Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool, Blue/ Green

Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool, Blue/ Green

Perfect for potty training your child, the Summer Infant Step by Step Potty and Stepstool is a complete potty training system. With a built-in lid and toilet tissue holder, this potty helps parents encourage and teach important hygiene habits. The potty can be used as a stand alone, toilet topper training seat, and a stepstool.

Main features

  • Soft, contoured seat
  • Flushable wipes holder and toilet tissue dispenser help promote hygiene habits
  • 3-in-1: stand-alone potty, toilet topper training seat, and stepstool

Verified reviews


This was the one for us

This is a great little potty. Great colors and has multiple stages. My daughter loves it. She feels like such a big girl and you can take the inner seat out of the potty and put it on your toilet. Cant rave about this one more would buy it again in a heart beat.

Liza Port Huron, MI

Not good for boys, might work for girls.

Ok, so take what I say with a pinch of salt since my son has not used it and I just got it. That is why I am going to return it.The pros: It looks ok, my son was definitely interested in using it, it is not expensive and the seat is well cushioned.The cons: The seat, which in theory adapts to any toilet for latter use is tiny. It can go in the big toilet bowl, so it will NOT work for latter use in a regular toilet seat. The hole in the potty seat is tiny and the green pee guard ends up being too close to the penis so when my son was trying to seat he hurt himself with the green guard (that is why it was not used). I could teach him to hold his penis down and to seat carefully to avoid further pain, but (in my opinion) if potty training is hard work unto itself having this potty is just going to make it harder. If you don’t install the green guard thing pee can go everywhere, especially under the seat. This drives me to the last inconvenience I see, the bowl in the potty. The bowl in the potty to catch the pee is shaped like a pitcher. The potty frame has two holes at the front to get the pitcher out and empty it. It is a pincer grip to get the `handle’ of the pitcher. However, if pee has gone under the seat then the pee can leak through those holes and into the potty frame… not the pitcher shaped bowl that is supposed to catch the pee. If that happens, it will be hard to clean the whole thing. If the potty frame did not have the holes and had just handles to pull the pitcher out then it would be better.I think the design is not the best for boys. Though it can work for girls, since there is no pee guard issue… Maybe sticking to something with a simpler design is best for me and my son…I got this one at Target. I got it there because I wanted to ‘see’ the potty and buy a good one…. Murphy’s law worked for me this time! The pictures in the box don’t show all the components or the flaws this potty has. Target should have open pieces for us to see what we are getting. Oh, well. I hope this helps you. 🙂

Tamra East Pembroke, NY


My son uses this potty fine, but the cup to block the pee in is hard and doesn’t stay in place! Even if it did, you would still be cleaning pee from under the tiny potty seat that is in the base!! I hate potty training ATM bc I paid so much for a worthless potty! It works fine on the big potty, but that’s not just what it is marketed as! DO NOT BUY! You will regret it!! I wish I had come To amazon, but I bought this at toys r us so I didn’t have any reviews to go by! 🙁

Naomi Midland, MD

Nothing wrong with this,cheap and it works!

I’m currently potty training my 25 month old girl and she had no problems using this.Maybe coz she is small for her size,we’ve had no problems leaking whatsoever inside the body of this.I’m starting her off doing just #2 for now and on her 4th attempt, she “did” it on this potty.It has unnecessary attachments though-the flip top green lid (don’t know what that is for) and the TP holder-seriously? (we use a bidet in our house but for her, I wash her off in the laundry sink ASAP )after she’s done the deed.She had peed in this too and she didn’t spray/leak anywhere.TIP:try putting an inch or so of water in the removable “basin” or “catch-all” part so clean up is a breeze-I just dump all the contents in the toilet, spray water from the bidet and it’s clean (although neat freak that I am, I put a bit of detergent and swish and swirl before reassembling).This way, it’s always clean.I wash the toilet seat part too before reassembling.

Janell Villa Ridge, MO

The One That Finally Worked!

