Summer Infant Slim&Secure Digital Audio Monitor

Summer Infant Slim&Secure Digital Audio Monitor

For parents looking for a audio only monitor that provides superior quality and reception there’s the Summer Infant Simply Clear Digital Audio Monitor. It has all the basic features an audio monitor with a sleek, modern design.

Main features

  • Digital Technology; Parent unit: 400′ range, AC adapter included
  • Low battery indicator, power on/off indicator/switch, volume control, visual sound lights
  • Baby unit: AC powered, power on/off indicator/switch

Verified reviews


Static, Static!

Crystal clear sound? Check. Yes, I can hear my baby breathing, but I can also HEAR a lot of nothing. Which is what I’m trying to avoid. In my dreams, no sound from the baby’s room would result in NO SOUND on the baby monitor. This one doesn’t do it.As far as the other reviews, the lights really aren’t that bothersome, and I am very sensitive to light when I go to bed. The static/white noise, however, is killer.If you like to sleep with a sound machine, maybe you would love this one. You can hear your baby AND constant white noise at the same time!

Marilyn Summerdale, PA

Super clear audio

We got this monitor because we wanted something simple that provided clear audio from our baby’s room. I hate laying awake at night, listening to static and white noise. This monitor worked wonderfully for us.Pros:-Crystal clear audio with very little white noise or static-Simple to use-Affordable-Lights that show noise level on the slides of the parent receiver-Able to mute all audio but still use lights to determine noise level-Baby transmitter has a nice blue glow at night very similar to a night light-Warning beeps when you go out of range or when the battery on the parent receiver is low.-Easy to adjust volume buttons right on the front of the parent receiverCons:-Power button on the parent unit takes a lot longer than you think it should to turn on. This doesn’t affect how it works; it’s just kind of annoying. You have to hold it for several seconds before it will turn on or off.-The parent receiver also has the blue lights that can be annoying at night. My husband puts it on his nightstand and then turns it towards the wall. This eliminates the glare from the lights, but we can still hear the baby.-Battery could be better. It does last quite a while, but not the entire night. We usually just plug it in every night and then use it with battery during the day. (Maybe runs about 5-6 hours on battery only).-Summer Infant customer service has not been the best when I have called them with questions. I’ve never had a problem with this monitor, but I have called about other products and they’re not terribly helpful.Overall, we’ve been very pleased and I would recommend this to others.

Irma Neelyton, PA

Awesome monitor – wish it had battery back up

We have two sets of these monitors for our kids – we just wish it had battery back up! Our power goes out frequently and it would be nice to not have to sneak back into their rooms to turn them back on in the middle of the night! We do love them though.

Sharon Harrisville, NH

Good monitor

This is a good monitor. We keep the handset pretty far away and have never had any issue with feedback. It seems to have a decent range, as well, and good battery life.

Maxine Buhler, KS

exactly what we were looking for

It’s a no-frills baby monitor that lets me hear my baby no matter where I am in the house or in the front or backyard. It’s small and tough, so it travels easily for holidays. There is a little bit of static, but if you keep the volume turned pretty far down and set the monitor a few feet away from you, it isn’t bothersome.

Christi Paluxy, TX

Great basic monitor for travel

We use this monitor when traveling as it is nicely portable, sturdy and still gives up peace of mind. We like that it can be completely muted but that the light up indicators are bright enough to attract your attention. We have never had issues with static nosie like we did with our old monitor. I would not replace our video monitor with something like this but it is a great, relatively cheap backup.

Carolina Redrock, NM

Plenty of annoying features!

I’ll start with the positives. The sound quality is wonderful. And I’ve never caught it not picking up my child’s noises. The base for the child’s room is nice and small and the light is bright enough to know its on, but not so bright as to disturb a child’s sleep. The range is great.I will however, never, ever, ever purchase this again, nor would I recommend it to a friend.The first day we had it, the hook on the back of the parent unit broke off. Not a huge deal, but come on, it should’ve lasted more than a day!The biggest downside is the light on the parent unit. It is blue, it is bright, it keeps me awake at night! The flashing light seriously lights up our entire bedroom. I currently have the entire thing covered in black duct tape and I can still see the light in the dark. Annoying!It just doesn’t keep a charge. I have to have the parent unit plugged in all the time at this point.And because I have to keep it constantly plugged in, it recently received a great jolt during an electrical storm and now has tons of static. I am a bit overjoyed with that because now I can buy something new.

Kathryn Willcox, AZ


Got this as a replacement of the one I had that had a lot of static noise…..This is much better then my prior one but still has a little static noise

Tania Wayside, TX

Great Monitor for a great price

I am about to purchase my second Summer infant monitor. Our first one was working great til my 18 month old spilled water on it 😉 I loved this monitor. Its a simple monitor that WORKS. It has great range and picks up even the smallest noises. There has never been an issue with interference or static and I love that you can take it off the charger and use it around the house. The battery last a long time. If you are looking for a reliable monitor without all the other crazy gadgets this one is perfect!!! I have read in some reviews that the blue light on the monitor kept with the parent can be bright at night. While it can be a little bright I found I really didn’t have much problems with it keeping me awake. Let’s face it…when you’re a mom or dad with a baby or toddler a small blue light is the last thing that will keep you up at night when you’re tired!

Amparo South China, ME

Love it

I have the angel care system in his crib but bought this set for his bassinet in my room. I love it. I

Madge New Sharon, ME