Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Soother, Green Elephant

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Soother, Green Elephant

Create a tranquil environment for your little one at bedtime with Slumber Buddies. This soft, plush elephant companion is the perfect sleeping buddy for children of all ages. A calming starry sky display and a peaceful selection of sounds help relax and soothe baby to sleep.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Imported
  • 5 meditative songs and nature sounds
  • Calming starry sky display can be projected on ceiling and walls of baby’s room
  • Select from rhythmic light show or relaxing individual colors
  • 15, 30, 45 minute auto shut-off
  • 3 level volume control

Verified reviews


the best baby night light toy!!!

I love this night light toy and so does my son. Love it so much I just bought another one! It has 3 different color lights. Blue, green, and red. I used this to train my 2 month old bed time. I start with the blue light. Then if he cries and I come in the room I change it to green. If I get to red I won’t be back for fussiness. Only took once for him to get it. Now he has one at my moms too!

Ann Mount Hermon, CA

Love love love it

My 8 month old son loves this. We got our boys Pillow Pets for Valentine’s Day and this one was new and adorable. We chose this one for the baby as the Summer Slumber Brand better suits babies in my opinion. They work very well. It plays music and has the stars that go on the ceiling. I haven’t had any problems so far.

Kara Chromo, CO

Best of the bunch; a couple of improvements would make it perfect.

Sets the mood for my baby (now toddler) to go to sleep. It has several tunes to choose from, plus a heartbeat and running water sound. I love that it has both music and lights, because some similar products have only music OR lights. I keep it on the dresser because I worry the lights are too bright for her little eyeballs to stare at directly. The automatic shutoff (up to 45 minutes) is set on the inside (open velcro on the animal’s tummy to change the shutoff time or to change the batteries) so a young child won’t change it on his/her own. I also like that the lights can be any of: only blue, only green, only red, or changing blue/green/red. The red lights are quite dark and sleep-inducing, while the blue or green make more light for a nightlight. The display has mostly stars, plus a moon and a planet that looks like Saturn. Baby loves pointing out the moon. The display does not rotate; it stays still on the walls/ceiling.If I could improve it –1) I’d make the external buttons easier to read. There are 3 yellow buttons on the rump and they are marked only with slightly raised symbols, which are nearly impossible to read, even in broad daylight. Really a joke when it’s nighttime and you are trying to change the lights, music, or volume. You have to memorize which button does what so you can operate it in the dark. Maybe coloring them with a sharpie would help me see the raised symbols.2) The volume control is only a choice of loud, medium, or off; soft would be a nice option.

Marietta Matewan, WV

Fun stars for the nursury

My baby’s room is themed starlight/starbright. I like this at nighttime because it’s a subtle light instead of turning on the overhead for diaper changes. Plus they have sounds that you can use as white noise. I think they are a little distracting for infant sleep though so I don’t use them and i just use a white noise machine instead.

Dawn Graff, MO

We love it!

We absolutely love this product. I was looking for something nice, yet simple and this definitely fit the bill. I like that it has different light, sound, volume, and length of play settings. Right now, my son just likes the heart beat sound, but he’s still young. After buying it for my son, my daughter "demandd" that she get one and she absolutely loves it, too. She can not go to sleep without it and has a new color and song/sound request every night. Overall, this is a great product.

Josephine Limon, CO

Perfect for our 5 month old & 5 year old

We got one for our 5 year old (who loves elephants) and then noticed how much our 5 month old enjoyed it in his crib. They both love it. I love that you can set the turn off time for 15, 30, or 45 mins. Most other similar products don’t give you that many options and turn off after 15-20 mins. The light options are nice too: red, green, blue or you can choose to slowly cycle through all colors. Very nice and cute product!

Minerva Amoret, MO

Stars & music are great!

Super cute! I bought this for baby room & my 8 & 10 year olds are in love with it. It’s the first thing they show people. Works as expected & I got it way cheaper then I seen it at department store or.

Marissa De Forest, WI

My kids love this! But battery life is limited

My babies love this one and it really is quite cute. I think it is a better purchase that the Cloud B ones because the lines shine brighter and it plays music. The only thing that detracts from it is the battery life. I think I need to change the batteries every other week. And, I don’t think that our use of the buddy should require such frequent changes.

Goldie Evansville, MN

Five Stars

these are the best night lullabys to lull babies (and toddlers) for nap time and sleep time

Anita Castaner, PR