Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard

Summer Infant Secure Surround 6-Panel PlaySafe Playard

The Summer Infant Playsafe Playard helps parents create a safe play area that is easy to set up, lightweight, and conveniently portable. The six secure plastic panels form a complete enclosure for your child or pet.

Main features

  • Freestanding and portable for use inside or outdoors
  • 18.5 square foot playard, stands tall at 30 inches
  • Walk-thru door for easy access
  • Lightweight plastic, portable with carry handle
  • Neutral colors blend with home’s décor

Verified reviews


Works Better Than I Thought

When my husband picked this out for our 13.5 month old twins, I was skeptical, especially after some of the reviews, but we opted to give it a try. We wanted something that didnt have to be closed but could be extended to close off a very large doorway, but then could be closed if we needed it to be. This seemed to fit the bill.Taking it out of the box, it was preassembled, which was nice, and very lightweight. I opened it up and, without reading the directions, realized how to tighten and loosen it. So, it was very easy. But it is flimsy. As I sat it up, my mother-in-law and I shook our heads and lamented that it probably wouldnt work. But in came my monkeys and, once the realized the gate was there, they used it to stand up on, but that was it. They didnt try to climb it and, when it teetered, they backed away. All in all, I’d give it a 7-8 out of 10.Afterwards, I tried closing it and it is SMALL! I was hoping to let them both play in it, but it is just too tiny. It’s no bigger than a playpen, although the walls are higher. So, instead of ordering the extension, I’m just ordering a second one. They are made such that you can link them together. So, that will give us a decent size play area that is fully contained. In size, it gets a 4 out of 10, but in flexibility with sizing, a 9 out of 10.Finally, we selected this one because it can be staked to the ground outside and can function as an indoor/outdoor playyard. While we havent used this feature yet (and hence I can’t rate our experience thus far), it was one of the things that led us to selecting this item.

Carissa Gould City, MI

Kiddy prison – For their safety and your sanity!

I was fully against kiddy prisons until I had twins. You can’t possibly be everywhere at once and they plot against you. After a chipped tooth and a black eye, we invested in one of these and foam matting to get us through the new walker phase. It was a godsend. They had cruise handles to walk around, toys that dangled and were just content. We used it for a few months then put it away just before their first birthday (they walked very early.) Now it is our tree fort to keep out babies from touching presents and pulling/chewing on lights.One thing was that it was shipped broken, so examine it carefully when it comes in but the replacement was here a few days later.

Casey Tontogany, OH

Okay, but definitely not great.

The good thing about this play yard is that it easily folds up and is a cinch to travel with or put into storage.The bad things about it are that mainly that my daughter was able to move the play yard around the ENTIRE living room. In order to stop that foolishness, I had to tie the gate to a sofa leg and a bookshelf leg. That was the only way it was stabilized enough so that she couldn’t move it. Also – the knobs that are supposed to tighten up and make the desired shape more stable? Well, they don’t really tighten that well. I’m a strong woman, and I gave it every ounce of strength I had, and let me tell you – that thing folded up first chance it got. No matter how tight you think you’ve go tit, it isn’t tight enough.Overall, it’s an alright gate. It certainly wasn’t what we hoped it would be […]. It was a step up from the Pack ‘n Play, and it did allow my daughter to gain more confidence with the way she walked.

Monica Harmans, MD

Rough plastic edges cut my baby!

I used this play yard for a couple weeks, until my baby, who is just learning to pull up to a standing position, fell and cut his head open on the rough plastic edges that stick out on the frame! It’s also not very sturdy, and super easy to push around, so when my son would try to use it to pull up, it would slide around the floor. I’m returning this and getting a different type of enclosure for my son to play in that is safer.

Fern Millican, TX


This gate is easy to use and very light. It gives a good amount of space when put into a circle and it is nice that it can be used inside or out. The material is strong and sturdy. We have been using it as a room divider for our animals as it can be opened and spread out flat like a fence. It is perfect and I am sure we will have many more years of use.

Elisa Gainesville, FL

Very secure

The height of this play yard is awesome! My daughter is 7 months, and 26 in tall. I can’t see her being able to climb over this any time soon (or my 2 dogs being able to get her toys). I wish I had bought the extension for this though (and probably will). It has a decent amount of room inside, but I could use more because she basically doesn’t let me out of her sight, and I have to sit inside with her most of the time. The play yard is very easy to fold up and transport, and stores easily. The only real negative for me is the space inside. Otherwise it is great!

