Summer Infant Slumber Buddies, Frog

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies, Frog

Help create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime with the Summer Infant slumber buddies.Display your most precious photo in this hand finished wood frame.This adorable frog helps calm baby with its peaceful selection of lullabies and its glowing sky full of stars which also act as a nightlight

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Essential accessories included: sun shade, foot muff, plastic cup holder, snack tray, and infant carrier security strap
  • Suitable for newborns and toddlers up to 55 pounds
  • Quick release front wheels with one touch auto swivel lock
  • Single push bar for one hand steering
  • Free standing when folded

Verified reviews


This is what I had been looking for!

I previously ordered the Cloud B Ladybug and left a review for that. Was not happy with that at all. I decided to try again and found this item on Amazon. Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Frog.I am much more impressed with this item for a few reasons.With this Frog, there are three sound levels. Very low, medium and louder, operated by a switch in the back under velcro. You can use this for either the heart wooshing, nature sounds or the music.First, it plays music. There are four different song choices, music, (not singing). Everybody has their own preference, so I am sure some will like one song and some will like others.Second, it plays two different nature sounds. OCEAN WAVES or the BABBLING STREAM w/ BIRDS. Personally, I like the stream w/ birds.It also has a heartbeat sound. Sort of like a woosh woosh. I don’t care for it but some might.Reason for four stars instead of five — Music sounds like it has a little bit of static in background, not much, but a little. Wish it had a couple of more nature sounds and wish it had more than two lights. This is all nitpicking, just stating my reason.There may be others out there of different brands, but I’m happy with this one and so are the kids.So you have a choice of lights only, lights with heartbeat, or lights with music, or lights with nature sounds, or heartbeat only, or music only, or nature sounds only.It gives you three different colored lights, except I can only tell the difference between two. If you click once you get blue, second time it is red and to me, click again it is blue, click fourth time, lights off. (same as the CloudB, and please note the CloudB ladybug had no music or sounds). Sorry, this review will seem like I am only comparing the two, and that is exactly what I am doing.Take the information and make your own conclusions based on reviews and your own research.To get the music or nature sounds click on the musical notes and keep clicking until you get the one you want. Keep clicking and it continues through the sequence again.Back is hard plastic, rest of body soft. Small to medium size.This really is adorable and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for a gift.Hope this helps.

Marjorie Burns, WY

nice enough

For the price, this product is nice enough. There are three options for the colors of stars (blue, red and green) and the blue is definitely the nicest. The red seems kind of creepy and the green can be too light to see in a dark room. The music is fine and if you have any other summer infant/carter’s products, you’ve probably already heard all the songs. Rating it three stars because it mesmerizes my dog more than my daughter. Unless the stars are constantly moving, it doesn’t hold her attention. And I can’t exactly sit there all night spinning the frog. But of course this may not be the case for every baby. Decent product for the cost.

Jean Telford, PA


I picked this over the Twilight B Turtle because the green matched our nursery better. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the “amber” light setting is actually red. Totally red, not amber at all. So really the light colors are blue, red, and green. But the stars still look cute and I like the product in general. The music recordings are slightly fuzzy in quality, but not enough that it bothers me. I would buy it again.

Elise Saco, ME

Really cute!

This is such a cute little thing! It is much smaller than what I had imagined, but I guess if it were any bigger, it would take up too much space.It provides 3 different colors of stars on the ceiling: Blue, Amber, & green. We use the blue most of the time because it seems to provide the brightest light. The music is not the usual type of lullabies and there are several different ones to choose from. It also has 2 different ‘white noise’ options.We keep this in my infant sons room, but my older girls LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It really would be great for a child who is afraid of the dark. The batteries have lasted us a very long time. It DOES have to be pretty close to the ceiling to provide the ‘Starry Night’ effect. We put it on a shelf. The only thing that could make this better is to have a stronger light to make it a little brighter (or maybe have a ‘bright/dim’ setting). And a remote turn off would be great too!

Shari Liberty Center, IA

not very bright

and after a few months now just one of the colors works. Would not buy this again as I think it is on its last leg.

Britney Clifton, ID

Slumber bubby (butterfly)

I got the butterfly one as a baby shower gift. I think it is much cuter than the dream lite brand and even though it is for younger ages and the dream lite is suppose to be for a little older I think it’s so cute even an older child might like it more. A friend of mine did by the dream lite one for his kids and the pic. that is projected has an animal or somthing on it and this one is just the stars and moon making it more realistic which I also like more. Also it is cheaper!!! There is three colors it changes to. Green, red, (both a little dim but good for sleeping) and blue which is brighter and my favorite. My daughter is now 2yrs. old and I have yet to change the batteries but I do need to add this is not used for sleeping in my house. Mostly her and I will pretend we are camping and turn on the stars (she has never been a big fan of any type of light in her room while sleeping) There is music and also the sound of a heartbeat on this. She will sometimes listen to the music but the white noise/heartbeat never really gets used. It has held up well over the last 2yrs. One of the pink balls on the antena did fall off a month ago but it seems to be an easy fix however I haven’t gotten around to it just yet. All in all I would recommed this and actually a few of my friends that have childern have asked where I got it.

