Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor, Grey

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor, Grey

The Summer Infant Sleek & Secure Handheld Color Video Monitor is a hip new monitor designed to look like a cell phone. Features 2.5″ color LCD screen with black & white night vision. 100% digital technology, LED sound lights and 4-way split screen allows you to view up to 4 rooms at a time (additional camera purchase required). 10-hour rechargeable battery included.

Main features

  • 2.5″ color video display
  • Ability to view up to 4 cameras at one time (additional camera purchase is required)
  • Talk back feature allows parents to talk to baby while in nursery
  • Low battery indicator
  • 2.4 ghz digital technology

Verified reviews


Just far we love it!

Update two years later: So the monitor just stopped working at 11 months. I was disappointed but got lucky we were still within the warranty period. I’m downgrading my review from 5 to 4 since this happened, but I still think it gets a 4 because the company was very responsive. Not only did they send me a new one, but they sent me a better model with two cameras.This is our first baby monitor.We bought this monitor after reading extensive reviews. The Summer Infant handheld day and night monitor was highly rated, but people complained that others who owned the same monitor could actually see your baby which freaked me out a little. So we bought this newer “secure” version even though we couldn’t find any reviews on it. So far, so good. Sound and picture quality are good enough if not great and sound quality is amazing (my husband and I could hear each other whispering clearly when the volume was only on level 2). The design is awesome (the monitor is the size of a cell phone which fits perfectly on our nightstand). Bonus: you can add up to 3 additional cameras and there is a “talk” button so you can talk to your child without entering the room.I’m not sure about the battery life or how long this unit will last (I’m hoping years and years), so I can’t rate it based on that, but I love everything else.

Dayna Bolton, MA

Great Product and Great Customer Service

My son is now 6 months old and this has been a life saver. I am able to still have cookouts and be outside, while still being able to watch my son while he sleeps. The ability to talk back to him and quiet him down if needed is really handy as well. After 6 months of use, the A/C adaptor has taken quite a beating and has difficulty charging unless we have something holdint it the monitor, but it is quite a pain. I called Summer Infant’s Customer Serivice and less than 5 minutes later FOR FREE they are shipping me a new A/C adaptor. Amazing! So easy! I will order stuff in the future from Summer Infant definitely!

Gretchen Manchester, WA

Short-lived. Not good value for money

Since this model has been discontinued, my review is fairly pointless but I had to express my disappointment with how short-lived the product has turned out to be.I bought this 1.5yrs ago and was hoping to use it for my second child as well (who is due in the next few months), but no such luck. The handheld can no longer locate the signal for the camera, and when it does find it (after the good old re-plug of the camera), it loses the signal in 10 seconds even if I am standing with the handheld right next to the camera. Upon calling customer service, I was told the model has been discontinued and therefore there is no way to buy a replacement handheld (the service rep was positive the handheld is the issue) from Summer Infant. She suggested I contact Amazon, but it doesn’t seem like they carry those either.So I suppose I should be thankful it lasted me a year and a half, but for almost $200, I was expecting the product to last a while longer. And more importantly, I was extremely disappointed with the company’s laissez-faire attitude to my issue.

Bessie Panama, IA

Very helpful!

My husband decided to get us a video monitor opposed to a regular sound monitor. Boy, I’m glad he made that decision – being the worrywart that I am, I am always able to check up on my son without having to walk into his room and potentially wake him up if he sees me.One of the cons is that there is a short battery life if you use the picture function a lot. I would find that I could use the monitor in the evenings and then it would die halfway through the night. I haven’t really gone very far with the monitor, but it still worked great when I was in my backyard with the windows & doors shut.From about 2 1/2 months I just left the monitor plugged in and on my nightstand so I can checkup on my DS when he stirrs in the middle of the night. He’s 6 months old now, and the monitor still comes in handy. Right now, the monitor sits on a table next to the crib. As my DS gets older, we’ll have to find another way to mount the camera without drilling holes in anything. I forsee us using this for a long time.

