Summer Infant Snuzzler – White with black trim

Summer Infant Snuzzler – White with black trim

Summer Infant Snuzzler – Summer Infant Snuzzler – White with black trim The award-winning Snuzzler® provides the ideal support for baby’s back and head, adjusting upward as baby grows.  The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Snuzzler transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, jogging strollers and swings.  With padding only on the sides, not behind baby, the Snuzzler does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses.  The Snuzzler reverses from plush velboa to smooth woven fabric for two distinct looks. Features: -Reversible complete head and body support -Crash tested for safety -Provides ideal support for babies seated in car seats, strollers, bouncer seats and infant swings -Separate head support adjusts upward as baby grows for a custom fit

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Your not supposed to use any 3rd party car seat accessory in your car seat. It voids the warranty and isn’t crash tested so your baby could be ejected while using a product of this nature. I still gave the product 5 stars because this works great for our new baby in the Bob Revolution and Baby Jogger City Select.

Judi Duson, LA

Head support is a life saver

Our daughter was born in July, and she was sweating like crazy in her car seat (a snugride). She cried so much in it that we abandoned our stroller’s car seat adapter when she was about 3 weeks old and started putting her in the ‘big kid’ stroller seat with this snuzzler to hold her in place. It provided enough support so she wasn’t sliding all over the place, which was perfect! I also love the soft fabric.Then we found out she had torticollis when our daughter was 2 months old (she has one neck muscle shorter than the other, which causes her to look in the same direction all the time).We need to support her neck when she’s seated anywhere (bouncy seat, stroller, car seat, etc) so she isn’t tipping off to the side. We love this head support because it is sized well for her and improves her posture while keeping her head nice and centered. We may actually buy another one so that we aren’t toting the head support from place to place all the time.

Tabatha Du Quoin, IL

Useful for a time

This was very useful for a short time. We were able to use if for maybe six weeks (from the time we got it, which was when my daughter was maybe a month old). It was useful for the swing and the Nap Nanny to keep her centered and supported. I never used it in the carseat/stroller because she would already not have fit in it there due to the “wings” on the sides. She needed the head support much longer than the side support, so unfortunately she grew out of this and we had to find other solutions for her head (the head on this does detach, but I found in the carseat it pushed her head forward too much so I didn’t use it).

Francesca Somerville, TX

Great for Car Seats

This snuzzler is a great addition to car seats. It helps baby fit better into the car seat. Plus with added comfort it increases the chances that babies will actually fall asleep on car trips.

Claudia Wilbur, OR

Great product, fit our BOB Revolution CE stroller perfectly

My wife had previously been rolling up some blankets to keep our little girl (7 mos) cozy in her stroller but once I saw this on Amazon i figured it would be the perfect alternative. Like other reviewers have noted the fabric is very soft. You can turn it over for a different color (one side is white, one side is black). We washed it in our washing machine before first use and no problems there (line dry though). This product fit our BOB Revolution CE stroller seat perfectly. Note that the head piece is detachable from the body piece (it attaches via velcro). Would highly recommend this product if you are looking for a little more padding for a stroller.

Pat Boscobel, WI

Perfect for our baby jogger stroller

I received a double baby jogger stroller when my 2nd child was born, but knew that she wasn’t ready to sit in a stroller unsupported even with the stroller back laying completely flat. I researched attachments to the baby jogger, and they wanted something like $90 for the carseat adapter. I purchased this snuzzler instead, and it works great! The double baby jogger isn’t designed for jogging anyway, so I felt this kept my baby safe and supported while we went on walks. I like that it has a warm fuzzy side, but you can also turn it over and use the other side when it’s too hot out.

Greta Jonesboro, ME

Comfy and cozy for our infant

We bought this product after realizing our infant was too small to properly fit in her car seat, stroller, and bouncy seat. It is super soft, washes well, and provided good support. It transfered easily between her various seats and allowed us to use her stroller for walks right away. As she got bigger, we removed the body section and kept the head support until she was able to support her head on her own.

Tamra Schuyler, NE

A perfect fit

This made the convertible car seat fit a new baby perfectly. Soft and comfy, and easily washable! The height of the head support is adjustable too, to customize the fit a little bit.

Betty Peconic, NY

So cozy

My preemie son feels so snug and cozy in this. We bought 2. One for his swing and one for his chair. Still easy to buckle him in.

Bridget Thousand Oaks, CA

Great! A little large.

If you do not have a more open carset, like a chicco, this will most likely be a little to cumbersome for your precious baby. We have a Graco and the space inside is just too small or this insert. Wonderfully made and super soft!

Juliana Cottonwood, MN

Useful – but use caution

I have used this under my baby’s head in all types of situations – while he’s laying on his play gym, when he’s in the bassinet, etc because it’s provides a cusion against a hard surface. However, this is considered an “infant positioner” which have been under scrutiny lately due to babies suffocating. Now that my son can roll over onto his back I have stopped using it- he can roll his face into the cushion. I don’t know if he would suffocate or not but I’m not taking any chances!

Lelia Mancos, CO

Really soft and cuddley

It’s soft and feels nice to touch, fits into our car seat with no probs. I’m glad I found this product baby is going to a lot more comfy in her car seat now.

Vicki Dawson, ND

Great for infants!!! Super soft

We got a car seat from a friend for our third child, but it was missing the infant insert. This one is so much nicer than the ones that come with the car seat. My son loves to be in his car seat and if it were safe, I’d let him sleep there!! It makes me feel very secure that he is all snug and fitted properly using this with our key fit infant cart seat.

Vicki Mc Kenney, VA

Love it!

This snuzzler works really great in our Graco infant car seat. The head support that came with the seat was much too big for a newborn, this snuzzler was perfect for snuggling him in and supporting his head. I will also be using this when he gets a little bigger for regular stroller and jogging stroller. Would be little too warm for summer months I think, but the head support can be detached, so you can just use the head support without the body. Great product, great price!

Brigitte Rockledge, FL

Looks very comfortable

I havnt had my baby yet, but this looks like its great quality, its so soft and looks like it will support my baby very well. Very happy with this product for the price. As an overseas buyer anything similar here would cost me around $60! I got this for $33 with shipping costs.

Rene Mount Meigs, AL

Really cute!

The product is really cute and it really works! I just do not give 5 stars because I would like it was a darker color (navy blue, gray, etc.) so it would not get so dirty… But you use just some months of your babies’ life, so I guess it worth it, even buying the light color.

Keisha Hindsville, AR

Returned after opening

I bought this when we had our second child because our car seat always made our first borns head fall to the side instead of supporting it which really bothered me. When I put this in the car seat it was just too much bulk and too hot for our Phoenix heat so I returned it immediately. I just roll up burp cloths now and tuck them next to my childs head.

Angelica Poston, AZ

Makes my newborn so much more stable!

This has been a lifesaver for our little girl. While this has so many uses, we’ve been using it primarily in our daughter’s bouncer. Because of the angle and her little unstable newborn neck she couldn’t sit in her bouncer without sliding over to the side and her head falling to the side, but this keeps her upright and happy! SOO glad that we’ve got this. I would recommend this to every new mom!

Clarissa Ivydale, WV