Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers, Ivory

Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers, Ivory

Summer Infant Snuzzler – Ivory The award-winning Snuzzler provides the ideal support for baby’s back and head, adjusting upward as baby grows. The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Snuzzler transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, jogging strollers and swings. With padding only on the sides, not behind baby, the Snuzzler does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses. The Snuzzler reverses from plush velboa to smooth woven fabric for two distinct looks. Features: -Reversible complete head and body support -Crash tested for safety -Provides ideal support for babies seated in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats and infant swings -Separate head support adjusts upward as baby grows for a custom fit Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.7 x 4.6 inches Product Weight: 11.2 ounces

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Helps support baby’s head while seated in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats and infant swings
  • Perfect fit for all babies and preemies!
  • Separate head support adjusts length-wise as baby grows for a custom fit
  • Reversible for two style options
  • Crash tested for safety

Verified reviews


Treated with toxic Flame retardants

Wanted a safe and non-toxic body/head support for my infant. Read the product label: it’s “flame resistant” — read “treated with toxic chemicals” Yuck! I wish the products treated with these toxic chemicals contained a warning label about their cancer-causing and neuro-toxic properties!

Molly Banks, AR

made everything newborn size.

My mother bought this for me and honestly, I had no intent on using it. My mother in law got it out when we were trying to figure out how to put my infant down without constant holding (because of suffocation etc). She slept wherever this darn thing went. We put it in the rocking swing and the bouncer AND the stroller. All of which were just not quite plush enough for a newborn and didn’t keep her snuggled in enough to keep her head straight, so this little thing would do it. Someone was always up with her, but this was nice so she would actually go down. It was a lot like the infant insert in her car seat.. making everything suddenly infant sized.Secondly.. after a few poops and a spit up or two we noticed it held up well in the wash. She’s large enough now at 3months that we really only keep it attached to the stroller.Loved this silly little thing. Thanks mom!

Shelby Hornick, IA

havn’t had to use it

I am giving good reviews because I’m sure it does what it says and it’s soft but I personally havn’t had a use for it yet…

Ines Boyceville, WI


The picture is misleading. Got it to use it on a car seat as the picture shows when my kid was a tiny nb but ended up not being able to use it at all because car seats shouldn’t be used with additional stuff that don’t belong to car seats for safety reason.

Janna Aroda, VA

This is NOT supposed to be in a car seat!!!

I received this as a shower gift from someone who raved about it, and installed it into my car seat to take my premie home from the hospital. It looks so cozy, and is very soft. I’d love to have one of these. However, babies should not have these in the car seats! Despite what other reviewers say! Despite the fact that they say it’s safe!I had my baby 5 weeks early, and because he was a premie, he had to pass a car seat test before being released, in which they monitored his O2 levels and heart rate in the car seat for 90 minutes, to make they didn’t drop too low. I put my son into the car seat with this, and gave him to the nurses for the test. He failed it (his O2 levels went slightly lower than what was considered passing). We redid the test the next day, and he failed again. On the third day, I took everything out of the car seat (except of course the straps!), because it looked like he was kid of squished in (which is the point of the snuzzler I think?), and he passed. Of course, he was 3 days older (I recognize the confound). But, it did made me wonder…. I contacted a few people about the safety of types of after-market add ons to car seats, like this, and other head supports, but asked specifically about his one, as it claims to be safe despite others like it not being safe. Basically, you should have NOTHING in the car seat other than the straps. Even the head stabilizer that comes with most infant seats is not completely safe. The snuzzler DOES have fabric that’s behind the baby (at least the one I got), albeit it’s not thick and I agree that I did not think that it would push the baby’s head forward, but heeded the warnings of the people I talked to (nurses, the carseat lady (google her)), and it also has all of the padding around the baby that push in the arms. Anyways, this might be ok to keep a baby comfy when lying on a flat surface, or maybe reclining in a jogging stroller? I’m not sure. But it’s not safe for a car seat (my car seat’s warranty is voided if anything is added, and certainly does not have a special clause to allow the use of snuzzler despite it’s claim to be tested and safe).