This product ended my yearlong struggle to potty train my little girl. In an effort to find just the right potty, we ultimately purchased a total of four different ones. Unlike the others we tried, this potty is cute, comfortable and affordable. The seat is soft and there are no obstacles to keep the little bums from sitting down smoothly. (While economical,The Fisher Price frog potty is the worst in this respect. It has this annoying, hard lip in the front that proved to be quite the obstacle to sitting down.) My daughter has no trouble getting on or off the Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer. It’s also easy to clean. (I don’t understand the reviews that complain about urine leaking through–that has never once happened to me.) I love that it has a place for toilet paper and baby wipes. After three days of using this potty, my daughter is officially potty trained. I’m very happy I purchased this product and would recommended it to others.

Cherry Brandy Camp, PA

OK, but has some issues.

My daughter was immediately fascinated with this potty when it arrived and wanted to sit on it right away which was very promising. However, over time she has lost interest (like she has with many "toys") and is afraid to sit on it without a diaper for too long. I think this is because her butt will start to stick to the seat after a while since it’s plastic. I do like that it looks like a grown-up potty, but she has closed the lid so many times on her fingers that I had to remove it because I was afraid that she would start to avoid it because of that alone. The wipes "dispenser" would be useless to me as she can open it any time and pull them all out, and I have yet to add T.P. to the little special holder since she just pulls the entire roll free if I put one on there (she tried, but I of course told her she had to wait until she went potty before she could have any). I’m hoping that over time she will feel comfortable enough on there that she will want to use it for its intended purpose. We’ve had it for about 5 months now, though, and no dice. I know you’re not supposed to pressure them into it, but I think I will have to try another method to get her potty trained as this one has lost steam for now. She seems more interested in disassembling this than sitting on it. But I’m still hopeful that she’ll get used to it someday. We got her a potty book the same day and she loves that book, but is so-so with this potty.

Rosalind Gully, MN

Really pretty

I wanted to choose a potty that would get my daughter excited about using it. This is definitely the right potty. It’s pretty, it has a toilet paper holder and even a soft toilet seat that you can lift up. It also has handles to make it easy to carry it around!

Cherry Acampo, CA

What a mess!

So we bought two of these. After the kids used them I notice urine getting into the pegs and peg holes underneath the seat ring. You have to soak the seat ring in bleach all the time to get rid of the urine smell….way to time consuming. Not the best design. Wish we had gone with a solid plastic potty instead of one that has a foam cushion that can get soaked in urine and stink all the time. Pass this one up if you can.

Guadalupe Wanchese, NC

Just about perfect!

We bought this for my 2 year old daughter because her little bum and legs would often go to sleep while she was trying to potty on her lovely and functional but hard, plastic BABYBJÖRN Potty Chair.This one had great reviews so I ordered it and so far it has not disappointed us.I love having the pink lid to close when we want this to be stored or to help prepare her to close the potty after she is finished. Though I don’t know about using it for a step stool, the lid tends to buckle and she is only 35 lbs.The best feature is the removable soft potty seat. It’s so cushy and she says she is much more comfortable, as a result she stays on the potty longer and has more success.It also seems to be very easy to take apart and clean.All this being said the only cons I can think of are the lid not being that sturdy for a step stool and I wish there was a way to snap the potty seat in. Sometimes when she gets up after using it the seat sticks to her bum. She thinks it’s funny but another child might find it odd or be scared.Despite those small cons I highly recommend this product!!!

Hope Blue River, KY

Awesome potty!!

This potty is so cute and great! I love the design it is very functional and durable and for a plastic seat is as high quality as I could expect for this purchase! I love that the seat is cushioned because in the beginning you sometimes have to have your kid sit and wait on the potty for a while for anything to happen and this makes it much more comfortable for my daughter. It’s also a great height and isn’t too tall for her but not too short either. The wipe container on top isn’t a great size and doesn’t fit the regular baby wipes you would usually use. Actually I’m not sure what kind of wipes would fit but i guess it could work for standard wipes if you cut them in half or something. I haven’t really used it so I don’t worry about it. My daughter isn’t old enough to use an actual toilet paper roll so I haven’t used that either. But the rest of the potty is perfect. Easy to clean and my daughter also uses it to stand on to get to the counter and it seems like a durable and safe step for her to stand on. All in all I am extremely happy with this potty for my daughter.

Sherri Altamont, UT

This potty is so cute and practical!

