Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet with Motion, Sweet Lamb

Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet with Motion, Sweet Lamb

The Summer infant soothe and sleep bassinet with motion is the perfect combination of style and innovation. Featuring a revolutionary silent sway motion, the soothe and sleep bassinet is designed to peacefully lull baby to sleep without making a peep. It can be easily wheeled into the parent’s bedroom so baby can be by your side at night. This bassinet also features music, vibration, a removable mattress sheet, locking castors for safety and a large storage basket.

Main features

  • Silent sway motion lulls baby to sleep without making a peep
  • Multi speed sway dial allows you to increase or decrease motion depending on baby’s mood
  • Music, nature and womb sounds to soothe baby
  • Quilted bassinet with adorable embroidery detail, large storage basket, adjustable canopy, and included mattress sheet
  • Locking castors for safety

Verified reviews


A lil pricey, but love added features

We are using this as we don’t have a bouncer or swing yet. Set up was easy. The neutral colors make it versatile. The vibration is enough to put the baby to sleep, but I wish the music lasted longer. Overall a good product and it works well so I don’t have to stress over not having other sleep aids (swing) for when the baby visits. I would recommend buying as a gift as I think any new mom would appreciate the added features!!

Lorie Niantic, IL

I recommenced you don’t get this one…

I purchased this due to the good reviews and I thought the rocking motion and added sounds would be great. However, my baby does not like the rocking motion, she prefers her swing instead. As far as the sounds, I think they are annoying, we use her musical lamb instead. So the bells and whistles don’t make this bassinet worth buying. To boot, it didn’t even work at first, my husband had to solder the wiring which apparently wasn’t connected at the factory. I wish I had gotten one of the fisher price bassinets or one of the bassinets that detaches (we have a 2 story house, would have loved to be able to take a sleeping baby downstairs).

Roxanne Saint Elizabeth, MO

Great Price for a Very Attractive Bassinet

I got the Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet for my newborn daughter and have been really impressed with the quality for the price. It was very easy to assemble and has attractive look. The bassinet has a nice adjustable rocking motion and a variety of sounds including music and heartbeat to sooth the infant. My daughter is almost 2 months old and sleeps in the bassinet through much of the night.I have a few issues with the design but none of these are show stoppers.1. The pad in the bassinet feels a bit overly firm for a newborn so my wife added some extra padding.2. There is a cord that runs from the control panel down to the device at the bottom of the bassinet that causes it to rock. The problem is my older daughter (2 years) loves to pull the cord and occasionally wander off with it. It would have been nice if the cord attached to the control panel at the bottom or side so it isn’t so exposed.3. The music often ends before my daughter is fully asleep at which point she begins to cry. This one is not a killer but it would have been nice if the music length could have been adjustable.My wife wanted to give the bassinet no more than four stars but obviously I like it more than she does and for less than $130 it’s well constructed and looks like you spent more.

Melanie Dunbar, KY

Pamper the baby

Bassinet is such a short time stage, a couple of months. So it seems like a pack n playard with bassinet will just be fine for the job. But Summer Infant Soothe and Sleep Bassinet is too adorable to begin with. When I held the motor it seemed like it had a jiggly thing in it. later I realised this is how the soother gets its mojo of gently rocking and vibrating the bassinet. And along with it are soothing classical music, gurgling water, bird sounds and womb sounds (reminds me of ultra sound). The canopy doesnt hold well in place.

Kaye Albuquerque, NM

Nice bassinet with some bells and whistles

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw that this bassinet had “silent sway motion” but it certainly had me intrigued. In the past we have had two other bassinets, one by Kolcraft and another by Summer Infant. Both of them had the ability to rock, and also had a vibration feature that was good for fussy newborns. The Summer Infant one also had music/nature/womb sounds. Personally, I don’t think the sounds are necessary on the bassinet, but it’s worth giving them a go if you have a baby who is fussy. This bassinet features music/nature/womb sounds and three volume settings. The silent sway feature is pretty cool. There’s a round device that hooks on to the bottom of the bassinet that will gently and silently rotate the bassinet. The bassinet also boasts a generous storage basket with a solid bottom so it won’t droop and sag like the baskets on some bassinets.The bedding for this bassinet is neutral, but with the grey on the print, I’d say it leans more towards boyish looking. The bassinet comes with one coordinating printed sheet.I do feel that the canopy for this bassinet could have been better. Our other bassinets had better canopies that could be adjusted. With this one you have two options canopy up (and held up by velcro strips) or canopy down. There is no in between option. I prefer a hinged canopy so you can easily move it out of the way if you need more space when putting the baby in or taking the baby out.Assembly for this bassinet was a snap. You don’t need any special tools (you will, need a phillips screwdriver to put the batteries in the silent sway motor). All of the pieces snap together and click into place. Assembly took less than ten minutes from start to finish.Overall, it’s an attractive bassinet that has some nice features.

Lorena Keo, AR

Absolutely wonderful shower/baby gift

First, this bassinet is easy to set up and is so beautiful! The muted pastel colors among the bright white background make this bassinet fit in almost any room or decor. The mattress is perfect and the bonus motion and music/sounds make it absolutely perfect for a newborn. My grandbaby (who is a little over a month old) has a tendency to be a bit collicky and this vibrating bassinet is just perfect to rock little Talon to sleep. I highly recommend this for any new mom or mom to be. I think my grandson will easily get another 2-3 months of use with this beautiful bassinet and we couln’t be happier. This Summer unit is a must have!

Mia Axson, GA

shhh shhh baby

My baby slept in this bassinet from the time I got out of the hospital until he was four months. He’s a chunk – so he literally grew out of it. The heart sound was very helpful in keeping him calm and the swaying motion kept him asleep longer.

Lucille Watford City, ND

Beautiful Bassinet, Neutral Colors, Plenty of Extra’s

Summer Infant has made a beautiful bassinet for infants. It has neutral colors- so great for boy or girl pending your color scheme. Color’s include light greys, green’s, white and yellowish. It probably fits a boy color scheme better with the grey color but all the colors used blend well with most colors. The bassinet comes with a matching sheet as well. I really like the embroidery detail of the bassinet. It also has a large storage basket below that’s solid. Its all on wheels which lock for safety yet easy to move around. It also has an adjustable canopy with two options held down by velcro straps. It works fine but I have seen some other canopys made better in other bassinets.Setup was a breeze. All you need is a phillips screwdriver for the battery compartment (which is for the silent sway motor). The rest of the pieces all snap and click in place. It took me 10 minutes at most, start to finish.The silent sway motion is very silent and will rock your baby to sleep. There is a dial that allows you to increase or decrease motion to adjust to your babys liking. It also has music – nature and womb sounds which are quite nice and relaxing (even for mom!) It also has a volume control with three settings. I like that it has a silent feature.All in all I really do love this bassinet. It has nice features, nice sounds and quiet motion and is suitable for boy or girl in my opinion.

Ines Farragut, IA