Summer Infant SwaddleMe 2-Pack, Cheetah

Summer Infant SwaddleMe 2-Pack, Cheetah

Wrap your baby in the comfort of the summer infant SwaddleMe, the original adjustable infant wrap. Swaddling soothes newborns by recreating the familiar, comforting snugness of the womb and helps prevent baby from startling awake so babies, and parents, sleep more soundly. SwaddleMe wings are adjustable for just the right fit on baby and keep even wiggly babies swaddled tight. Every baby needs to sleep safe and sound.

Main features

  • Soft fabric wings hug baby close and stay securely fastened and readjust as baby grows for a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch pops open for easy diaper changes ? no need to unwrap baby’s arms
  • Harness slit allows for use with most 5 point harness restraints

Verified reviews


I like these better than other swaddles, but…

I have purchased several of these SwaddleMe blankets and generally I like them. They are quick and easy to use to swaddle your baby. You will either have a baby that HATES swaddles, like one of mine, and will successfully break out of every kind of swaddle. OR you will have a baby, like my other one, who LOVES to be swaddled. In the latter case, this is the best brand of swaddle. I didn’t care for the other ones. However, I found that the same size swaddle runs smaller or larger, which is frustrating. For SURE, the swaddles that say "deluxe" run larger than the regular ones of the same size. If it is a small and fits 7-14lbs, they should all be the same size fabric. I found that my baby did not fit regular swaddles, but did fit the deluxe ones and he was well within the pound range.Now with this two pack — very cute, nice colors and design — but again, one is a bit smaller than the other, which to me makes it seem like Summer Infant may have some quality control issues.

Michell Aurora, KS

Great for my fussy 5 month old

Bought these in size large for my 5 month old who is fussy when he wiggles out of his swaddling at night. Couldn’t wrap his blankets tight enough – he’s a strong little guy. These did the trick. Strong velcro! Breathable cotton is soft and washable. MUST HAVE!

Ivy Vichy, MO

The colors is bad

The design is good but I don’t like its phosphoric colors because its very light. Also the size is very big.

Betsy Blountville, TN


It was ok for my daughter but she does like it she stars to cry when has it . .

Courtney Reasnor, IA

Great product

I love the SwaddleMe products. These were great to use before my little one started rolling over – I used them daily so I would suggest the two pack so there’s always a clean one at the ready. They wash up well (make sure to secure the velcro first!), are soft to the touch and keep babies safely swaddled without the worry of becoming loose in the middle of the night. Now that our baby is able to roll over I am using the SwaddleMe zip up blankets. Can’t say enough about these products.

Belinda Booth, AL

Swaddle what?

This is too big for a newborn, my baby is 6 lbs and is not swaddles appropriately with this. Furthermore, after washing,t he velcro just sticks to one another, and I believe one of the sides are sewn the opposite side, making me unable ot stick one arm to the middle. Very weird design. Use a blanket, it’s a better way to swaddle.

Noelle Rufe, OK

Using them still, even though we don’t “swaddle”

Our twin babies were experts at wriggling out of even our best and most tight receiving-blanket swaddle. So we bought these, and they worked great. Babies could still wriggle an arm or two out every now and then, but didn’t seem inclined to as much. Also, after picking up and putting down a baby five times over night the swaddle cloth starts unraveling and needs re-wrapped where these do not.We also bought a miracle blanket, and liked it as well. We would go between the two.Now our babies are 3 months old and they prefer to stretch out. So we use the large size summer infant swaddle me and we wrap them with their arms sticking out. Babies seem to like the tightness around their middles, and it provides some extra warmth, while still letting them have their arms free. Couldn’t be happier with these.Oh, and the velcro on these lasts a long time as long as they are closed before washing. The way these things are made, the velcro folds back sort of naturally so it’s not usually a problem.

Diane Evanston, WY

Works well

I have just about every type of swaddle on the market and this one is the one we keep coming back to. It’s easy to use and keeps baby swaddled. My only complaint in the velcro on the outside irritates MY skin when I’m nursing baby on the left breast. I usually have to put a burp rag between me and the baby in the swaddle.

Gwendolyn Grand Island, NY

Great for parents of newborns

This makes swaddling very quick and easy to do! It’s nice that it is designed so you can do middle of the night diaper changes without unswaddling your baby’s arms. I really think my babies did sleep more soundly for longer when swaddled since they didn’t startle as much. This product kept my baby swaddled better than when I’d swaddle her with a regular baby blanket since my second child was a real wiggle worm when she slept. These are definitely a must have for new parents!

Letha Mount Tremper, NY

Can’t imagine NOT owning this!

Our daughter was a pretty good sleeper but VERY tall so she easy kicked out of swaddle blankets done by mom and dad. This "baby straight jacket" as we called it in our house was perfect for our baby girl. You could tell that she felt secure and comfy in this and it made her sleep much better. This product became so much a part of our bedtime routine that I could put her in it and she would start to close her eyes almost immediately. Do not fear, when your baby gets older and need to have her arms free you can velcro it with her arms out to start to transition her out of this item. I definitely recommend giving this a try!

Nora Henniker, NH

Great for bigger babies

My son was swaddled until he was 4 months old so we ended up using these swaddles for a while. These worked great at keeping him snug and warm. Plus they’re easy to wash and put on him.

Corinne Tomball, TX

Great time saver, but make sure you get correct size

I love these swaddles – they really do save a lot of time. Make sure you get the right size for your child. You don’t want to get one that is too small because you might be risking incorrect hip development with that. My baby outgrew small ones at 10.5 pounds.

