Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap 3-Pack, Mom & Baby

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap 3-Pack, Mom & Baby

Wrap baby securely for a safer, better sleep. Extra soft, adjustable wings provide a perfect snug fit even for wiggly babies. Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents the startle reflex that can wake up your infant. Designed with leading safe-sleep experts, SwaddleMe is trusted by parents around the globe.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Secure design creates a cozy, womb-like feeling for baby and prevents startle reflex that can wake up your infant
  • Soft fabric wings fasten and readjust securely with hook and loop attachments to create a perfect fit
  • Leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes
  • Available in preemie, small or large sizes
  • Stage 1: SwaddlePod, Stage 2: SwaddleMe, Stage 3: WrapSack, Stage 4: ComfortMe

Verified reviews



The first thing you’ll want to do is wash and dry these blankets. Don’t! If you put these in a clothes dryer, you will pretty much ruin them. They cannot be dried on any kind of heat if you want them to be the right size and fit.The small size is for babies up to 14 pounds, it says. My son was 11 pounds when these arrived. I opened them up, tried them on him, fit great. But they had a weird smell, and I wanted them washed in Dreft before he wore one overnight.When they came out of the wash, they barely fit him anymore. The velcro tabs hardly make it all the way around to stick on once he’s wrapped up.So, don’t make the same mistake I made. 🙂 Wash them in cold water only, ever. And always hang to dry. They won’t be as soft as if they’d gone through the dryer, but they’ll fit.PS: Besides the shrinking issue, these are fantastic swaddle blankets, which is why I gave them 4 stars. Velcro stays put all night, patterns are super-cute, fabric doesn’t tear or fade, etc. Just be careful when you wash them.

Antionette Pine Forge, PA

Amazing! Should be on the MUST HAVE list!

My wife is an ER peds nurse and when she was pregnant, during her shower she got a pack of these. She looked at me and said “These are dumb, I know how to swaddle!”. Well, the first night home, we used one of these, let’s just say 4 weeks later we’ve NEVER swaddled our little one in a blanket. We even purchased more of these as well as a set for gifts.I think the best part of these are the at the 2am and 4am changes/feedings, you don’t have to fight with a blanket, just slid them in the sack and velcro the thing closed, can be done in under 15 seconds and it won’t come undone, regardless how much the little one moves.The fleece ones are really nice and warm and go good with normal cotton sleepers. We bought the cotton ones for when we put him in a fleece sleeper. This way the little one won’t get too hot either way, yet is still swaddled.We didn’t have any issues with shrinking.

Regina Marston, MO

I’m in swaddle heaven

This is one of the best things that I bought for our baby. When swaddling her with a blanket, I’d have to swaddle her so tight that I was afraid that if she needed to shift or lean to one side to clear her throat – she’d struggle. This has awesome velcro and is super soft. It’s easy for me to swaddle her so that she can’t get out – but leave the swaddle loose enough that she can shift as needed. This also takes the pain out of doing a bad swaddle with a blanket and eliminates those pesky hands that keep escaping the swaddle. Our baby is so calm when she’s in this swaddle – it’s been a life saver.

Rebecca Dagmar, MT

Velcro is more of a hassle than a help

With my extra-squirmy one month old, this product wasn’t very helpful. Her arms could easily move up, and she would get herself caught in these contorted positions, which would make her mad and wake her up. The Velcro, as the title reads, was not as helpful as I thought. It was nice to make an easy swaddle that stays put, but my baby would often scratch herself on the interior piece of Velcro, which also woke her up and made her mad, not to mention the little scratches that broke my heart to see! When it worked, it would work great, but the times it didn’t work greatly outnumbered the times it did. And the times it worked were really only attributed to my infant choosing to not wiggle as much on certain nights. Probably a great product for a much less wiggly baby. Not so great for the high-maintenance wiggler like mine.

Marion Brentwood, TN

Probably a nice product if…

my son would have liked them.He hated to be swaddled. I’ve heard other moms rave about them. Personally I think these items are a bit pricey for what they are. But probably miracle workers if your little one likes being swaddled.I wish I would have just purchased one to try and invested more when I knew.

Dale Ralston, OK

very pretty baby wraps

but it didn’t work for me and definetly not for my baby since he would not enjoy to be put in these at all. so unfortunately he never like it and not stand it for 5 minutes on it. so i never tried to make im sleep on it. but it probably works for others babies. the colors are pretty.

Socorro Floyd, VA

Swaddle Me Please!