Ola South Colton, NY

Works but not the best video quality

I ended up returning this product because after setting it up and using it the video quality was very poor–not something I would expect with the price. The only thing I did like about this monitor was the size because the hand held portion was very slim. I also didn’t realize that once you set up the video portion you cannot change the position of it from the hand held so if your baby moves you must come in to adjust it. I ended up spending a few more dollars and getting the “best view” by Summer from Amazon which confirmed how horrible the video quality was on this one because the quality on the other model was 100% better. I would recommend trying a different model if video quality is what you are looking for (and if you are buying a video monitor I’m sure that’s important!!!).

Vicky Frost, MN


I previously had the Suummer Infant handheld monitor with a 1.8″ screen and it worked great other than occasional static. When I had my second baby I needed another camera and on a whim decided to “upgrade” to this set instead (I got the set that comes with dual cameras). While the daytime vision is pretty clear, night time vision is nearly worthless. I placed the camera in the exact same spot where I had my previous camera and I can’t see anything at night whereas the night vision from the cheaper set was very clear. Also, in both day and night modes there is a lag…like with a cheap web cam…movement looks like it’s in slow motion. Very annoying and I didn’t have this problem with the previous one either. All in all I’m disappointed that I didn’t just get an extra camera for the one I had…this one definitely isn’t worth the money.

Erna George West, TX

Expensive Junk

Seriously, save your $$$$ & buy something different. I wanted a video monitor that had a long range. I wanted a handheld screen that I could carry in the backyard & be able to hear the baby crying. This is supposed to have a 200 foot range.
• Maybe
• if its a direct line & the signal doesn’t have to go through walls. Our first try was with the camera in the living room & the monitor on the back porch, about a 7 foot distance. Horrible reception at best. Both the sound & video was fading in & out. We now have it set up in the nursery (upstairs) & the monitor in our bedroom (downstairs). Still, horrible signal. Unless we have the monitor in JUST the right position, we keep losing signal. To get signal, we literally have the monitor dangling from a lampshade. The sound still cuts in & out, giving it a choppy sound. The monitor is
• supposed
• to be color. 90% of the time, the picture comes in as black & white. Very rarely do I get a color picture. The volume & other buttons are nearly impossible to figure out. I’m not sure if the next flaw is just related to this brand or all video monitors… get a decent shot of the baby, we have to stand the camera on the end post of the crib. So unless you have a shelf RIGHT next to the crib, you wont be able to see much. I received mine as a gift at my baby shower months before the baby was born. Otherwise, I would have returned this piece of junk immediately.

Lizzie Jacksboro, TX

We love ours!

I was surprised to see so many bad reviews of this product. We love ours! There was a recall on the battery for overheating. We never had an issue with ours, but Summer Products sent us a new one within a few days of ordering it (free of charge, of course). We use this monitor whenever our baby is in his crib. Having the video feature is probably not necessary, but it is helpful to see what’s going on at all times. For instance, sometimes he cries when we put him in his crib and it’s hard to tell if he’s going to cry for a few minutes and go to sleep or if he’s going to cry and cry and cry and is not going to sleep. With the video feature, we can SEE if he’s lying down and crying or standing up and crying or if he’s thrown all of his toys and blankets out of the crib (this means he’s NOT going to sleep). This way, we can look for the ‘signs’ of sleep. Also, sometimes he just does really funny things in his crib and we get to see what he’s up to… like when he’s ‘talking’ to his toy lion, etc. In a pitch black room, the video turns to black and white, but you can still view your baby. Also, the LCD screen turns itself off after a few minutes, which is nice. To turn it back on, just tap the top button. Sound quality is excellent. Range is just okay. I lose a signal when I go outside more than 15 feet away from the back door. But, it works great throughout our 2000 square feet home.

Alisa Rehoboth, MA