Summer Infant Rayshade Stroller Cover

Summer Infant Rayshade Stroller Cover

The rayshade UV protective stroller cover provides important protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The rayshade extends the stroller canopy from head to toe as needed by the sun’s angle.

Main features

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  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Tested and rated at 50+ upf
  • Shields your baby from over 99% of the sun’s uva and uvb rays
  • The award-winning hoop shade extends the protective shaded area under every stroller canopy
  • Water-repellent fabric also protects from rain
  • Hidden pocket holds bottles and sippy cups upright

Verified reviews


does an OK job

I don’t know whether it’s actually possible to come up with a design that provides complete UV coverage but this one sometimes doesn’t cover the stroller well, especially when you are walking towards the sun. I noticed our little baby would close his eyes when facing the sun.

Faith Solon, ME

Better than a regular umbrella stroller shade, but still leaves child exposed to sun

Just to confirm, as other reviewers have, this can only be used if you have an existing sunshade on your stroller.I used this with my The First Years Jet Lightweight stroller which has an adjustable clip-on sunshade. This definitely extended the shade over my 18 month old, but still left most of her legs exposed. It is really easy to strap on to my stroller and folds up/stores easily. When the wind catches this thing, watch out! It won’t fly off due to the fact that it’s Velcro’d down in four places, but it will flap violently around (not in danger of harming my daughter, however).

Roberta Oak Hill, AL

Great product! Wish fabric was tougher

This shade is a great invention! We have a Baby Trend ExpeditionBaby Trend Americana Jogging Stroller(which we LOVE btw), and even though the canopy is large, it doesn’t provide enough coverage for our early evening summer walks. We’ve been having to rig a muslin blanket into a kind of stroller cocoon but then our son can’t see the scenery! I installed this and played around with it a little. It sticks out further than the Baby Trend canopy. The 2 middle straps attach it to the back of your stroller, but if you attach these a little bit down on the side of the frame instead, you can stretch the tip of the RayShade out WAY further than your stroller canopy AND see through the viewing window on the top of the canopy. And your baby is still covered because the canopy covers the area the RayShade doesn’t! There’s also space for your baby to look out the sides!My one complaint is the fabric. It’s very soft and floppy. This CANNOT be used without a stroller canopy underneath to support it. So if your stroller is missing its canopy, this is not the product for you. When I received my RayShade, I could see a big snag and hole in the fabric before I even took it out of the package. I’m not sure if the velcro on the end of the straps did this or if it happened at the factory. When I tried to exchange on Amazon, the new one won’t ship for 1-2 months and I’d have to send this one back within 30 days, so I guess I’ll order a new one and then return this one when the new one arrives, just so we’ll have it to use until then…

Cora Sumner, WA

Not for me

This item just did not work for me. I was hoping I could use it on an umbrella stroller that did not already have a canopy on it. You can not. This will work if you are looking to extend a canopy you already have, but not to make a canopy if there isn’t one.

Doris Bretz, WV

May work, may not. Depends on stroller.

Great concept but application doesn’t work. The canopy is everything it is suppose to be but it doesn’t fit all strollers and in not fitting it doesn’t meet the need of protection the infant from the sun. The only sun it protects from is sun directly above. It will not protect from sun coming from the side or any other direction.

Stephanie Camden Point, MO

Love it.

I love the shade. I use it on my Maclaren Volo and it really is great. The Volo has a horrible canopy. But pop the shade on and it’s blocks the sun. Sturdy in the wind and baby still has a view out. Interesting cup holder on the sides of the shade. Very happy with this so far.

Connie Haledon, NJ

Saved the baby from sunburn

We brought this to Orlando in the middle of February anyways, thinking it’s not really necessary but just in case. Guess what, the week we were there it was 85 degrees and sunny. We put this on our Chicco Liteway and our baby got really good protection from the sun. We saw other kids basically baked in their stroller and we were so glad we brought this. We were actually able to pull down this shade a little bit so our baby was totally covered while he was napping.

Yvonne Piedmont, AL

It’s pretty good

The product has mixed reviews so I was a bit worried to order it but this was the only one that can be shipped to Australia so I bought it anyway. I’m pretty happy with the product, it’s fairly large so covers my baby relatively well against the intense sun here, it’s easy to put on and easy to take of and store in dipper bag.

Kenya Cleveland, NM


I like the material is thick and is very adjustable better than other options, I am very happy with the purchase

Sharron Frankford, DE

I bought 2 for double umbrella stroller

I have 8 month old twins and recently ordered a double umbrella stroller. Like most umbrella strollers the sunshade was minimal (I got a Delta Children’s side by side). I live in GA and we have a lot of sunny days and I needed more shade. I ordered two of these and hoped I could make it work. I was easily able to fit the two shades on the stroller. They did not take long at all to attach and they held securely. It was nice that my babies were shaded from the hot sun. The way it attaches makes it very versatile and I would guess it would fit on almost any stroller as long as it already has a sunshade.

Tonya Grants, NM

Great shade for any stroller!

I have a combi stroller and I love having this stroller shade option. It installs super quick and easy and offers my baby awesome protection while still being out and about with the family. I highly recommend it to anyone!

