Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail, Blue

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Double Bedrail, Blue

The Summer Infant Sure And Secure Double Bedrail is an essential item for your child when transitioning them from their crib to a bed. This bedrail has security ease of use price and value all in one great product. Simple anchor mechanism ensures a snug fit Folds down for easy access to the bed or to change linens Accommodates up to a queen size mattress Minimal assembly required Dimensions – 42.5L x 20H inches

Main features

  • Both panels measure 42 5”l x 20”h and assembles in less than 5 minutes
  • Folds down for easy access to the bed or to change linens
  • Accommodates twin to queen size mattresses
  • Accommodates up to queen size mattresses
  • Minimal assembly required

Verified reviews


Nice double bed rail

As other reviewers have mentioned, the actual color of these is a baby-blue, not the royal blue shown in the picture. Other than that, I’m very happy with these bed rails. We got them for my toddler who just transitioned to a double bed. He has pulled on the sides (much the same way he used to rattle the bars on his crib) and they stay strong. It’s nice that they both fold down, too. Makes for easier sheet changes. They were easy to install too, with no tools needed. Took my husband about 20 minutes.

Ester Crouse, NC

Very sturdy, easy and intuitive to assemble

We are in the process of graduating or oldest to a “big girl” bed. Of concern was that, we’re using a queen sized bed with box spring (that way, she can crash back in with her younger sister’s room on the twin bed with the crib inside when company stays over on the queen). We wanted something that would fit a queen and cover both sides, as we wanted the Queen bed positioned with access on both sides, in the room (not up against a corner of the room).So, this double rail fit the bill, came in a nice pink color, and had a drop down sides for when guests stay over.Assembly, which took longer than 5 minutes, but only just, was pretty straightforward. The hardest part being removing the mattress and placing it back on.But the tightening straps, metal bars, and the mesh material all fit together very well and feel very sturdy / nice quality.And the pin mechanism to release and lower the sides, works easily enough for adults, but tough enough for kids not to be able to do.Overall, nice quality item, well designed and puts together easily. The straps tighten down, no problem, and there’s enough “railing” sticking about our pillow topped mattress, that we feel confident our 2.5 year old girl won’t roll out anytime soon.

Kathi York, NE

Just what I needed

Easy to set up but took me longer than the 5 minutes it says on the box (hubby probably could have done it faster). But now that it’s put together it is very easy to install on the bed. We take these bed rails with us on road trips and just toss them in the van. They fit up to queen sized beds and are easy to adjust. Great for the price too, nothing more I could ask for!

Letha Hanover, MD

One package works great with twins…

We have twins, each of their beds are against a wall, so we bought one package of rails and just use one rail for each baby. Sure, these are designed to latch under for extra support but with the extended support arms with each rail that reach deep under the twin mattress we found that there is more than enough support to keep the kids in place. The kids have not fallen out of bed and they still rest up against it while sleeping (35 LB’s each)

Nikki Douglas, WY

Safe and secure

These rails keep my daughter from falling out of her bed in the night. They give her security that she is used to from her crib, but let her feel like a big girl in her twin size bed. They are a cute color that coordinate well with her girly room.A litte harder to put together than the "less than 5 minutes" advertised, but not too tricky.My only reason for giving 4 stars is that the fold down mechanism easily gets caught in the fitted sheet, causing it to be insecure. I fold down one side so I can sit in bed and read to my daughter. One time I thought I had placed the side back up securely, but nope. She leaned on the side when she was supposed to be napping and over she went. Now I carefully check the locking mechanism every time.

Jody Jarratt, VA

It works!

Well. It does the trick. Keeps your kid in bed. In the description, it says the sides come down for easy bed making. And they do. But I always have troubles unlocking the things. One rail side always seems to jam, and I have to squeeze really, really hard to unlock it. And the same goes for the other rail. So that part makes me dread making the bed. But I do like them. I think some reviews complained about the color. It’s (light) blue. I’m not sure why it’s a huge issue, but the color choice wasn’t a huge issue for me.I am updating this review after many months of use. I figured out the reason for difficulty in unlatching the hooks. You have to push the rail into the bed and the latches lift right up. So I changed my 4 stars to 5!

Christy Pierceville, KS

Not meant for a captains bed

In the description nowhere did it mention that this item needs to be set up under the entire mattress. We have a captains bed for our son and it doesn’t work well with this type of bed. We can’t even use the fold down feature and had to cram the mattress between the 2 bed rails to make it fit!Disappointed.

Kristin Chilcoot, CA


It’s perfect! It keeps your toddler in bed while sleeping and I am not afraid anymore that he can fall and hurt himself, it can be folded down for my easy access to and out of the bed or to change linens. PERFECT!

Tricia Hull, TX

Easy Set up

The box claims set up in 5 minutes with no tools. Well, it took a little more than 5 minutes, but it wasn’t complicated. After arriving late in the evening after a long road trip, we wanted to get it installed before putting our 2 year old to bed. It took about 10 minutes, and it looks great. It makes the bed slid a little on the box springs, but it isn’t a big deal.It leaves just enough room at the end of the bed for my daughter to climb in and out, and I love that it double sided so we don’t always have to keep the bed against the wall.

Dessie Prospect, OH