as described and works well. It can be a little cold on my baby’s back and is very thin, but I still love it.

Eva Loco Hills, NM

BEST changing pad!

This is ALL that you need – trust me! Sometimes less is more, and this is the case with this changing pad. Changing pads that have the attached compartments for wipes, bags, clothes, etc. are VERY bulky when you try to fit them into your diaper bag. They are fine when you’re only carrying it around by itself, but they’re inconvenient in a diaper bag. This changing pad is slim-fitting in a diaper bag, and you can even slip 1 diaper in the pad (just in case).

Denice Kathleen, GA

These things are life-savers.

I love these things. They fold up nicely so you can take them anywhere and they fit into any sized bag. You never know where you’ll be or what situation you’ll be in when your baby needs a change and with these, you don’t have to worry about where to lay your baby down to change them. I carry mine in the diaper bag and never leave home with the baby without it. It’s also easy to clean, all it takes is a quick wipe down and then you’re done.

Stephanie Panama, IA

Does the job

This works great- nice and thick, and long enough to keep my daughter from touching the public surface of where I’m changing her. It’s a little bulkier than some other changing pads I’ve seen, but it still fits in the purse or diaper bag no problem, and I prefer that to a super-thin, flimsy changing pad.

Flossie Chefornak, AK

Good, not Great

Don’t be fooled by the photo, this is a very small pad. The cushion is also pretty thin, but hey, I’ve used it a ton and it does the job. I’ve also thrown it in the wash with no problems.

Katelyn Teasdale, UT

Use all the time!

I needed a portable changing pad for the diaper bag and I didn’t care for the ones in the stores that had extra pockets on them to put the diapers/wipes/etc. in. I just wanted the changing pad. This is a great deal and my son fits perfectly on it. I use it every time we leave our house. Great buy – great deal!

Elena Clifton, KS


The pad is made well, however, is very narrow and no would would be suitable for a 3 year old as advertised unless you just placed its butt on the pad. This pad would get better use, every for in infant if were wider, more of a square. They’re hard to find in the stores nowadays, so I may keep it anyway.

Selina Batavia, OH


Have not used it as my grandson is not here as of yet but looks fine and would suggest it for a grandma in her diaper bag

Trina Hysham, MT

Perfect changing pad for on-the-go

This changing pad fits perfectly in my diaper bag and always fold up easily. I wish it was just slightly longer, but it’s very cushy and keeps my child comfortable during diaper changes.

Jerri Osakis, MN

Nothing fancy, holds up reasonably well.

Our daycare requires that we provide them with a changing pad, I have purchased multiple and for the price they hold up very well to regular (daily) use. Had to replace my daughter’s after 2 years and my son’s at 1.5 years. Again, that is being used 4-5 times a day/ 5 days a week for 1.5 to 2 years. The ones that I keep in my car and our basement (to save trips upstairs for changes) have not broken down and I bought them 3 years ago. Easy to wipe down and clean.

Juliet Russellville, IN

Great addition to the diaper bag.

I love that it is easy to wipe down and folds up well, also provides a little padding. Would purchase it again for sure.

Rebekah Lewis, IA

It’s a little too small!

It works well and is compact, but it is a little small as a diaper mat. Regardless, it is a cheap no frills changing pad / diaper mat.

Selma Cameron, OH

works great

loved that it’s a little padded. love the material. very good purchase, would buy again. maybe they can add a pink one? 🙂

Ava Victor, ID

Good quality. too small

Too small. But i have to say its quality seems to be very good. I would only recommend for travels and newborns becuase it is practical. My baby is 11 months old and this is too small for her.

Cassandra Quinn, SD

Very flimsy

I returned this as soon as I opened it up. Super tiny and over-priced for a piece of flimsy plastic.

Connie Snow Hill, MD

Very Convenient

This changing pad is easy to clean if it gets dirty and actually has some cushion to it. Not alot, but enough that I dont feel like I am putting baby on uncomfortable hard surface.Folds very well to fit in my bag.

Alisa Marlborough, MA

Best value

All those $20 diaper changing pads are silly. Yes, they might be prettier, but you are changing your babies diaper and not making a fashion show of it. I have a beautiful Diaper Bag my sis-in-law got me from Vera Bradley. I took the really pretty diaper pad out of it and exchanged it with this one. The pretty Vera one got some poo on it once and went right through the protective fabric cause it was so thin, onto the soft side. This one is much handier, and both sides can be wiped down with a diaper wipe to clean it.I have 3 of these. One in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the diaper bag.

Allene Perdue Hill, AL

Use this every day

I think I got this on sale for 5 bucks? And we use it every single day as our third diaper station in our house (in the living room). We just plop the mat down on our rug, change the baby, and plop the mat back up. It cleans up beautifully whenever she has a blowout or anything – we just keep clorox wipes nearby at all times. One thing is that the mat is NOT absorbant at all, though, so make sure you put it down on a surface that won’t be ruined if a sudden outpouring (literally) of baby pee starts going everywhere.3 months in after daily use, one of the seams is loose and coming apart a little bit… but really, I don’t expect heirloom quality from such a cheap changing pad. It certainly fits the bill and we’ve gotten our money’s worth.

Sabrina Chandler, OK

Pretty good changing pad for the price but a little small

The changing pad is pretty good value for $7 and it works well as a changing pad even if it is a tad small. It wipes down easily and folds up to be a pretty small footprint.

Catherine Elmhurst, IL

Works great depending on changing surface beneath the pad

I have a changing table with a thin cushion in my daughter’s room. The cushion has a removable fabric cover, but I wanted a wipe-able option for changing under the diaper. This pad is perfect on the table. I lay it horizontally so that my daughter lies on the fabric where it’s warmer, but her bottom is on the pad. Plus, if I need to change her in another area of the house, I can just grab the pad and move it. The only thing I don’t like, is that the pad slides on hard surfaces that aren’t covered with fabric or carpet. When I’m using the pad in these locations, I use the pad vertically, under my daughter’s whole body, so I have to put extra weight with my hand or knee on an edge to keep the pad from sliding. I have taken the pad in the diaper bag on occasion. It folds up compactly. Also, just as I wanted, the pad wipes clean easily. This was a good buy in my eyes.

Julianne Moody, TX