Summer Infant Spectra Stroller, Blaze

Summer Infant Spectra Stroller, Blaze

Spectra Stroller

Main features

  • Lightweight convenience of an all aluminum frame stroller that features a one-handed self standing fold and car seat compatibility
  • Multi-position reclining seat with an adjustable footrest and rear mesh window for ventilation (with roll down window for privacy)
  • Plenty of storage: extra large storage basket, 2 rear pockets for keys and cell phones, parent cup holder and child snack tray
  • Durable foam wheels with front and rear suspension with locking front swivel wheels and a pedicure friendly rear brake
  • Adjustable and removable canopy with quiet sweet peak window

Verified reviews


Well made

Light weight, and easily carried by a petite woman. I like how maneuvarable the wheels on. It’s also great that it can recline a lot for a sleeping child. However, I do wish it could sit upright a bit more and that it could carry up to 2 larger cups for adults.

Jeanine Kayenta, AZ

What a piece of crap!

I got this off Ebay brand new in a box for $130, including shipping. I thought it was a steal, since the asking price is around $219. When it arrived, I was quickly disappointed.Cons:1. THE SEAT DOESN’T SIT UP! Not even close. There was no way my 2 year-old would have sat in it. (The B-Agile doesn’t sit up all the way either, but this is a lot more reclined than that! We are talking about a good 6-8 inches difference when my son was sitting all the way up to where the seat back was.)2. The tray, while a good size, is very thin, cheap plastic.3. They have the Summer Infant butterfly log on the side of the stroller. Mine was already coming off on one side. They are just stickers.4. The fold is weird. They tried to make it like the City Mini or B-Agile, but instead of a one handed pull in the seat, you twist the handle bar and push with your hand down to the ground. YOU CANNOT HOLD A CHILD A DO THIS. The fold is also not very flat.5. The fabric felt VERY cheap.6. It is a very open stroller. My son could lean all the way over the side.7. I liked the idea of adjustable leg rest, but when it was all the way down, there was barely any room for my kid’s feet on the foot rest. Maybe an inch of room.8. The seat width is very narrow. Good for shopping aisles, bad for a growing child. Maybe 11 inches across.9. The recline is supposed to be a strap recline. It’s more of a string recline. VERY CHEAP.Pros:1. It does have a flat or almost flat recline.2. There is a cup holder, but it won’t hold more than a bottle of water or baby bottle. No coffee cups or fountain drinks. You can switch it to either side of the stroller.3. Canopy is a decent size.4. Can be a travel system.3. I liked the big peekaboo window with magnets, instead of Velcro.4. Adjustable leg rest.5. Comes with a child’s tray and 2 parent pockets. (Although you might only fit a cell phone and keys in them. They are small.)6. The handlebar height seemed nice and I didn’t kick the bar.7. Basket is a decent size.8. The brakes were nice and flip flop friendly.Bottom line:I sold mine immediately at a kid’s resale store for about $60 just to make some of my money back. Skip this stroller. I am still just using my old Combi until I can find a better one. At most, they shouldn’t be selling this stroller for anymore than maybe $89.99.

Rocio Gill, CO

Stays in a reclining position

I like most things about this stroller:-The swivel wheels-The cup holder-The tray with two deep upholders-The roomy basket-The seat and bucklesHowever, there is one major drawback that effects functionality:-Even though we sinched up the back all the way, the seat remains in a constant reclining position. This makes it hard for my son to be comfortable in here. He either has to lay down or sit forward without support.Unfortunate flaw.

Cheryl Harmans, MD

Lightweight, easy to fold, smooth ride: missing storage by handles.

This is a very good stroller. Extremely fast and easy assembly. Very easy to collapse and unfurl. Comfortable handles and smooth wheels. Virtually everything you could want in a stroller.Except a storage bar near the handles. I do not know if collapsing it and folding it would have been harder had it been included. But my other stroller has it and it is useful. Overall, though, recommended. Easy to use and nice comfortable ride for your little one.

Diann Dilltown, PA

Overall a high quality 3/4 size (slightly narrower) stroller; however, weight reduction is only moderate.

Pros:1. Extremely well-made and sturdy.2. Great fit and finish (small details like magnet for the circulation flap and well-padded push bar are all there as you’d expect for a premium stroller)3. Rides smooth with nice suspension.4. Fully reclines for sleep.Cons:1. At 3/4 the size of a full size stroller, this is simply not as light as the manufacturer is trying to claim.2. The one touch collapse button is not as smooth as other brands.3. Seat does not prop up as much as other brands; child would be more sprawled out. My toddler had no issues with this in terms of comfort (would not have hesitated to let me know if there was an issue!).

Manuela Sinking Spring, OH