Allyson Clermont, IA

Perfect for the unrelenting Florida sun

I have now used this with two strollers: a carseat-adapter Baby Trends stroller, where the carseat has a fairly substantial shade, and a no-name umbrella stroller with a very tiny canopy. The Baby Trends stroller is rear-facing because it accommodates a car seat, so I had to finagle the arrangement of the velcro straps a bit, but I ended up fastening the base straps to the bar farthest from the person pushing the stroller. The other two straps I fastened to the tubes that attach the handle to the rest of the carseat. Because of the shape of the carseat, the sunshade was parallel to the ground in most situations. If the sun was directly behind me, all I had to do was hold the edge of the sunshade down with my fingertips, which I could easily do while pushing the stroller.In the umbrella stroller (baby forward-facing), I’ve found that it still has two "modes." When the elastic of the base of the sunshade is pulled as far back as possible (flush with the handlebars), baby is mostly shaded, but she can see about 3 feet in front of her. If I’m walking into the sun, I can push the shade forward. The front of the shade will then tip down, which almost completely obscures her view, but also keeps her entirely out of the sun.The only con I can think of with this shade is that if your baby is completely shaded in some situations, his or her vision might also be mostly obscured. I can imagine that this would make some babies fussy. That being said, I have a baby who loves to just sit and stare at everything and even she doesn’t mind the shade being down – maybe watching the road and mailbox posts go by is entertainment enough.

Rosanne Mehama, OR


This attached so easily to my stroller. I extended well beyond the shade of my stroller to give my little one the coverage she needed when we went walking in the sun. I don’t go anywhere without it.

Mia Annapolis, IL

Great shade for the price

This shade does an excellent job as an extension of an existing shade on a stroller. As other reviewers have mentioned, the stroller must have a shade already, and the Rayshade does not fold up very well. I leave it attached to my Grado Literider, and I’ve also used it on an inexpensive Babies R Us umbrella stroller. Amazon’s price on this is a bargain compared to other stores.

Bette Grove Hill, AL

Works great

I use this on my first years ignite stroller. Helps block the sun. Easy to fold up into the pack. stays on in wind.As others have noted this is a sun share not a rain shade. only get it to shield from sun.

Esther Indore, WV

helps out

this thing definitely cuts down on the amount of sun shining on my kid in his maclaren but he still needs to wear sunscreen on his legs. It’s very stretchy and would fit any stroller. It comes down on the sides and sticks out quite a bit over the canopy of the stroller. Not sure if it would last through heavy use but all in all it’s worth the $10 or whatever I paid for it.

Cherry Perkinsville, VT

Worth purchasing!

Love this! The price is great and it’s so flexible it should fit on any stroller, plus, it looks nice. Folds down quite small and flat, too.

Grace East Lynne, MO

Great add-on shade!!

Both my umbrella (Ignite) and jogging (baby trend) strollers do not provide enough shade for my little one. This add-on shade was exactly what I was looking for! The stretch material and velcro straps make it possible for it to fit both strollers, and perfectly! It takes a quick minute to figure out where the best place is to attach the straps, but not at all hard to figure out. It took me less than 5 minutes to remove it from one stroller and attach it to the other! This shade is an “ADD-ON” shade and goes over your existing shade. It provides approx. 1ft additional coverage on my jogging stroller and more than that on my umbrella stroller. I love it! It works perfectly for me 🙂

Cherry Browder, KY

Effective. Minor improvements could be made.

I like this, and it works for my stroller, which is an Eddie Bauer Trail Hiker.Cons: The "bill" or the outer edge, does not curve down but up. You could block a lot more sun if it would point down. To completely block out the sun, I retract the strollers cover, and let the shade hang down. It works very nicely that way.Wind. If there’s any wind, it just blows it right up and doesn’t provide the extra cover. Wind isn’t a big problem where we live, but it’s worth mentioning if you’re in a windy areaPros: It’s very light and easy to pack up, it folds up just like a dash board sunshade (the round kind)It looks almost as if it’s a part of the stroller (if your stroller is black)It effectively blocks out more sun than just the stroller shade alone.

Pat Quantico, VA

Cheap, flexible, and totally works

My wife loves this thing. It’s flexible so you can attach it at any angle depending where the sun is, and is stretchy so you can pull it up onto the stroller’s original shade and hide it as needed. Several friends have bought it after seeing it in use.It is designed to work with an existing sunshade, but I’m sure with some jimmy rigging you could make it work on a stroller that doesn’t have a shade.

Tina Montezuma, OH

I like it BUT

I like how it does provide excellent shade for my child, BUT it was difficult for me to put on, you cannot put it on unless you have the sunshade that came with the stroller, and you cannot collapse your stroller with it on. For me as a parent, I am all about convenience, and less is best….so the fact that it took me about 10 minutes to put on (of course I now know the exact areas on the stroller where the straps fit best), I don’t want to bother taking it off and having it to put it on every time I collapse or open my stroller. I also wanted to eliminate the useless sunshade that came with the stroller, but I can’t b/c the Summer infant rayshade has this weird form. Maybe it is user error, but I am open to tips on how to collapse my stroller with it on.

Clarice Barrytown, NY

Best product of its kind I’ve found

Works really well. Keeps the sun out of my daughter’s face while still allowing her to peer out from underneath it. Had a few loose strings on it and a snag in the fabric, but not a big deal. Wish it came in other colors.

Roslyn Waverly, PA

Extra sun shade

This is a must have for any stroller to extend the shade protection from the sun. It’s easy to attach to my stroller and fold up too. I would buy this again if I had too

Veronica Duck Hill, MS

Love this

Great for our baby trend jogging stroller. We don’t have to worry about our baby being covered. Sometimes the sun catches her toes but that’s about it. She’s 6 months so still a little small.

Cecile Cofield, NC

Highly recommend

We recently used this at an amusement park for my infant and it was just what we needed. Provides that extra shade on top of what our stroller had so we wouldn’t have to worry about sunburns.

Joyce Ulm, MT

Exactly what I needed

Exactly what I needed. Works wonderfully with my First Years umbrella stroller. I semi-attach it pull it down for late day walks.

Wilda Buckley, IL