Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor Dual Receiver

Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor Dual Receiver

For parents looking for a audio only monitor that provides superior quality and reception there’s the Summer Infant Simply Clear Digital Audio Monitor. It has all the basic features an audio monitor with a sleek, modern design.

Main features

  • Digital Technology; Parent unit: 400′ range, AC adapter included
  • Low battery indicator, power on/off indicator/switch, volume control, visual sound lights
  • Baby unit: AC powered, power on/off indicator/switch

Verified reviews


WOW…this blue light WILL NOT cause Macular Degeneration

I love people. Every review I read here says something boring about how bright the blue monitor lights are. Seriously, people? Come on. At best, these lights are as bright as the single blue power indicator on my electric toothbrush; hardly even worth noting. Believe me, if this light was disruptive and causing any extra sleep loss, I wouldn’t be using it. Period. I can only imagine neurotic first time parents in their beds at night leering in terror at this almost non-existent blue light. If you aren’t so exhausted when you hit your pillow in the rare times that you have an opportunity to sleep, then you’re doing something wrong during the day.Anyway, the monitor works totally fine. You can hear your baby just fine.Come on, guys…let’s hold it together. We have at least 18 more years of fretting.

Effie Center, CO

Good sound, poor design

We bought this monitor with our third child. After trying a less expensive brand/model we decided to spend a little more money hoping for a better monitor. This one delivers great quality sound with no static or interference. The fact that it is digital as opposed to analog probably makes a big difference.We used this monitor for about 3 weeks before taking it back to the store. Here are the reasons we decided not to keep it:-The volume control is a plus/minus button. The quietest increment before mute was still pretty loud. I’m a light sleeper when I have a newborn and I don’t like hearing her every grunt and sigh. It wakes me up. I just want to hear her when she cries and is awake.-The volume control buttons beep when you push them. This is really annoying if you are turning it up or down in the middle of the night and your spouse is still sleeping.-The power indicator light is a super bright blue LED. It was like having a night light on in our room. Seriously, it’s really bright.I honestly wonder if these products are ever tested by actual parents of babies. Anyway, if you don’t mind the bright light in your bedroom at night and the beeping volume buttons then this monitor works just fine.

Virginia Toponas, CO

SO much static, I cannot hear the baby. Hence, almost worthless

I researched a lot of monitors and, like humidifiers, there doesn’t seem to be a great, moderately priced option. I bit the bullet and went with this one, and I’m thinking of returning it to the manufacturer because this is getting ridiculous. I’ve owned it for a few months and at first it didn’t bother me. I think this is because I had a newborn and we never left her alone much so we used the monitor minimally. Now that my daughter is a bit older and napping in her crib, it would be nice to be able to hear her. We need to be able to hear her when she stirs so we can go in and try to comfort her back to sleep before she completely wakes up and starts screaming. Unfortunately, there is such loud static that we can only hear her if she’s screaming her head off. Small noises are lost in all the static. By the time we get to her, it’s too late and she’s fully awake and upset. There is also a bunch of random beeping going on (even though the units are charged and the base is plugged in and turned on, so…?). The blue lights aren’t as annoying as many of the reviews claim, but the static is incredible. We live in a moderate sized corner apartment, so static and range shouldn’t be an issue at all. What I hate is that the monitors don’t do their one duty – let me listen to my baby! If you want to be safe and able to listen to your infant, look elsewhere.Update: I returned the unit due to all the problems. The company gave me some grief about how I must be too dense to understand signal channels crossing with other electronics, but I told them I have the Sony monitor that works JUST FINE. What the heck, Summer Infant? I’m supposed to keep all laptops and cell phones completely off in order for the monitor to function?! Funny how the other monitor has ZERO reception problems.Bottom line: This thing is dangerous. It turns off without warning. I think my baby is being monitored and then I realize that the monitor turns off! I had this problem with both sets, plus the static. I can safely say I didn’t just get a “bad one” but rather the poor design makes it ineffective and dangerous to use if you depend on it to, ya know, MONITOR the baby.