Judi Woodstock, VA

Great Night Light, The Sound Isn’t Loud

We bought the butterfly one, the first time our 12 month old daughter used this she cried much less at her bed time.In the box this item seemed cheaply made but so far it’s held up pretty well. Having a choice in the three colors is fun and the colors are true to what they are suppose to be.I took off two stars on it because the sound isn’t loud, we use a small and pretty quiet fan and you can’t hear the sounds it plays . Even without the fan the sound is very low.

Earnestine Mifflinville, PA

Love it! Best deal of all the brands

I kept looking at all the brands and had my heart set on a Cloud B turtle for our daughter. However after filling in a few times as a nanny for my friends kids I was not impressed with the ones her kids had and sorry but the dream lights commercials are annoying not a good reason but I didn’t want one. My husband and I saw this for a much lower price and it offers much more! I enjoy the 3 color options. The red isn’t as bright but it works best for my daughter bc the brighter ones keep her awake. We will use the other colors when getting ready for bed then switch to red at bed time. My daughter is 14 mo old and we finally have the perfect item to help her sleep on her own! The music isn’t the best but hey it helps my baby girl sleep and that’s what I care about the most. The volume control is great and ability to switch to heartbeat nature sounds or white noise instead of music is nice too. I see so many complaints about batteries but I just have to say, you have a kid, get used to it. Invest in rechargeable batteries bc you’ll need them for most of their things. If any or all the lights go dim/out it needs new batteries even if the music part still plays. The lights need more juice to work. I am impressed with the butterfly being that it cost way less and functions way better. Most of all my daughter loves it and actually sleeps on her own now. So worth the buy!

Ashleigh Cleghorn, IA

super adorable…love it

My daughter wanted a dream lite from the commericals she sees but they cost way more and doesnt play any music. I decided to look on amazon and found this. This product arrived earlier than expected which was great. Bella the butterfly is super cute and just the right size for my 3 yr daughter. The joy of her laughter when her room was lit with blue stars made it worth every penny. The lullabies are really soothing, even I fall asleep when I hear it. The lights are projected wide enough to get most of her ceiling and some walls. The blue and green are very nice but the red is very faint and barelynoticeable. Its great for car rides too cuz my daughter will hug her to sleep for long car rides. I am very happy with my purchased and considering getting the frog for my son.

Katrina Ralston, PA


this is actually our second purchase of this item. My 3 year old son love his frog and we needed one for at Nana’s house. Music and stars its the perfect combo. Actually wish the music could turn down a bit more than it does but it’s no biggie, he loves it. Batteries last a really long time.

Dessie Indian Head, PA

Best baby gift, 3-in-1

I was just given this for my baby shower. I did not have this on my list. It is adorable, creates an amazing surround in the room, filling in entire ceiling with starts and moon. Music sound has 3 levels of volume. I think it is by far the best accessory gifted ever! It should be good even with toddlers. It’s a keeper.

Corina Rincon, GA


I purchased this for my daughters baby shower. She uses it a lot and has it in the nursery. She has a frog theme.

Aimee Maxie, VA

It’s good

They are really cute and worked great, we didn’t use it that long but it still sits for decoration. She loved it when she was little and I would rock her to sleep she would watch the stars.

Cecilia Turner, AR

My daughter loves this.

Great little toy for my 2 year old! She and I both love it. Cute tunes and a few color choices for the light color. I set it on top of our short fan that swivels from side to side and it makes for a cool night time show.

Charmaine Glencoe, OK

Way cuter in person!

Was very pleased when I got this. It was way cuter and cooler than what I initially thought! I am sure my neices will be very please with this!

Doris Meriden, KS

Bella approved

My three year old daughter, Isabella, absolutely loves it. It is very durable and well made. I am quite happy with this purchase.

Britney Byron, MN

Perfect for transitioning!

This is the perfect item for transitioning from the mobile (crib) to not having the mobile (big kid bed). It has several sounds, some being nature sounds, but we prefer the music. There’s also colored lights that shine stars on the ceiling. The frog itself is very soft to the touch except it’s "shell" that the light shines from. It’s smaller than I expected it would be, but that doesn’t take away from it at all. It’s actually probably a good thing it’s smaller so it can sit on my sons bed if he desires. So far, he likes for it to be on the floor or on the dresser in his room. I absolutely love that it’s portable. The volume control is perfect, and the choices of sounds is great. I can’t say enough great things about this product for transitioning your little one away from the mobile. I’m so glad we got this one versus others (that were more expensive and had less features).

Vivian Gibbon, NE