Summer Infant Snuzzler Velboa for Head and Body Support, Chocolate

Summer Infant Snuzzler Velboa for Head and Body Support, Chocolate

The award-winning Snuzzler provides the ideal support for baby’s back and head, adjusting upward as baby grows. The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Snuzzler transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, jogging stroller and swings. With padding only on the sides, not behind baby, the Snuzzler does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses. The Snuzzler reverses from plush velboa to smooth woven fabric for two distinct looks.

Main features

  • Soft body support cushions provide ideal support for proper posture
  • Separate head support adjusts upward as baby grows for a custom fit
  • Head support can also be used on its own
  • Crash tested for safety
  • Fits all harness systems

Verified reviews


Bought it but didnt need it for car seat – great for Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper

I bought this as a new mom. Didn’t realize most newborn car sears already have an insert like this so it’s not really necessary. I did not use this in a car seat.I did however use this for my son in his Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper when he was just born. It cradled him just perfectly until he was big enough to stop falling over to one side. The product itself is very soft and high quality. It’s nice that the head part detaches so you can use it as your baby grows.If you are a new mom and think you will need this for a car seat… buy your car seat first and see if it already comes with one!

Hillary Maple Plain, MN


I got it as a gift and still did not use it (our car seat has a new born insert) but we probably will find some use for it. It is very soft and cute.

Carissa Lagunitas, CA

Basically useless to us

I’m sure it’s a nice enough product but we didn’t use it at all – when we took our carseat to be installed by the county we were advised against using any product that wasn’t specifically designed to be used with the carseat or stroller for safety reasons so we never used it in our carseat. I attempted to use it with the stroller but my baby didn’t seem to like it. In hindsight I wish I’d purchased it after I knew whether we would need it or not – not in advance!

Estella Olive, MT

Like this a lot

My baby was small when she was born and this was a godsend when trying to put her in the carseat. It provided soft snug support for her little head and body. Very cozy. Without it her little head would have just bobbed around. Highly recommended!

Tabatha Ewing, MO

Does it’s job well

It’s cushy, soft, and offers support right where my baby needs it. I’ve used it in the stroller, car seat, and bouncy seat. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because where the head support meets the body support, the seem can roll over and be a little uncomfortable on little one’s neck. I seem to be more bothered by it than she does though.

Lillian Nashville, TN

A must have!

This is perfect for a newborn baby! It has a LOT of cushion and keeps baby nice and snug in their carseat. The cushion is so thick that they grow out of it quickly, but is perfect for a newborn!

Della Cameron Mills, NY

Works well in my BOB jogging stroller

I purchased this to use with my newborn baby in the BOB Revolution (the BOB is not compatible with my infant car seat) and it supports my baby’s head and neck well. I prefer this over the NOJO brand infant head support, which I also have. I use this in the BOB with the JJ Cole Bundle me and my baby seems pretty comfortable and cozy.

Rhea Adams Center, NY

Use without head insert when baby gets bigger!

Wish I’d purchased this before our baby was born — I feel like it really helps support their heads. Note that it gets WARM in the carseat for the baby with an insert!

Merle Llano, TX

Love it.

This is the softest thing ever! Fits in the car seat perfectly and description says it can be used up to 5 years old. The white part is fluffy and more for winter, the other side is cotton, better in the summer. I chose grey and it’s one of the best baby stuff I bought!

Janine Princeton, WV

Good for winter but daughter was born in summer

I am not sure why I bought this. I’m one of those first time moms that bought everything and anything because I thought it would be useful. My daughter came early in July so we used it in her rocker probably just for the first week she was born. It didn’t fit in the car seat either so not sure where else you could use it.

Mabel Columbia, PA

Summer Infant Snuzzler Velboa for Head and Body Support

This is a great product for use in carseats, swings, etc…for newborns/small infants. The velboa fabric is very soft. Item is machine washable, so easy to keep clean. A great product.

Joni Boonsboro, MD

Exactly what I was looking for!

The material is super soft and it’s really comfy! The head support ACTUALLY supports my daughter’s head. The snuzzler kind of wraps around the baby’s entire body so they secure and warm. This is a great car seat accessory to have! I would highly recommend this item! A++++++++++

Gay Middlebury, CT

Good Support – Warm & Toasty

We used this in our car seat when our son was a newborn. It helped keep our baby in place and kept him all snuggled up. He would quickly fall asleep in it. After a few weeks, however, we noticed it didn’t work very well anymore for us. Our baby boy was looking a little smooshed, uncomfortably. I tried adjusting it, but it still wouldn’t work right. The problem was that it just didn’t fit right in our car seat, the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio. Our car seat has large side head rests, making the snuzzler bend up on on the sides, causing too tight of a fit. So we took it out. But we can still use it with our other items if we wanted, such as his swing, although we haven’t yet. And as others have said, it does keep baby warm. It is comfy and a soft material. I have washed it a few times and it has washed up well. It has velcro connecting the body support to the head support, which is helpful in creating the right fit. Overall, it provides excellent support and would buy again.

Ginger Bellflower, MO

Wish I had two of these!

I use this in both the infant car seat and the stroller. I like it better than the head support that came with the infant car seat. I have used this since she was 4 weeks old, she is now 10 weeks and it still fits her great and should for at least another month or two. She seems very comfy and sleeps great on long trips.

Janie Pilger, NE