This product is a must have! I would say that I’m a semi-pro at swaddling with your regular 40×40 receiving blanket. I’ll get the tight swaddle and my baby girl’s arms and legs are locked in. I recently read that hip dysplasia can be caused by swaddling your baby’s legs straight. So I found ‘SwaddleMe’. It leaves the feet comfortable and keeps a tight lock on her arms. The material is light and breathable. This is a definite must if you have a newborn. This also helps with the tough or colicky babies.

Anna Bowman, SC

no se lo dejo poner

apenas le probamos esto al bebe, empezo a llorar y se lo quitamos. imagínese estar usted amarrado mientras duerme o esta despierto? seria insoportable, creo que no muchos bebes se lo dejaran poner…

Lottie Mount Vernon, OR

Baby loves them

I bought this 3 pack because it was cheaper than buying them individually. I have a 12 month old and a newborn. Both boys. My 12 month old loved being in these straight jackets. I bought these hoping the newborn would like them too. Yup, he does. It helps him sleep and gives him the feeling he’s still in the womb. I recommend these to all newborn babies.

Darla Wachapreague, VA

OMG AMAZING for the new parent/ rookie swaddler

These swaddlers really helped me and my boyfriend out bigtime. It’s so hard to keep my son’s arms down. This just made our lives these past few weeks so much easier. The only thing is I washed them and they shrunk a bit and then my son went through a growth spirt. He is pretty tall, wish they came longer is all. Other than that, SUPER happy with these swaddlers.

Sally Linthicum Heights, MD

The wrong color was sent to me

This product would have gotten 4 stars if my order was not screwed up and to make matters worst my daughter didn’t like being swaddled which means I could never use the product again because I received the wrong color pink.

Tonia Hot Springs Village, AR

Best swaddling product we have tried

I have tried most of the swaddling products out there: aden & anais blankets, miracle blanket, woombie, halo… you name it. These work. The material is lightweight enough that my son (who overheats very easily!) doesn’t get too hot but it does keep him warm – even wearing a diaper only for naps. (And we live in Chicago, in the winter). Easy to use, effective, inexpensive. Can’t get much better than that!

Ora Hope Mills, NC

Good for smaller babies

These were great for our son when we first moved him to his crib, he loved being swaddled and slept much better this way. As he got a little older, he still liked having his arms swaddled but wanted to be able to kick his feet, so that is when the halo swaddle sack worked better for us. This is good for the first couple months, but if you have a kicker. they will not like their feet being so confined.

Billie Saint Vincent, MN

Waaaay too small

My son is was pretty small as an infant (around the 10th percentile), but for some reason, these Swaddleme blankets were very tight on him. He was able to squeeze into them for about a month and that was it. It seemed like a bit of a waste to me.

Maggie Roca, NE

These are lifesavers

In the hospital nurses teach new parents how to swaddle babies with a blanket. I got it but never did a good job. The blanket becomes loose when baby moves around. I bought these and we loved them. We used them every night until the baby grows out of them. They are comfortable, has enough space for the legs to move around and help the baby sleep better. I now keep them for the next baby.

Lavonne Idalia, CO

Would never have survived without these!

ADORABLE print, nice and stretchy, breathable, and well made. They’re easy to use – really easy to get nice and tight without a struggle, and my son is rarely able to wiggle his way out (and even when he does, he never wiggles completely out of them – just wiggles enough that his hands peek out from under the flaps).

Cheri Hugo, CO


The nurses at the hospital made swaddling look so easy. They could do it in 10 seconds flat. But when we newbie parents took our daughter home that first night, we quickly realized that we would not be winning any swaddling contests, plus she could wiggle out of our sad attempts within a couple of minutes. Just at that crucial time, when we were exhausted and delirious, we realized that a friend (new best friend) had gifted us the Summer Infant Swaddleme, despite our failure to realize its importance and add it to our baby registry. After a brief moment to figure out how it worked, we were able to wrap our baby up like a little larva and velcro her immobile to boot. We ordered 3 more the next day (a steal at $20 for the set).Tip: the Swaddleme will remain sort of hollow around your baby and won’t really keep her warm even if she is already wearing a shirt underneath. What we do is wrap her up in an Aiden + Anais swaddle first as it is softer and 100% cotton, and then tape her up with the Swaddleme. It won’t even matter if you mess up the under-swaddle.Bonus: swaddling makes baby stiffer and easier to carry. This is especially important for newbie parents who have a little preemie but feisty gummy bear, like we do.

Caryn Rome, IN

Awesome swaddles for price

These are a must have for newborn. Helps my daughter sleep twice as long. Does not shrink when washed, cute colors. I have bought several more as gifts

Rosie Derry, NH

Love SwaddleMe!

