Summer Infant Sure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Sure Sight Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

Sure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor The Sure Sight Digital Color Video Monitor is an easy to use, completely portable video monitor at an affordable price, featuring a 1.8″ color video screen, automatic night vision and digital privacy. Features: 100% digital technology for a private and secure connection 1.8″ color video display with automatic night vision Expandable system with auto-scan to monitor multiple rooms/children, extra cameras sold seperately (#28990) Handheld portability with built-in belt clip Volume and brightness controls with sound activated LED lights Low battery and out of range indicators on screen Up to 600′ range

Main features

  • 1.8-inch portable color LCD handheld video monitor operates on 2.4GHz wireless digital technology
  • Automatic black and white night vision
  • Sound activated LED lights
  • Low battery and out of range indicators, with range up to 600-feet/182.88-meters
  • Add up to 3 additional cameras, Summer Infant item # 28990/Amazon item # B00F5ECHLG

Verified reviews


Works great if you don’t mind white noise

Although this doesn’t effect the quality of the product, this was a beast to get out of the box! The monitor works well. When it’s light, you can see clearly in color. When its dark, you can still see in gray-tones. It picks up sound and movement well. I like that the camera has a base with a swivel head. Both the camera and receiver are fairly small and surprisingly light weight.One drawback is the white noise. My last monitor was also Summer brand, but the receiver was very quiet. This one makes a constant white fuzz noise.

Angie West Alexandria, OH

Great monitor for the price!

I really love this monitor. The price is right and it was very easy to set up.I purchased an additional camera for when we have another baby but have not set it up yet. I like that it has this capability though… it was definitely a selling feature for me.No, the screen isn’t huge, but it is plenty big enough to be able to see into the entire crib.I haven’t had a problem with any white noise or constant buzzing coming from the receiver. We run a fan while my baby is sleeping so I always hear noise in the background anyway.Nope, no 2-way communication to be able to soothe the baby from a different room, but lets face it, this monitor is less than $100 which is very inexpensive for a quality video monitor. It isn’t a problem for me anyway.I haven’t had any problems with the range of the receiver either. We have a 2-story, 2400 sq ft house and I have excellent reception in every room. I haven’t taken this outside yet because its just too cold out.The battery lasts plenty long enough to last throughout the day. I leave it on and plugged in overnight then off and plugged in until nap time and the battery charges just fine.I am very happy with this purchase.

Julia Prairie Lea, TX

Good overall baby monitor.

This is your standard design baby monitor. Comes with one camera but you can purchase additional cameras (up to three) and toggle through the screens on your monitor to view the different cameras. Monitor charges and is portable up to a 600ft range, but we only got as far as our back deck before it blanked out. Camera has night vision, as what you should expect from baby monitors these days, but no zoom or pan feature. Night vision is fantastic, and about the best feature. Camera and monitor come paired and tilts and pivots so you can get the best setup, it also mounts on the wall with the provided mounts and screws. Monitor has up to 8 hours of battery life with volume controls to hear baby (no two-way communication), and you can adjust the brightness of the screen for viewing. There’s also a light indicator to let you know when baby is awake or crying.Overall this is a great basic monitor that I think any parent would feel comfortable using. My only complaint, is compared with some of the other monitors we’ve used, this camera has a light cheap plastic feel, and you cannot add batteries to the camera. I kind of liked that feature for when we travel and can’t get the best positioning in a hotel or rental house. But, considering the night vision is about the best we’ve experienced I would definitely recommend it.

Keri College City, CA

Good bang for your buck

We bought this monitor because we didn’t want to spend over $100 on a monitor, but still hoped for one with video capabilities. With only spending $89 in mind we have gotten a lot of bang for our buck.Pros- The picture is very clear both during the day and at night- picks up any noises baby makes- compactness of handset- stand on handset- durability – we have dropped the handset a dozen times and it still works greatCons – camera looks awkward when mounted- white noise on handset-handset battery life – lasts about 5 hours when video, lasts much longer with just soundOverall, you get what you pay for. I am sure a $250 monitor would be much better, but for those moms and dads on a budget this is a great monitor.

Lola North Fork, ID

Great monitor – all qualities are awesome!

We’ve had this for 6 months now. It’s a great monitor. We see our daughter clearly, the lighted bar that alerts us when she makes noise is great (esp when we are in a noisy room and can’t hear the monitor) and the volume control is great on this thing. Battery life is also decent I don’t see any reason not to get this. We got a second one.

Mary Townsend, GA

Works well

Features:1) It comes with 1.8 inch color LCD video display and for night vision, black and white.2) The kit includes rechargeable batteries.3) The baby monitor has sound activated LED lights.4) It has built-in belt clip for taking it along to whichever part of room we are currently at.5) It can either be kept on the table or can be mounted. A Kick-stand for tabletop comes along with the kit.6) The volume and brightness of the video can be adjusted.7) On screen there are indicators for low battery and out of range.Pros:1) This video monitor has a range up to 600 feet and works pretty well in the apartment that I live in.2) It uses advanced digital technology so that the recording is private and secure.3) It is expandable. Extra cameras can be added to monitor multiple children or multiple rooms up to 4 rooms.4) The video resolution is superb and provides clear videos.5) The battery life is quite good.Cons:1) Unlike other baby monitors in market, one cannot push a button to speak to the baby to pacify and reassure when it is crying. This feature is notavailable.2) The screen of the video monitor is a little smaller than the other monitors available in market.

Cheryl Lebanon, WI

Camera not clear like old one

This is our second Summer video monitor and both have had different things wrong with them. Our old one from 2010 the camera was great, very clear but the audio always clicked. This new one is opposite. The audio is great but the camera sucks. The camera is not at all clear like our old one. We can see our daughter better in the day time vs the night. I thought about returning but for the price I’m pleased. If she was a newborn I would get a better one so I could see her more clearly. Do love the new volume controls and the smaller monitor size.

Evelyn Lodi, NY