Summer Infant Sure and Secure Single Bedrail, White

Summer Infant Sure and Secure Single Bedrail, White

The Sure & Secure Single Bedrail from Summer Infant is an essential item for your child when transitioning them from crib to bed. Security, ease of use and value all in one great item.

Main features

  • Measures 42 5”l x 20”h and assembles in less than 5 minutes
  • Folds down for easy access to the bed or to change linens
  • Accomodates twin to queen size mattresses

Verified reviews


NOT what I expected. Awful.

This is terrible. I bought this to use on my toddler’s convertible crib/bed, and it’s nearly too long for her to climb past. It’s uncomfortable in every way. Basically, it’s metal bars with a thin sheet of canvas-like fabric over it. There is zero cushion. I had my husband take it off within a couple hours of putting it on because it just didn’t look right, didn’t feel right, and although it would probably keep her in bed, I was concerned about the metal parts scratching her.We’ve opted instead to put a cylindrical pillow under her sheet. This provide a modified fourth side to her toddler bed, she can climb over it and get into bed, it’s super soft, and it still keeps her in bed as she moves around at night.This product may work on twins or doubles. I don’t know. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard and wobbly.

Sylvia Garyville, LA

Worked great for my 4 month old

My son slept in the bed with me until he started crawling at 4 months. He would wake up in the middle of the night and crawl around the bed. After his second fall off of my very high bed I decided to take action. This rail works great and is easy to put together. However, it only lasted a short while until he started pulling up, at which point he started using it as a banister while jumping on the bed. But if your kid is only rolling over this is a great product.

Eva Sylmar, CA

Good bedrail.

I purchased this bedrail for use on my full size bed, without a box spring, to keep my baby from rolling out of the bed. Setup was pretty easy, I was able to do it myself, though I could have used help to lift the mattress. The directions were very clear and easy to understand. After setting it up, it worked quite well. My baby was able to pull herself up on it, and it was very sturdy.Folding it down was not hard, and could be done one-handed, but is much easier with two hands. All in all, this will stay on your bed, and keep your little ones inside.The reason that I rated this 3 stars instead of 5, is that I will have to return it. My daughter has very sensitive skin, and cannot be near items that have been heavily treated with flame retardant chemicals without breaking out into a rash that turns quickly into large blisters.Unfortunately, more and more baby items are sprayed with those incredibly toxic chemicals, and this is one of those items.If your child has never had any issues, then you should be fine, and I recommend this bedrail.If you are one of the few, unfortunately growing number of parents with a child who has had a severe allergic reaction to flame retardant chemicals from other treated fabrics (like a car seat), I would not recommend this item.

Anne Richland, MS

Works with captains bed

Some reviewers have said it doesn’t work with a captains bed, but our son has that style of bed and it works just fine. You can’t flip it up and down, but the whole point of the product is to keep your toddler in bed, and that it does! There is 9 to 10 inches of room left at the head and foot of the bed for our toddler (and either of his big people sized parents) to climb comfortably into his bed without needing to flip this over.Our big guy looks tiny in his new twin bed, so this gives me the comfort I need. I know he won’t go anywhere with this on the side of his bed (the other side is against the wall).

Kaitlyn Waldo, AR

works well

I put these on my queen size bed to keep my son from rolling off as once he was getting good at rolling he was too close to the edge for comfort. These were a little hard to put up without help, but they are great. Completely keep him safe and fit well. I have no complaints except that it is easier to have someone strong to help you put the mattress on the bed when these are in place. I used two of these, one for each side of the bed. Very necessary if anyone co-sleeps and better to do it sooner than later!

Terri Indian Lake Estates, FL

Great bedrail!

This bed rail was an incredibly easy install, and it has stayed put on her twin bed since day one even with my daughter leaning on it at times. Everything snaps into place and makes for a pretty sturdy barrier between her and the ground.

Beatrice Santa Rosa, NM

Slightly disappointed

This doesn’t work with a slat bed, just an FYI. Also, the one side loosened easily, but the other side wouldn’t budge for folding down easily.

Teri Sabael, NY

Great Ideal!

This is a fantastic accessory for young children who are switching from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed. It keeps them from accidently rolling off the bed in their sleep until they get used to sleeping in a regular bed. It secures onto most beds easily and can be taken off just as simply when the time comes.

Carrie Gatewood, MO

Fits well

This fits our queen-sized bed very well. It’s a nice quality and is exactly what you would expect from a bedrail. I have no complaints.

Samantha Spring Arbor, MI

Very sturdy and stays out of sight when necessary

My daughter loves to stand and push against the gate and though I do worry that it’ll give to her weight, so far it hasn’t been a problem. We use it on our main bed for when she wakes up in the morning which is free from a wall at all sides but the head–not exactly the ideal use case scenario–but I do seeing it being perfect for when she’s old enough for a twin.

Lorraine New Albany, IN

I like it!

it does a good job, even my daughter pushes it on purpose to show me how she won’t fall. it’s not the best fit for trundle beds, since the mattress kind of sits in a wooden box, but for regular bed set up is perfect!

Lillian Slaton, TX