The 3-pack offered on Amazon is by far the best deal I’ve been able to find on this brand. As soon as they arrived, I unfolded them and checked their quality. I like the cotton better than the thicker variety, I feel like it breathes a bit better and baby won’t swelter in the swaddle. The cotton knit used is a quality fabric, it launders well and dries nicely on the gentle cycle in the dryer. So far I have noticed no pulls or snags in these swaddles, and the Velcro closures are reinforced so that the cotton doesn’t wear out where it is constantly being pulled. Swaddling can’t get any easier than this for the parents, or more comfortable for the baby. I’ll buy these again if I decide I need more of them!

Tanisha Lakeland, FL

Baby sleeps longer, but they have short life span with early teethers

We wish we’d gotten these earlier. They kept our little one from startling himself awake, which gave us much longer stretches of sleep. Don’t bother with the muslin blankets for swaddling. We started swaddling with them early on, and while they’re great as blankets, you’ll be heartbroken every time baby breaks free, and they’re a giant pain in the middle of the night. The swaddlers are so much easier. Get them early!! They had a short window of usefulness for us, since our LO started teething early and waking up wanting his hands to shove in his mouth… He just started getting pissed off without his hands which was worse than the waking.

Gracie Lewisburg, KY

Must have!

If there is one must have for your baby, it’s these things. Swaddling instantly calms my baby, in fact she has trouble staying asleep if she’s not swaddled. I am pretty good at using just a plain blanket, but my husband can’t do it tight enough and our little Houdini gets right out of them. Problem solved with these! Every once in a while she manages to sneak a hand out but only because I think she’s just getting big and strong. Tip: For those first few days home when they are really little and screaming for mystery reasons, try a double swaddle – I swaddled with a receiving blanket, then put this over the top. The tight swaddle and extra bulk of the blanket really helped to calm her down. I also have a sleep sack/swaddle combo and those are great too.

Hilda Annapolis, IL

Falls short of expectations

The idea is nice: An all in one swaddle that the baby can’t get out of. In practice though, this falls short in several areas:- My baby can free her hands in less than a minute and sometimes kick the bottom part off with the swaddle on pretty tight.- The velcro is really loud and wakes her up, which defeats the purpose of a tight swaddle being comforting. And it sticks to EVERYTHING in the washer/dryer.- Multiple sizes mean that you’ll need to buy bigger ones as the baby grows. A swaddle blanket is one size fit all and much more economical.

Phoebe Germantown, TN

Great product

These are great. It’s the only thing that will let our baby sleep and they are so much easier then a normal swaddling blanket. Great value.

Angela Arbela, MO

Not impressed

They are cotton and so really only useful if you have a summer newborn baby. They won’t keep baby warm in winter – but then they’re not designed for that.Our problem was that these didin’t last long as they seemed to shrink in the (mild) wash. They were onl;y for newborn when we got them but shrunk to preeme size after 2 or 3 washes ! I think we used them about 5 or 6 times in total.We went with the thicker fleece ones instead.

Leona Manorville, NY

Makes swaddling fool proof

This works even better than a swaddling blanket! You are able to get your child swaddler much faster and with little repositioning, which decreases the chance of pissing off your infant in the process of swaddling them.According to Dr Karp("Happiest Baby on the Block"), its legs are not that important when swaddling, its the arms. On warmer days, we dont tuck our childs legs into the pouch, we lay her ontop. This way, her arms are swaddled but her legs are free.I highly reccomend this over a swaddling blanket for the convenience.

Leona Green Sea, SC

Great for babies that love to be swaddled

The material is great for swaddling in the summer, however my baby is an escape artist and was able to free his arms from these. Would work great though if your baby is not determined to resist swaddling like mine.

Lila West Millgrove, OH

best infant wrap

really loved the product, was just perfect on my daughter, looked good and sure our daughter loved it too.nice and smooth fabrics and most importantly was easy and quick to usewill always recommend buying from this store

Leeann Tidewater, OR


I love the concept, and the price is more reasonable then some of the others out there, however…..they shrink pretty bad and my baby was able to bust through the velcro. I prefer woombie even though a little pricier

Janelle Robbins, NC

very nice knit Swaddleme swaddlers.

Given as a baby shower gift, other mothers had only positive things to say about this product.Hoping these will keep baby snug and happy.

Ola Earth, TX

Too small and difficult to put on baby

My son was average weight at birth (7lbs) but these swaddles always seemed too small. It was difficult to jam his body into these and we just gave up. We ended up using a Swaddle Halo Sleepsack at night and regular blankets for swaddling during the day and found these to be better solutions.

Courtney De Armanville, AL