Flora Rebecca, GA

Fits our Needs

We just wanted a regular baby monitor…no frills. Just one that works with reliable batteries and clear sound. We like this monitor just fine. I agree with the other reviewers that it does have a fairly bright blue light when it is turned on. At first I thought this was going to bug us…but let’s face it, with a three month old we are so exhausted it would take a lot more than a blue light to keep us up. It’s slim and portable and provides a very nice nightlight on the base part in our baby’s room. If you’re not looking for a video monitor, this one does the job just fine.Update….three months later.Still love these monitors. As time went on, and we were getting more sleep at night, we did notice the brightness of the blue light. On the monitor we keep in our bedroom, I put a small piece of black duct tape over the part of the monitor that shines the brightest (down at the bottom and across the power button). It doesn’t affect the function and diffuses the light a bit. The other monitor we keep in the living room, so the light is not an issue. Overall still pleased with our purchase.

Nadine Landenberg, PA

Great Quality Monitor, Batteries Not Very Good

Monitor works great. The sound quality is crystal clear. Those complaining of poor signal quality must have something interfering. Our bedroom is significantly far away from the nursery, but we have never had any issues with bad signal quality. We keep one in the bedroom, without the battery, and we keep one with the battery for roaming.Others have complained about the blue light… it doesn’t bother us, and the baby is used to it, since we have used it his entire life. we simply turn the monitor away from us.My only complaint is with the battery. it seems that we have to recharge it way too frequently. also, the instructions specify that when charging the battery, the light will turn off when it is charged… it has never done this. After using this product for 9 months, we have to charge the batteries overnight, pretty much every night.

Marguerite Joppa, AL

Overall pleased

I got this monitor to replace my old Graco that died after 2.5 years of use. I’m pretty happy with this one. Yes, the blue light on the front is fairly bright, but not any brighter than my old monitor; I just face it away from me at night so it isn’t staring at me whenever I turn over. The sound quality seems to be quite good and there is minimal back-ground noise. The blue lights on the sides also flash when baby makes loud enough noises, which can be handy if you’re in a noisy area and need the visual cues. The on/off buttons are tricky, in the sense that you have to hold the button down for about 1 second to turn it on and off (as stated in the directions).My only complaint is that the noise indicating that the battery has died or power has been lost is too quiet. We were trying to run down the rechargeable battery the first day (as instructed) and went to sleep with it on battery power. At some point the battery ran down and it never made a sound loud enough to wake me, and I’m quite a light sleeper.

Madeline Uniontown, AR

no frills, average baby monitor

We’ve had this monitor for 7 months now and I’ve had no major problems with it. It works well (meaning I can hear my son very well; I can even hear him breathing on the higher volume settings). Yes, the display is bright blue when in use, but I just turn it towards the wall in our master bedroom so then it doubles as a light to help me get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Yes, the parent monitors will beep if you don’t have the receiver plugged in or if they aren’t charged, but I’ve never had a problem with charging them. I really have no complaints for the monitor and the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has no additional features like some of the other audio monitors such as nursery temp or communications feature.

Callie Rothbury, MI

Reliable and inexpensive Monitor

I bought these for my 2nd child as we were still using our original monitor in our 1st child’s room. Not one problem after 8 months of use. I liked the sleek design and the price. We just wanted the basics. The part I keep by my bed is not too bright AT ALL. I was worried based on other’s reviews, and it is no problem at all. It’s a soft blue glow. There is a constant, quiet "white noise" background noise which I worried about at first but I can hear my son breathing over it. It’s no biggie. I thought it would cover up his noises but it doesn’t at all. My husband and I did some practice runs with it and you can hear a pin drop. It’s not a keep you up at night noise in my opinion but I do sleep with a fan on so if you are sensitive maybe it’ll bother you. There is no static or interference. My son has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube and I trust him in another room with this monitor. That should speak volumes. This monitor does exactly what it is supposed to. It’s great.

Phoebe Fort Necessity, LA


Everyone seems to be bothered by the blue lights… doesn’t bother us at all. These monitors are very good and have made me feel very confident that I will be made aware if my child needs me at all, even when I’m in the backyard and she’s in her room across the house.

Raquel Mountain Lake, MN

Excellent basic monitor

Very good basic monitor. It’s super, super clear. I can hear my baby breathing, which is nice peace of mind for a first-time parent. We have a really light sleeper, so it’s nice to know she’s still breathing without having to open the door and risk waking her. The battery charge lasts ages. I also like that it lights up when the baby cries — was very helpful when we were sleep training to be able to turn the volume down or off, and still know if she was making noise or not. As for the reviews complaining the light is too bright — that’s just silly — just face it away from you — it’s not as if it lights up a whole room. We’ve been using this a year now for a smaller home.

Octavia Drummond, MT