Georgette Fremont, MO

Extremely Happy!

We recently purchased this play yard for our 12 month old son. I am sooo happy we bought it, it is a lifesaver. Our son loves his pack n play – thats is where we would put him when we would need to shower, do laundry, etc. I wanted him to have some more space to roam around, so we were looking into many play yards. I have been looking on craigslist in my area for quite some time now, and most people are asking around $50 for a used gate, so why not check amazon for a brand new one! Can’t beat $50 plus free shipping!This Play Yard has so many positives… It is very sturdy when it is together in the octagon shape. We also use it spred open to block off the hallway and the stairs to go upstairs, and it fits all the way across our living room. It is very sturdy this way too. The gate is very easy to open and close. There is absolutely no assembly required, it comes ready to go in the box, plus on top of that it is very lightweight. It is so nice being able to attach links and other hanging toys to the gates holes, and throw a few toys in there and let him walk around and play while I can make dinner, do laundry, clean the house, etc. LIFESAVER! :)I read some other reviews that said their child could push the gate, crawl underneath, or climb it. Well I haven’t had any of these problems. Our son is 12 months old, and 24lbs. He leans against the gate, and it still holds up. There is no way he could crawl underneath, not sure what other people are talking about.. and believe it or not he is a climber on everything, but there is no way he could climb up and over this gate. It is very tall, it is hard for me to get over it when it is blocking the doorway, and I am 5’11 with very long legs! Some gates were shorter in height, and that is one thing I wasn’t looking for, I wanted to make sure there was no way out. This product is everything I was hoping for, it holds up to my expectations. I highly recommend this playgate!

Constance Spring Church, PA


We have 2 of these. They are a must. Great color and I very much dislike the primary colored gates. We needed to keep our young crawler and now toddler away from a gas fireplace in the winter and a console with electronics on it. They come apart and are adjustable which is great.

Michelle Selah, WA

Great for taking apart and using as a fireplace guard

Our one year old never sits still and is too big for a pack n play. We also have an open floor plan so we are always trying to find a way to keep him in the living room. We broke this gate up in to two (3) piece gates, and used one to guard the fireplace and the other to block off the living room. Works great! The gate is of good quality and is sturdy.

Lisa West Paducah, KY

Love it!

We bought this for our daughter, works very well, feels well made compared to other brands, folds smoothly and easily, unlike other brands, taller than others (which is good for us), and lighter as well. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Edythe New Memphis, IL

Does the job

It does the job. We use it to section off an area from our front room. Our daughter doesn’t try to pull on it, instead it just acts as a barrier. If you are looking for something sturdy this probably isn’t it if you are planning on using it as a divider. If you are using it as a play pen, it is great.

Clara Miles, TX

Wonderful solution!

This gate system is great for oddly shaped rooms or doorways. We used it to wrap around the entrance of a basement with a curved stairway and it worked GREAT! Each piece comes off individually so you can make multiple gates using just this product. The gates are sturdy but they are plastic so the little ones can push them pretty easily.

Kaye Woodruff, WI

Do the research first!

For a while I loved this play yard, because it gave baby so much room and it’s easy to set up, fold and move. However, I just caught my 10 month old trying to climb out of it AND SUCCEEDING! I was looking in on him every minute or so, luckily, because at some point I looked in and he was at the top! So make sure when you use this play yard to watch baby closely and make sure they aren’t able to climb out.Update: I will be contacting the company about this ASAP, as baby being able to climb out would not be a problem if the walls of this product were designed/positioned differently. The walls are made up of oval-shaped holes which are in a diagonal pattern. WRONG DESIGN! If only the holes were patterned VERTICALLY, I believe babies would not be able to get enough toes into a vertically positioned oval hole as to be able to climb out, especially while wearing socks or other foot covering. The way these oval holes are currently patterned, might as well make the walls out of ladders.*Contacted the company, they informed me that I could return this play yard to them in exchange for their other play yard, which has smaller holes. The thing is, shipping this play yard back to the company would cost more than buying it on Amazon, so I am stuck with it. Now I use it to keep baby in the living room and it works fine. Actually, it being kinda flimsy helps to help keep him in, because he doesn’t want to climb up something unstable. And I’ve found that baby can’t climb the walls of this play yard with shoes on. So bottom line, it works for some purposes under certain circumstances. Do as much research as you can before investing in this.