I did not want a potty with electric pieces so I bought this and love it! I like that it has a space for flushable wipes and a pullout holder for toilet paper! The potty is easy to clean, cute, and good for small spaces. 🙂 The peeguard is easy to put in and to take out, and the seat is nice and cushioned for little bottoms. 🙂 My son is still so small that it is not like I need a step stool at this point in time, so it does not matter that the step stool cannot be used until he is converted to the big boy potty with the child potty attached. One thing that I do wish that this had was cleaning instructions. I mean, it is sort of common sense and your own personal cleaning methods… But it would have been nice to know how to clean the seat properly and stuff, I think. My son got poop on it once and I was like, well, I hope you like bleach seat. But anyways, I love the potty and it has features that will actually come in handy throughout its use!!! 🙂

Mona Shortt Gap, VA

Great little potty seat.

My granddaughter has had a Bjorn potty seat and hated it. So I bought this one for my house and her home. She likes sitting on it, although she has yet to use it for its real purpose. I don’t find the step stool part useful right now, but maybe once she learns to “properly” use a toilet it will work for washing her hands. All in all, a better choice than the Bjorn.Warning, she loves to pull off the TP on the side, so I took it off for now. She had a great time papering the floor!

Ma Pineland, SC

Not quite what I imagined…

For the price, at about twenty bucks, it isn’t horrible. But it isn’t as convenient as I thought…I bought aThe First Years Disney/Pixar Cars Rev and Go Sounds Potty Seat(which is cute, but no longer makes any noise and had the battery explode and leak battery acid onto the seat) to use in our upstairs bathroom and I figured this seat would snap off and be the seat for our second toilet once the little potty was outgrown…but you have to take off the entire top half – lid and green handles and all to place on top of your toilet seat. The thing is HUGE and not easy to store in the bathroom when not sitting on the potty. The step-stool feature is equally annoying because it is shaped, well, like a potty, not like a stool and is too short to get my son onto the toilet or assist with hand-washing.Basically, if you are not sure whether you child will prefer a little potty or the adult one and you need to break him/her into the idea, this isn’t awful. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. It might be ok if you got it on super sale and it was for a grandparent’s house where it would be lightly used, otherwise, keep browsing and find something else!

Goldie Fair Oaks, IN

This is my 4th potty chair

We have a bunch of bathrooms and have tried a few models. This is the most comfy and functional so far. Better than the boon and the prince lionheart ones.

Dora Scotland Neck, NC

Used with all of my children!

I purchased this potty for a second time only because I now have a son and our other one is pink! We used my daughter’s everywhere! At home, in the car and at Grandma’s house! It’s very convenient because it has handles on both sides as well as a toilet tissue holder. I love it and would encourage anyone to purchase it if you want it to last for a long time!!

Sandy High Springs, FL

Not That Great

We bought this thinking our freshly two, two year old daughter would like this better than her basic potty chair with a hard seat. Totally wrong !The tag that is located under this seat gets in the way so urine and poop get all over it. We did cut it off and that helped.Somehow the way our sweet girl positions herself on this one causes her to practically spray out, it would be nice to have something in the front to keep the urine in when that happens.The part you stick on the adult toilet seat doesn’t hardly fit the toilets we’ve tried it on, our daughter gets so annoyed.

Marisa Duke Center, PA

great potty!

I love that this potty is convertable. My one complaint is that it doesn’t fit the toilet seat well so it needs to go under the seat attached right to the bowl and the foam part does not fit the seat so it is not a quick convert from potty chair to toilet if you are working with both. The base converts to a step stool which is not very high but gets the job done. The toilet paper holder is a cute idea but my little one tends to turn around to play with it which often results in going potty on the seat or floor instead of the potty.the flushable wipes compartment is a stroke of genius though.

Felicia South Windsor, CT

Great Potty

I have bought two models of Summer Potty for my son. This one is at my baby-sitter’s place and the other, more simpler one is in my toilet. The potty/step stool one is a little cumbersome to clean, but has a cuter design and has a cover lid to teach him to close it after finishing the ‘job’.

Chelsea Sioux Center, IA

Good Potty Trainer

This potty is really cute and my daughter likes to use it. I stopped using the toilet paper holder because she would just sit there and unravel it, but it is a nice idea. I also liked how I could take the padded ring out and put it on the big potty when she was no longer interested in using her little potty. I just wouldn’t use it as a step stool because the lid isn’t that sturdy.

Joanna Cleveland, MS