Summer Infant Secure Surround Playsafe Playard

Summer Infant Secure Surround Playsafe Playard

For an easy way to keep your child in a certain area, the Summer Infant SecureSurround Portable Playsafe Playard creates a large area of 18-1/2 square feet with a convenient walk through door panel that swings open in both directions. Made from weather-resistant plastic, the 30-inch-tall playard is easy to set up without tools. The playard features a convenient carry handle and shoulder strap so you can tote it anywhere.

Main features

  • Inside area measures 18.5 square feet and stands 27”, 68cm tall
  • Convenient walk-thru door with handle for quick access to child
  • Door swings in both directions
  • Lightweight for easy portability, includes shoulder strap
  • Neutral colors blend with home décor

Verified reviews


Good but…

This is a great concept. But it is not great if you have a child that is larger. Our son is already 31" and 23Lbs at 10 months, and he can take this down. I use hooks to latch it from the kitchen to the opening of the family room. There is no other gate that could possibly be used for such a significant space so it does work that way, but it is really too light to be used effectively without immediate supervision for a child larger than about 18-20lbs max.

Juana West New York, NJ

I Was so excited about this playard.. Big disappointment

I ordered this to be a “Safe” playard for my very active 10 month old. Upon opening the package I realized how cheap this item is – causing it to be quite unsafe in my opinion. The material if very thin, wobbly even. We tested it out by putting my daughter inside and she immediately wanted to use the sides of the gate to help her stand. This gate literally began to tip over. When I barely push down on one of the panels it bends and wobbles because there is nothing secure about the structure (or material) with this product. This is nothing like other baby gates I’ve ever seen. We have already began processing the return to Amazon so we can exchange for a new, safer, playard. ::Sigh:: I was so excited too 🙁

Bettye Spencer, WV

Works okay

This does work when it’s connected to itself, but otherwise it is not very sturdy. My parents have a different summer infant gate that is thicker and stands up better, even when not connected to itself.

Judy Goliad, TX

Just OK

Easy to assemble. Not small, not large size. Two kids can fit in and play. Three kids would make it a crowd and I think the only game they can play is a staring contest or cards.My son is 8 months old and drags it in any direction he pleases to. He is more interested in getting over the fence (escaping, his dad says) than staying inside and play.So, not so sturdy, and if the little one is not absorbed in any activity, I cannot make it safely to the bathroom for a minute.The good part is that you can use it to contain areas. The good part is that is a break from the small play yard. I needed it, I bought it, I am content with it simply because I cannot afford to spend more on this.Maybe it is better for placing it outside (on the grass or a foamy floor).Overall, I recommend it.

Casandra Inland, NE

A bit too light weight

I bought this play yard to take camping to confine my 2 10 pound dogs. It will work for that. It’s okay, but I probably wouldn’t have picked it if I saw it in person before I bought it. This one was priced a bit high for the quality. If you are looking for a play yard for your kids I would get something better. This one is very light weight and flimsy. It’s a bit too light weight. When my daughter was small I had a different play yard – a super play yard – with taller panels and a much heavier weight plastic. I liked that one much better.

Juliet Long Barn, CA

Poor quality, not attractive

We bought this to protect our Christmas tree from our 12-month-old. It arrived and had scratches all over the top and bottom. It is also pretty significantly bowed. The color is neutral but still manages to be an ugly shade of beige. Even though it is already constructed, I wrestled with it for quite a bit when trying to set it up around the tree and eventually had to yell for my husband. For the money I expected more and if it wasn’t such a pain to return I would send it back and get the North States Superyard. I’m giving it 2 stars since it does actually do the job of keeping my strong one-year-old from attacking the tree but overall I am very disappointed.

Margot Stromsburg, NE

It did the job but barely

It did the job of keeping kids and dogs from the Christmas tree but it was very flimsy. I wouldn’t want to use it long term but it worked for a couple of weeks.

Gail Rock View, WV


I use this gate to keep my tot away from the basement stairs and also to pin her in when we are in the garden. It’s pretty easy to move around, which is a great feature.

Rachel West Bethel, ME

Pretty good gate. Good price compared to other gates. It’s not too flimsy. a pretty decent length, we ended up using it as a fence rather then a circle, the inside just seemed too small for a growing child to play in

Elsie Water Mill, NY