Natasha Aransas Pass, TX

Every Car Seat Should Have One

Car seat manufacturers could learn a lot from the makers of the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler. When we left the hospital with our little boy his head constantly tried to fall forward. The car seat came with a heat support but it did little to help keep his little head in place. Four weeks after bringing him home we were still having the same problem.When I saw a friends niece laying on the Kiddopotamus Snuzzler in her car seat I had to have one. I searched Amazon as soon as I got home and ordered it. I absolutely love it and my little boy does too! Now we can put him into his car seat and his head stays in place and the body support cuddles and swaddles him and he no longer fusses and cries when riding in the car seat.Both front and back are made of a polyester cotton blend. One side is soft terry cloth that can be used in cooler weather and the other side a smooth fabric surface that works well in warmer weather. It’s very easy to clean. I toss in the washer on gentle cycle and place on a clothes rack to dry. It takes about 12 hours to dry and it’s ready to go back in the car seat.IMO this is an absolute must have for car seats and now that I’ve found these I plan on keeping one on hand to give at baby showers.

Dee Appalachia, VA

My new born and I both love it!

I mainly purchased this head and body support to use on my city mini double stroller model 2012-2013. I didn’t want to buy the carseat adapter for the stroller because the review is poor and it is quit expensive in addition to the stroller. Since the new model is able to lower it to a almost flat position, the customer service says that new borns can be use with a head support. After some research online and this kiddo snuzzler came at $12 is well spent! The stroller itself doesn’t come with head support nor body support, when I put my new born for his first ride with just a basic head support, he hated it. Then I tired it with this snuzzler, he looks very comfortable in it and sure enough he was sleeping for over 2 hrs in it. He is not a small new born at around 9 lbs when we used it, and I think there are still a plenty of room for him to grow into this snuzzler. Another plus is that it is very easy to put in and take out so I just leave it in my car and out it in the stroller before we use and take it out before I fold the stroller!The only problem I would say that I might be too hot to use in summer time, but I think it will be an issue with any head and body support, including the ones in the carseats.

Karla Canton, PA

not safe for car seats

This is a good product for swings, bouncy seats and such things but it is not safe for a car seat. It will void your warranty if in an accident because it affects the placement of the straps and is not crash tested. Please do not use in a car seat for the safety of your children.

Carly Edenton, NC


This product was wonderful at first…until one day I noticed my child had scratches all over her face. At first I thought she had scratched her face and then realized the velcro from the cushion was cutting up her face!!!! I wish I had known this was an issue beforehand, and could have spared my poor daughter. If I had to do it over I’d get one without velcro!!!

Genevieve Manchester, IA

not enough support

the head rest is so shallow there is not way it could hold a baby’s head and it does not go on top of the shoulders like the picture shows because it is so shallow. the body support is nice but the main part that needs support is the head! I sent this back. I do not reccomend, especially for small babies.

Maryanne Bentonia, MS


I had a winter baby and this is a must. Once the temp starts picking up it gets really hot for baby, so I only recommend for you if for the first 0-3 months your baby will be in colder tempatures!

Pansy Lake City, AR

very good for strollers

I bought this for my 7 week old baby. I have a baby jogger city mini and it is too big for her to sit in comfortably. This item supports her all around and makes her very comfortable in the stroller. It is winter here in chicago but I’m sure the terry material would be great in the summer.

Kimberlee Flora Vista, NM

Easy to use

I purchased this product to use in a stroller. I bought a chicco stroller for my 3 month old knowing that she was younger then the recommended age for the stroller. As a quick fix, I inserted the kiddopotamus snuzzler into the stroller to hold up her head and keep her nice and snug. So far, it’s worked perfectly. I didn’t want to buy an expensive umbrella stroller for infants knowing that by the time she was 6 months old she’d fit into the chicco stroller. The insert is a no-brainer to install, no crazy straps or assembly required.

Diana Bowen, IL

Not a good fit

My newborn didn’t find this comfortable. We have the britax b-safe carseat so maybe it didn’t fit well on that. In any case, we hardly used it.

Bobby Clermont, GA

Awesome, works amazingly!

I bought this to go in my jogging stroller. My baby loves it and it helps keeps his head straight and sturdy when we’re running, even when he’s asleep. It doesn’t overheat him or make him all sweaty either, even though we are running outside in the middle of the day in July.

Esmeralda Roundhill, KY


We have started putting our 3 1/2 month old in her stroller and we saw that she kept on moving everywhere in it, her head would end up all the way to the side. We have an Uppababy vista n didn’t want to buy the head/body support from them bc it’s almost $40. So I got this one and it works great in the stroller, it keeps her head from going to the side of the stroller and her body looks all snug in there. She has head control but its not prefect yet n this helps her with that.

