Summer Infant Sparkle N’ Splash Newborn To Toddler Bath Tub, Blue

Summer Infant Sparkle N’ Splash Newborn To Toddler Bath Tub, Blue

Make bath time safe and simple with the Sparkle ‘n Splash Newborn to Toddler Bath Tub. The clip-on sling has a soft foam headrest that cradles and supports newborns, while the large padded seating area gives toddlers space to splash and play. Sparkle ‘n Splash fits in double sinks and in adult bathtubs.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Tub grows with baby: (1) Clip-on sling with soft foam head rest cradles newborns, (2) Padded recline seat supports infants, (3) Large padded seating area with high back gives toddlers space to splash and play
  • Fits in double sinks and adult bath tubs
  • Colorful, sparkle plastic design
  • Sling is machine washable

Verified reviews


Good fit for sinks and your back

The groove fits well with my old double kitchen sink and so will save my back vs. using our bathroom sink or just the sink itself. The sling is a cool idea but I’m a little worried about it being so taut and high up on the bath (I’m sure to keep the baby out of the water); it was definitely easier to clean the bottom half of the baby when putting that half in water. I think the sling is only going to be useful for tiny babies, then just using the main tub is easier. It has a drain to let out the water and a pretty transparent sparkly plastic, good for those who REALLY like pink.

Elaine Forest City, MO

So cute!

We don’t have a baby yet, but hope to before too long. So, obviously we don’t now whether it will be a boy or a girl. With pink being more acceptable for boys every day, I think that this pink newborn to toddler bath tub is both adorable and unisex. There is a mat in it for a baby, and you can take the mat out for more room in the tub when baby gets older. I totally love this tub!

Noemi Wyckoff, NJ

Safe Bath for Baby!

I rated this items with 5 stars because it is safe and fun for my grandchild’s bath time. It’s usage grows with the baby. The removable padding accommodates newborns and as baby grows, the padding can be either removed or used as a cushion. The tub can fit in the sink, bath, or table top. The water can easily be drained via the drain spout that has a rubber stopper. The tub is brightly colored and has nice sparkles that are pleasing to the eye. Baby is safe from hard bumps, too much water, slips, and other unsafe acts.

Leonor Goodland, KS

Hard to fit in smaller sinks, but cute and useful

This baby tub is very sturdy and simple, with a cute little cradle sling for smaller babies that makes bath time much easier, as I am always paranoid about baby falling over when giving her a bath in a sink. The only downside is how large the tub is and how many lips the underside has mean getting it into sinks is a problem. Even "double sinks" can be cramped and narrow, but even using this in the tub is nice.

Ola Clarence, PA

Works well, good ideas for prolonging use

Nice that’s it’s somewhat adjustable so that it can grow (a little bit, at least) with the kid. It’s not exactly ground-breaking, but it is handy. Basically, it does what it’s supposed to do, and it works well for that.Unfortunately, mine came damaged, which sounds like it’s not a rare occurrence. It ships in a large box with little extra padding around that allows the edges to hit the box and break apart. Doesn’t harm the functional use, except it may be a bit unsafe (sharp plastic edges) and it’s ugly.Good product, poor shipping/packaging.

Effie Kaysville, UT

Super Cute

This summer sparkle-n-splash bath tub fits perfect over my kitchen sink. I like the option of using it at counter height to avoid back pain. The design is cute, not that a newborn would care but it’s perfect for a baby girl. The padding is comfy and dries fast!

Sasha Nortonville, KS

Great bath!

My baby is now 3 1/2 months old. Thus far we were using the sling. But now she has moved on to using the bath without the sling. It fits very snug and comfortably in my kitchen sink which is a large single sink. After the bath I pull out the drain plug and it drains pretty quick. It looks very pretty and my older daughter who is 4 loves the pretty pink bath tub for her baby sister.

Erika Live Oak, FL

Pretty and functional

This is functional as well as being gorgeous at the same time. Just clean with hot water before the first use, and voila! Perfect baby bath. I fell in love with this and decided not to get this fifty dollar spa tub I was eyeballing after I got this. This is simple and easy to use, and that’s exactly what you need for bath time. Nothing extra.

Alisha Leighton, AL

I like it

I rated Summer Sparkle n Splash bath tub 4 stars because it is a nice baby tub. I like how this can easily fit in the tub or sink. The colors are cute and is easy to clean and quickly rinse off.Overall, I’m happy with this baby-toddler girl bath tub!

Jasmine Norco, CA

Great Design!

I love this design…love that I can use it for different stages, but the reason I gave it four stars instead of five is because the padding at the foot area came off before I even had a chance to get it wet. Apparently it wasn’t glued on very well, which has me wondering how long before the rest of the padding becomes unglued.Still a great design, but sad that it started to fall apart before the first use.

Rachel Strausstown, PA