Veronica Lena, IL


So. I just received this item in the mail. It is WAY BIGGER than I expected it to be. Its not bad, but we have a small living room so its really hard to maneuver around. Other than that my son loves it. There’s plenty of room for him and all his toys. Plus, it keeps him from trying to stick his fingers in outlets or chew on power cords. Which obviously is good.

Pam Skanee, MI

Very large space

The actual space with in 6 gates is huge, especially if you put two gates against a wall instead of connecting them together. You can anchor the gates to the wall with kid-proofing straps.The gates don’t fold or move back and forth easliy. They click in a way that feels like you are breaking them or forcing them to adjust the angle. I loosened the cap in the directions but they are still difficult to fold. Detaching them was not difficult, however. I detached two to section off a portion of our back porch. Very handy, lightweight and versatile. My 7 month old doesn’t seem to mind them horribly just yet.

Chelsea Ebro, FL

Great product

I love that you can pull sections of this off and use in other spots to close off an area. Solid construction.

Ebony Santiago, MN

Good design, works well

I bought this same playpen from another website and it is very useful. Don’t expect the world and you will not be disappointed. We bought this so that he will not crawl everywhere while my wife is making dinner/doing anything for longer than 5 seconds. The design works well and the handle is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. I would not call it “flimsy” since I can lean againist it without it bending much (200 pounds) but it is not real sturdy, either. We put weights (wrapped in bubble-wrap), on the inside near the edges, so that he could not move it. If we did not, then he could it accros the room, eventually. It is plastic, so it will never be a strong as metal but I don’t want my kid falling head-first into metal. He likes standing next to it and holding himself up while looking at us. I think it will definately help him learn to walk faster since he can cruise around when he is ready. As far as climbing out…I really don’t see how that is a big issue. The openings are pretty small and his feet really don’t fit without shoes. Of course, you can just put shoes on him and they have no chance of fitting. If you expect a plastic play-pen that will contain a child well, with a handle that takes a little practice, you will be happy.

Christian Shamokin, PA

Great and sturdy

Great! Big enough so I did not need the 8-sided gate. It goes in any jape you want and my child (11 months) pulls up on it and walks along it while holding on and it is sturdy. Easy to pack up. Thick to hold but we will take this with us to the beach this summer to have near the pool.

Marlene Glen, NH

this gate is handy

We don’t really use this as a play yard. We section off end table’s, the trash can, dog food is what we use these for. It’s tall I wish it was heavier, but it’s a great set of gates.

Elisabeth Denton, MT

Great gate

I love this gate. I can change and move it wherever and put it into pretty much any shape I want. Downside is that it’s not very sturdy, so my 10 month old son can pull it over on himself.

Dorthy Rainsville, NM


Bought the 6 pc one, and it’s kind of small when all connected so I use this open as a blocker. The gate is difficult to open, you have to lift the hand and pull it apart and that gets kind of tricky. Either than that this serves its purpose

Stefanie Preston, ID

This is awesome

I actually set this up in our living room. We had a nice size area for the baby’s play stuff. It’s like his own little room within the living room. He loves it. I leave the gate open when I’m right next to him but can close it easily when I need to go to another room for a minute. It’s definitely a nice sized play area that you can feel secure about putting your little on in. I did anchor the play area so that even if he pushed on the sides later when he gets bigger there is no way for it to move and that is something that needs to be done with any of these type of playards whether indoor or outdoor. I hung toys all over my sons so he goes from pannel to pannel with new activities on each side.

Lilian Yatesville, GA

Safe gate system

The play yard gate system works well. It is a little taller than I expected. The design is good that my daughter can’t stick her hands or feet in the openings so I don’t have to worry about her climbing out. I can open and close it with one hand which is nice. I would recommend this product. Good value.

Debora Peetz, CO

Very Happy.

We use this to guard around our fire places and I am very happy with the product. It works well and was worth the price.