Ingrid Havertown, PA

Not as useful as I had hoped

I bought this upon recommendations of others for a swing I bought for my baby. The snuzzler is nice and cushioned around the head and arms, but the back and leg part are really just two pieces of fabric sewn together. In result, this really didn’t add cushion to the swing where it needed it (in the back and leg area). This product was totally useless for me.

Mable Saginaw, MI

Comfort for my honey!

My dumpling is much more comfortable now with this design.its safe as well.Keeps his head in place.Its soft,and it can be washed.

Shannon Ludlow, MS

Great for the City Mini Baby Jogger

I wanted to be able to use my City Mini Baby Jogger stroller for my infant daughter without the adapter and carseat, and luckily the City Mini reclines fully for infants. Only problem was the space is large to accommodate a larger child as well, so we needed a positioner. This Snuzzler does the trick, its soft, easily washed, and fits perfectly in the City Mini. Great purchase.

Bertha Willow Springs, IL

Love it!

Listed for Summer use, but perfect weight for all year in CA… I would definitely purchase it again! —- —- —- —- —- —- —-

Valarie Scituate, MA

Pushed my little guy’s head forward…

This may work for some, but it seemed to push my little guy’s head to far forward creating an awkward angle. We did better without it… using two thin rolled up receiving blankets we could move to exactly where we needed support.

Traci Milton, NY

Careful where you use this

Bought this for my tiny granddaughter. Did not realize they are NOT to be used in a carseat. Could cause harm if you’re in an accident. Was able to use it in her swing and bouncy chair.

Cortney Kite, GA

Summer or Winter no problem

This has two sides a cotton side for the cooler weather and a terry like feel on the other side for those cooler days.I like that there is so much cushioning on the head to protect our baby. We use a city mini gt and have used it in this stroller since our baby was born. He is now 4 months old and we still use it. I find it is a nice soft cushion that helps prevent extreme movement whilst in the stroller.In terms of quality it has held up on many washes. There has been no change to the extrerior and the softness of the snuggler is retained. I have only ever hand washed.

Gussie Rowe, NM

Perfect for my preemie

My son was born a month early, and so was very small (5lbs 11oz) and this car seat insert boosted his little body to fit in the smallest-level straps very well until he was big enough to not need it. A MUST HAVE FOR MOMS AND DADS OF PREEMIES!

Mitzi Shipman, VA

1st time mom

love it i bought this for my daughters carseat but i bought the maxi cosi ap mico and thats pretty compact and snug so i couldn’t use it then i bought the quinny buzz stroller said ill use it in that and only because she’s a bit to small still for it i use it but not for much longer recommend it for a bigger carseat or stroller like the graco but other than that its great i have a few friends expecting so ill prob jus give it away but its comfy not to big 2 sides for the different seasons or you could jus use it for lying in the bed play yard when you go by someones house and she’s sleeping place that on the bed if your a germ-a-fobe like me either way you can find multiple uses for it. still love it

Brandy Elmore, OH

Works great!

I have a 23 month old and an 8 month old. When my 8 month old was born, I wanted to be able to place her in our double stroller, but the seats on our stroller (Baby Jogger City Select) were for babies 6 months and up. I added this snuzzler to the seat and she was able to sit in it comfortably and snuggly. Highly recommend.

Johanna Tripoli, WI

Just purchased, but havent used yet

It’s very soft, and has little nice cushioney area to cradle the baby’s head, As for baby liking it?, I have no idea, because I have yet to use it, i’ll keep you posted…

Jeanette Spring City, PA

not soft

Structurally fine, but velcro is scratchy at neck on one ‘reversible’ side, and the terry isn’t soft…not at all something I would want to sit on. The other side isn’t soft either. Feels like cheap rough sheets. Get the fuzzy snuzzlers if possible.

Kathrine Harpersville, AL

Love it!

We use this in a co-sleeper and my baby’s stroller. My baby was almost 9lbs at birth, so I didn’t think I would need this, but I did. I keeps her in place and easy to wash/dry.

Deena Conestoga, PA

Perfect for a newborn

This item was perfect for my newborn daughter but once she started to get a little bigger around 2 months we had to do without it. Her head would get super sweaty since the material is very warm and once she obtained more head support she really didn’t need this item anymore while in her carseat. She showed that she didn’t like it anymore when she would start to move forward in her carseat. But great item for a little one in the first few months.

Sasha Moore, MT