Summer Infant Sparkle Fun Newborn-to-Toddler Baby Tub with Toy Bar, Pink

Summer Infant Sparkle Fun Newborn-to-Toddler Baby Tub with Toy Bar, Pink

The Summer Infant Sparkle Fun Bath Tub is the only tub you need for the baby to toddler years. A padded recline seat supports small infants and can be removed as baby grows. An interactive toy bar entertains baby, helping make bath time even more enjoyable.

Main features

  • Tub grows with baby: clip on sling with soft foam head rest cradles newborns, padded recline seat supports infants, large padded seating area with high back gives toddlers space to splash and play
  • 2 toys and toy bar with mirror help entertain baby
  • Colorful, sparkle plastic design
  • Sling is machine washable

Verified reviews


Very cute – almost looks like a toy

I love this tub, it is very "girly" with pink sparkles. Seems sturdy enough and fits perfect in my kitchen sink.

Kerry Ocean View, NJ

Loving this 3-Stage Bathtub and included Accessories.

This is my second baby bathtub for my second baby. The first was a Safety 1st brand and is very similar in shape. I love how Summer has innovated on the idea by not just offering a basic infant to toddler bathtub, but by including accessories to help occupy the baby which I never had for the first.This bathtub comes with a simple-clip on toy bar with mirror. You have two attachments that hang on the clip-on bar which is a heart shape and a sun shape plastic.There are 3 stages of use for this bathtub and basically solves the problem of having to purchase multiple products throughout your baby’s growth..STAGE 1: From 0 monthsIt comes with a clip-on bath sling which acts as a baby hammock. As a result it gently carries the baby on a laying down position.STAGE 2: Contoured Backrest (possibly 6 mos and up; depending on baby’s size and weight)This is where you discard the sling at this point in the baby’s growth, but retain the clip-on toy bar. At this stage the baby is able to sit upright on it’s own and can appreciate the clip-on articles to keep her entertained.STAGE 3: TUB (up to 2 years old; depending on baby’s size)You discard the clip-on bar and change the baby’s position from the contoured backrest part to an upright sitting position. It now acts like a miniature tub where the length of the tub encompasses the length of the baby’s legs.For our first tub, we discarded it earlier than two when our baby could comfortably not just stand but walk by himself. This way he can safely move about on the adult tub without feeling constricted. So at this point, you can use it up to stage 3 until the time you are confident enough to allow your baby to bathe in the actual tub.PROS:- Included bath sling that acts like a baby hammock- Accessories to keep baby entertained during bath time- Drain plug to safely drain water especially when using over the sink. When using over an actual tub, I just tip the whole tub over.- Soft padding on the tub.- The actual tub is made in the USA (everything else is made in China)CONS:- Not BPA-free which should be a standard for baby plastic items- One of the foam pads was not stuck together properly and was hanging loose. I had to remove the cardboard particles that became stuck underneath the sticker portion of the pad before re-applying it on the actual plastic tub. Time will tell if this will remain stuck.- Accessories: sling pad and clip-on bar + toys are made in China which I have nothing against if the manufacturing is done right and the materials are non-toxic, but the hanging toys are questionable in quality and there is no mention of it’s toxicity.OVERALL:My first tub was a blue plastic for my boy. I was excited to see this in person when it was a transparent and sparkly pink tub. Very princess-like and 100% better than that first blue tub I purchased for practically the same price.Too bad the foam pads were loose and the tub plus included accessories are not advertised as BPA free. It could have garnered all 5 stars if they gave much thought into it even at a higher price.

Blanca Windthorst, TX


We love this bath! It has the sling that is perfect for newborns and then can be used without for older babies. The mobile toy is great for built in fun for them during bath time before they can sit up while they are laying back in the sling.

Marie Salamonia, IN

Baby girl loves this tub!!!

I first bought a popular larger tub thinking that I would just use the padded bath cushion with it that I used for my son. Well, when I tried this out with my baby girl I realized that I should have bought this as soon as she came home from the hospital. She is twelve pounds so she has enough weight to make the sling go down enough in the water so she is not cold. But, I filled the tub pretty full in order to accomplish this so keep that in mind and always supervise babies while bathing. This is just so much easier to use and rinse out than the first tub I bought. The sling firmly attaches to the sides of the tub unlike the bath cushion that I kept having to adjust on the larger tub. The moment she saw the mobile she quite crying and looked at herself in the mirror. The attached toys can be taken off to use later as a squirt toy and water strainer which is a really great idea. I also just tried using the tub without the sling and the cushioned back is at a nice angle with a bump contoured into the plastic to keep your little one from sliding too far down. I personally think that the sparkly pink color is very cute and appropriate for a girl. But, those of you that are not into cutesy might overdose on this sparkly pink tub and mobile.

Madeline Kensington, MD

Fantastic and pretty

I love this molded plastic tub, nothing to deflate, easy to towel dry. The great thing about this particular tub, besides the pretty silver sparkles in the pink tinted plastic, is the easy clip on and removable toys. They keep the little ones attention, especially if they are wiggly, and are easy to play with.For the price I am extremely pleased with this baby tub! Would give as a gift, and happily!

Paulette Gettysburg, OH


My little ones used to have something similar. I got this for a friend’s new baby.Lay the baby on the foam mat, put her in the reclined position or sit her up, we used to use all three stages in the same week, depending on the mood.My kids always loved this, now they are big swimmers. I hope this new baby girl likes it too.

Herminia Waves, NC

Didn’t use hammock much

Overall a good tub, but we ended up not making much use out of the features. The hammock was great the first several weeks but shortly she was too squirmy for it to balance her safely, particularly when we had to sit her up to wash her backside, which is also when the toy bar starts to get in the way. We ended up not using the toy bar for long either because of that, and also because a newborn bath isn’t really a sit-and-relax-a-while event, she was more interested in staring at us or handling a simple rattle or teething style toy.

Berta Ware Neck, VA

Cute and Functional

Very pretty and functional. It goes together easily and seems very sturdy. The toys at the top are a cute distraction for a fussy baby in the bath.

Rosie Concordia, KS

Super Cute and Super Functional

The Summer Sparkle Fun Newborn-to-Toddler Baby Tub is super cute and fully functional. The strong grip clasps are great for holding your new bundle of joy and make the parent feel secure as well. The toy bar is great for keeping babies attention while in the baby and is easy to install and remove. The tub is lightweight and easy to move, carry and store. I plan on using this at the swimming pool this summer to keep the baby entertained and super cute at the pool side. What a great product!

Rosemarie Kotzebue, AK