Jeanie Moorcroft, WY

Great for babies who do not walk yet

This play yard is not bad but it is not sturdy when the door is open. My son really enjoyed walking while pushing the whole fence across our living room floor. He was able to climb up and around it no problem by the time he was 10 months old. It is light weight which is nice when you need to transport it but not when you need to keep a child in one place. We ended up just using it outside at that point.I would highly recommend you buy the panel extension kit as it is not very big. With the two panels it seemed to be just thh right size for my son and all of his toys.

Mindy Blue Ridge, VA

Very Helpful!

I bought this gate a couple months ago. My son was not yet crawling, but he could scooch himself wherever he needed to go. It was perfect for keeping him in one place with all his toys, and away from the tables and plants that he was wanting to get into.However, as he got older, and learned to crawl and get around more quickly, I felt bad sticking him in here. There really isn’t much room to move around (I can’t even imagine putting TWO children in this). I ordered the two panel extension, but never received it (they canceled my order…argh!). Having to improvise, I used my couch as a natural barrier on one side, and attached each end of the gate to each end of my couch. It gave him TONS of room! Now he can crawl all over the living room without getting into anything, and the gate’s sturdy enough that he can’t move it or knock it over. It’s a HUGE help!

Jacquelyn Tussy, OK

good item

We liked this play yard but the addition of the extension panels really made it much better. Our son is quite a big boy and I when I would sit with him in this play yard I felt like we had almost no room to play and crawl. Add a few toys and I got to be worried about his safety falling on one of the blocks or toys. The extension pieces really helped.

Ann Ridgeway, WI

Great gate

My stairs are difficult to block with a traditional gate so I split this gate in two in order to be able to keep my little one away from the stairs. I love the latch that comes with it, my 1 year old has figured most everything out but not this latch!

Florence Renwick, IA

Very useful!

These gates have been incredibly useful. We use them to create a barrier rather than as a play yard. They are great for keeping out 13 month old away from the TV and the desk and computer. They are very sturdy.The latch for the gate seems to work better from one side than the other though, so sometimes it is a little tricky to open.

Lorena Lahaska, PA

Summer Infant vs. Northgates Play Yard

I was looking for a good solution for keeping my twins reined in while outside. They are 15 months old and toddling around everywhere. I ended up getting two of these six-panel sets, and I am very happy that I did. It was so easy to connect them together- the latches easily connect each set to eachother, so you don’t have to do anything permanent like if you just got the 2-panel extension set. And the 12-panel blocks off a large area- I was surprised at how huge it was!I already own a Northgates play yard which is 8 panels. That is a great size for inside, but I wanted more room outside. Plus two of those gates snapped because the pieces that hold the gates together get stiff when you are trying to adjust them (Granted, I have had this gate for years). The Summer gate shouldn’t have this problem- see below. The Northgate is also much more expensive if you want extra room. I got 12 panels for not much more than the Northgates 8-panel.Material: The gates are both made of similar material, plastic. They feel basically the same all-around to me. Thin plastic in the middle, thicker and sturdier on the outside.Size of panels: Both panels are the same width, but the Summer is a good amount higher. I like the fact that I can step over the Northgates, but for security, higher is better I suppose. It probably makes them seem flimsier, though, since there is more area in the middle which is made of thinner plastic.Adjusting: Northgates has a piece on each hinge that helps each section “snap” into position. I have had two of these break, and that whole hinge breaks off so you cannot connect that side any longer. Summer has a similar construction, but these pieces either screw down or up to adjust them, so there would be no reason for them to break (unless you forget to loosen them).Moving: The weight of both is similar, but the Summer should be easier to move because the panels move more easily due to what I explained above. I also like the strap. I bought these for our back yard, but I can see taking at least one other places to keep my twins from running everywhere.All in all, I feel the Summer is a better deal than the Northgates. I’m sure they both have their flaws, but they are very comparable in quality and function, so for me, it came down to the price difference.However, the price is only better if you are going for the 12-panel size. Six-panel would be way too small (that’s how the Northgate used to be, but now they just sell it with 8), so buying this plus a $36 extra two panels is no bargain- you might as well get both sets, and even if you don’t need all the panels, you could use the extra to block off a room, tv, fireplace, etc. Or buy one set for a crawler, then get another one once they are walking. Because trust me, they’ll want the extra room.

Christine Caretta, WV