Harriett Eriline, KY

Great for our little big baby

Our little 3 month old was too big for the smaller size of swaddle me, so these larger sizes were great for the next month. Now that he is rolling around we leave his arms out, and the swaddle still stays on as a wearable blanket.

Kitty Floris, IA

Review of Large size

We bought the large size for our son. We loved the smaller ones and used them nightly. They shrunk though so we got a large. By 3 or 4 months we stopped using them though. So we didn’t get a lot of use out of these. I will definitely save them for the next baby though.

Jeanie Ten Sleep, WY

Doesn’t fit

These are supposed to fit sizes 7-14 pounds. My twins are just under 10 pounds and the swaddles already don’t fit. Spend a little more and go with the Halo Swaddle Sleep sacks which work well, and also offer the option of swaddling with arms in or arms out. The Halos also are more flexible as your baby grows, because the velcro closures can be stuck anywhere on the sack. But if you buy Halo, buy the cotton, not the fleece, unless you live in a very cold place and keep your home cool. We found the cotton works well, even on cold nights.

Lilia Yellowtail, MT

Great for newborns

Love love love these swaddles! They kept my baby nice and snug all night. He’s found his thumb now so I’ve switched to a sleep sack but used these exclusively the first three months.

Faith Benedict, MN

This is an excellent product

This is great because our son likes to kick his legs while sleeping so the blanket always comes off. But with this on, he doesn’t need to have a blanket on his legs. So it’s perfect for his nighttime sleeping. We like the design also.

Cecile Midlothian, VA

Use them every day!

Love these! Our daughter is 5 months old (15 lbs) and still being half-swaddled with arms out, which we use these as her blanket. These are a great size for her and we love how easy they are to use. She now knows the sound of the velcro means it’s sleep time (and she sleeps 10-12 hours at night!).

Kelli Caledonia, MI

Love it for my little Houdini.

My kid is a total Hulk + Houdini. We’ve tried other brands of wraps but they are never tight enough or the velcro never holds up through washes long enough. Love these Summer Infant SwaddleMe though – we used them with both kids now and they are still going strong. Would totally recommend.

Annmarie Long Key, FL

Great for babies who love being wrapped.

We have a baby who loves being swaddled. I am not very good at swaddling with a regular blanket and most blankets are not big enough to swaddle properly anyway. This product makes swaddling simple and enjoyable. Takes away some of the stress.

Sharron Brick, NJ

These worked great for my baby boy!

I used swaddles on my son. He would sleep through the night when we would use them. With theses ones it is nice because they are very easy to use.

Debora Paso Robles, CA

Couldn’t live without them

These are always amazing and my boys won’t sleep without them. They last a long time and are necessary! Love the forest print!

Olga Madison, MN


comfy, not too warm for keeping kid comfy on summer nights, kept kiddo asleep and that kept me from losing my mind.

Coleen New Munster, WI

One of the essentials for new babies

These were a godsend with our new baby we ended up buying five so we had a clean one every evening! These are way easier than swaddling with a regular blanket and fast for diaper changes in the middle of the night.

Cornelia Upland, IN

Easy to use and looks great

It’s much easier to use than a regular receiving blanket, and stays in place much better, even with a wiggly baby. The velcro is kind of loud, so it sometimes wakes the baby up when getting her on her wrap, but beyond that, it’s been very practical. It’s a good idea to make sure the flaps with the velcro are secured so they don’t attach to other clothes in the washing machine.

Kate Westford, VT

Swaddling made easy

The size fits my 4 month old perfectly, 15 lbs and 25 inches. However I suggest you don’t dry them unless you want to stretch them back out.

Marva Dolan Springs, AZ

Fantastic swaddlers for a great price

These things are magic and are totally worth $8 each. We use them all the time for our 6-week-old. We keep one upstairs where she sleeps overnight and one downstairs for naps during the day. Swaddling makes a huge difference in getting her to fall asleep and stay asleep.They are so easy to use – pull the baby’s legs in the bottom pouch and pull up the chest piece, pull the left piece over one arm and tuck it behind the other arm, and pull the right piece over to the left side and velcro. You can easily adjust the tightness and swaddle with arms in or out.I love the design of the Sweet Trees, and it’s nice to have one solid and one with the cute pattern to mix and match with busy or plain onesies. You can’t beat the price or design options! I highly recommend these and will be giving them to my new mom friends.

Cecilia Arion, IA

Easiest swaddle for a newborn

My week old baby loves to be swaddled. She will begin to fuss and if we pull her arms straight down by her sides (as much as we can) and swaddle her up she immediately quiets and looks so relieved. I bought a few of these swaddle me wraps before she was born and after seeing how well they worked to calm her I ordered more. Amazon prime rules!!! Received them the next day! One tip-make sure you close all the Velcro tabs before laundry or they will stick to everything.

Betty Cunningham, TN

Good for bigger babies

I really like the newborn swaddlers that are in pretty much every store and are fleece or cotton with a zip up (down actually) front. Those are easier for changing in the middle of the night because you don’t have to rip the loud Velcro to access the diaper area. BUT they are hard to find in any size larger than newborn, which is how I ended up getting these. They work, but the Velcro is really strong and loud, and even when latched to the Velcro keeper, it still snags other stuff in the washer/dryer. Zip up is better, but these do effectively hold my baby in a swaddle position so they’re OK.

Chelsey Fillmore, UT

life saver

These swaddles are amazing and great for those of us too tired to properly swaddle with just a blanket… They help my son sleep like, well, a baby. Thank you!

Phyllis Mohnton, PA