Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Secure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Secure Sight Handheld Color Video is all about portability and a sharp image! Small, lightweight, and compact, parents can clip it on and go about their daily routine while baby is napping! The Secure Sight can be expanded up to four cameras with an 8-second room scan feature. It includes video on/off, brightness and volume control, belt clip, flip stand, 10 hour rechargeable battery, and night vision.Features: ?2.0″ color video display?Digital technology?Rechargeable batteries included, low battery indicator?Belt clip and built in flip stand?Up to 400′ range

Main features

  • 2.0-inch portable color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 400-feet/121.92 meters
  • Add up to 3 additional cameras

Verified reviews


Works great and light/compact!

This is our 3rd video monitor we have owned. I do like this video monitor. Super easy to set-up, love how you can add an additional camera for a 2nd child/other room. It is also very light weight with a clip to attach to side. The battery life is really good- can keep off the charger for an entire night/into the day with a full charge. The color part is only during the day/with light, night time viewings are in black/white. Overall, great product

Hattie Monroe, UT

very good unit!

Each unit is different, but i have to say, i dont understand those that said they dont get good range. i walk outside, and all over my house , not large but still about 1500sq ft, and it works just fine. I love that the moniter is so clear i can even see my son breathing on the moniter. What a peace of mind.The pros :Night vision, i can see clearly in the pitch blackGreat sound, everything is clearLittle static, Static only occurs when i walk right near the unit, however, i can walk in the same room with it, and there is little interference.Cons-small screen. I would have preferred one of the bigger screensExpense- at the time i bought it, it was over 200. i wish for this price i could have had more then one camera. The camera is stationary, but when he moves, as a 6 month old does, i have to either readjust him or the camera, and it would be nice if a second one covered the other area.

Gracie Rifle, CO

nice monitor, would like “clip on”

This monitor works really well, and the charge lasts a good amount of time. I would have liked if the monitor had a clip on feature so I could put it on a wider range of surfaces. Or have the option to have batteries for the monitor portion (so I wouldn’t need to be near an outlet). Otherwise, no complaints about the quality of the monitor.

Yvonne Hickman, TN

Perfect camera to keep an eye on both kids

I bought this along with an extra camera. One camera is in my 2 year olds room and the other is right next door in my newborns room. They work perfectly. I can keep the monitor on one room at a time and switch back and forth manually or there is a scan option that rotates from camera to camera on an 8 second rotation. There is the ability to add up to 4 cameras to this monitor. The green light on the top of the camera was distracting to my 2 year old, so I covered it so you can’t see it.

Madelyn Peridot, AZ

Great monitor…

We’ve had this monitor for 7mos now… got as a baby shower gift (registered for it based on advise from a friend)- and it’s worked great!!! We even used it early for around 1mos before our baby arrives to see what the cat did at night- haha. Plus it helped us determine if it was any good before using it with our daughter. It’s worked great so far! No real complaints… one small thing is it’s pretty loud- even on the lowest volume. So we put tape over the speaker to help- and now it’s perfect. So nice to see and hear our baby girl during the day or night… 🙂

Juliana Koosharem, UT

Does the job

I like this, have had no issues with it, easy to use, nice size monitor, I can keep it in bed between me and my husband. The daytime color works ok, but I think for the price it is a nice video unit.

Hannah Chester, IL

Not happy

I received this video monitor as a gift for our second baby. I was very pleased with this product for 15 months…..then, it stopped working. The monitor part randomly stopped showing the video, then shortly stopped working completely. I emailed Summer about the situation. I did not have receipts from the original purchase. For this reason and because the unit was “too old”, I could not get a replacement. They were willing to give me a “great” discount though and buy another monitor for $109 (plus shipping)…..Thanks.I ended up buying another monitor only because we already have mutliple cameras in each kids’ room. I am sure saving all my receipts this time around. I think if I was starting out again, I would *probably* buy a different brand.The picture on this moitor is exceptional. When my son was a newborn, I could actually see his chest moving up/down and was very reassuring. I am very happy with its quality, just not its longevitiy. It sounds like there are mutliple of us that have had it stop working after a year or so. Buyer beware of this!Amendment 12/10/13 – The 2nd monitor I purchased on Amazon broke a few weeks ago. Completely just stopped working. I contacted Summer Infant. I had to email a picture of my Amazon receipt. They sent me a prepaid shipping label to send the broken monitor back. The customer service rep at Summer Infant said that they would replace the monitor. This will be our 3rd monitor in 2 1/2 years. If you decide to get this system, SAVE ALL RECEIPTS. I am not sure how long it will take to get this 3rd monitor. I will update my review if the process does not go smoothly.

Robin Williamstown, MA

Not great

I am already on my second monitor. Had the first one for 4 months or so and all of a sudden the monitor just quit. It still had sound but no video. The video image skips at times and is not very clear at all. The sound is very good though. I owned an older model Summer Video Monitor for my son which lasted about 2 years before the camera completely died, that one had a LOT of static but the video image was much clearer and didn’t skip. I am trying this second monitor, Amazon was amazing and replaced the broken monitor immediately, but if it dies i am getting my money back and going with a different brand.

Brandy Fombell, PA

Great for small apartment but, not a house

The monitor will go out of range if I go to the opposite end of the house or in the basement & I won’t be able to hear the baby. In addition, it has a short battery life & must be charged every fee days with minimal use.

Jackie Kinmundy, IL

Not bad..

We bought this monitor and started using it for my son when he was about 3 months old. Since then, it has been used every day, twice a day(nap time, bed time). He is now 2 1/2 and a month ago, the monitor stopped working while it was not connected to the charger; not a big deal. As of yesterday, there is no display, but you can still hear what is going on in the room. For using it as often as we do, I am happy with how the monitor has worked.The only problem we had before it stopped working was interferance. We had to turn the handset off when we wanted to be on the internet or watch netflix.

Beulah Russellville, SC

poor audio quality

We have purchased and tested over 13 different video monitors, and the only one that doesn’t hiss so loud I can’t hear my baby is the Levana Stella.

Nora Taftville, CT

No problems

We’ve been using this almost 6 months and added an additional camera so we could view two different rooms. We have had no problems with it at all. I only wish it had a feature where I could talk back to my preschooler.

Sonya Frankfort, KS


I’m very surprise it doesn’t have at least a 4-star overall rating.We received this monitor as a baby shower gift and I was a bit skeptical about it because I wanted the $200+ monitor but to my surprise this one worked perfectly. We have a 2-story house so it’s nice to let baby nap in her room with door shut and still be able to see why she’s crying for making noises. Batterie last too. The carry-on monitor is small so I actually clip it on my pj’s and go outside to water the grass while baby is asleep inside.I’m a fan. Must have!

Jacklyn Long Beach, WA

Camera Died :/

Camera died within 6 months of purchase. I called and they are sending me a new camera but I have to wait until they receive my faulty one in the mail and then wait a couple more days for the new one to ship. Kind of a bummer.Picture quality is not terrific. I purchased this because it was on sale, but kinda wish I sprung for a nicer one. You get what you pay for. You only get a color picture if the room is completely lit and even then the colors are extremely muted – not vibrant.Was somewhat pleased before it died, now I’m just irritated.

Marcella Lemhi, ID

Buy something else – this does not last

The cord that plugs our camera into the wall has a short circuit for the third time. Literally every time we take this monitor on vacation and plug it into the wall the camera stops working, leaving us without a monitor when we need it most. Summer infant has been good about replacing the cord, but it takes 7-10 business days, and being without a monitor all that time is a big hassle.I will not buy another monitor from Summer Infant

Juanita La Valle, WI